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Lisbon Tanach, 1482 – pretty facsimile edition.

Wonderful facsimile edition of the Lisbon Tanach manuscript, considered one of the finest and most sophisticated illustrated manuscripts. Decorated in a variety of colors and golden decorations, done by the sofer Shmuel Even Musa of Lisbon. Includes the Five Books of Torah, a list of the 613 mitzvot organized according to parshah, and more. The facsimile was done according to the manuscript housed at the British Library, number 2626-2628. The book is printed by high-quality paper. Published by Nahar-Mishkal and the British Library—London. Printed in Israel, 1988. At the end of the book is a long bilingual explanation on the culture of manuscripts in Jewish Portugal, by Gavriel Sad-Reina, translated by Shalom Tzabar. Given in the original cardboard case. | 184 pages; 21, 19 p. 30cm. Very good condition.
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