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LOT: 001

Sha’arei Zion, Zhitomir, 1849.

Prayers and tikkunim, with the additions Tikkun Seudah and Sefer HaYetzirah by Rabbi Natan Neta Hanover. Printed by the Shapira brothers, grandsons of the Slavita Rav. Includes Tikkun Chazot, Tikkun HaNefesh, tikkunei tefillot, Kriyat HaTorah, Kriyat Shema al HaMita, Tikkun Erev Rosh Chodesh, Tikkun 7th of Adar, Tikkun Malakot and Hatarat Nedarim with the order of Tefillat HaDerech, Tikkun Seudah, Sefer HaYetzirah, Tikkun Shlosha Mishmarot, Tefilla LeAtzeret Geshamim, and Pidyon Nefesh. 320 pages, 19cm. The book was entirely repaired professionally with light damage to text. New binding, moth holes, stains, generally ok condition.
Starting at $500
LOT: 002

Sefer “Tikun Lel Shavuot and Hosha’ana Rabba”. Zhitomir 1866

Sefer “Tikun Lel Shavuot and Hosha’ana Rabba” according to the order which appears in the book Shnei Luchot HaBrit, and kavanot of the Names by the Ari, may his memory carry into the next world, with a couple of Ma’alot and meticulous proofreading. Published by Rabbi Chanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, grandsons of the Slavita Rabbi. 1866. 168 pages, 20 “cm. Two cover pages, Original binding. A minor professional restoration on the first cover page. Stains. Overall very good condition.
Item sold at $600 Starting at $500
LOT: 003

Talmud Yerushalmi, complete set. Zhitomir, signatures.

Printed by the Shapira brothers, grandsons of the Slavita Rav. 5 volumes: A) Moed Part 1, Shabbat Eruvin, PEsachim. 1860. Missing the cover of Pesachim. B) Moed Part 2, Yoma-Moed Katan. 1860. C) Nezikin and Masechet Nida. 1865. D) Zraim. 1866. E) NAshim, 1867. Covers printed partially in red ink. Signatures: Rabbi Yaakov Menachem Landau, Rabbi Moshe Bernstein, and others listings of ownership. 38cm. Bound in new half-leather binding. Number of pages professionally repaired without damage to text, different conditions, generally good.
Starting at $800
LOT: 004

Masechet Brachot, and Mishnayot Zraim – Zhitomir, 1861.

Printed by the Shapira brothers, grandsons of the Slavita Rav. With the Rosh, Maharsha, Rif, commentary of the Ran, and many other Tosafot. Shape of the page is one of the prettiest that existed by that time. Two covers, partially in red ink. The mishnayot have a separate cover in black ink. An important and sought after edition of the Shas. | The Shapira family’s Slavita printing house was closed because of informants, and was re-established in Zhitomir in 1847 by the Slavita Rav’s grandsons, Rabbi Hanina Lifa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, and operated until 1864. In this printing house, their third edition of the Shas was printed. Books printed in Slavita and Zhitomir are known to have a special holiness to them, since the printer and the letters were tovelled in a mikveh before starting work. It is famous that owning a book from a Slavita or Zhitomir printing has a segula for preservation of the home and for success. | Bound with the original leather binding, handsome, with golden inscriptions. Partially disconnected binding. Rare to find a gemara in this condition. 39cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 005

Talmud Bavli, Masechet Nida – Slavita, 1812.

And mishnayot from Seder Taharot. Cover page in red and black ink. Separate cover for the mishnayot. Printed by Rabbi Dov Be’er of Slavita. Rabbinical stamp of ownership. Moth holes, tear on the cover page, without missing text. Not bound. 35cm. Generally ok condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 006

Ner Moshe, first edition – printed by Yitzhak Gashzinni. Jerusalem, 1882. Copy of Rabbi Haim Berlin.

A kabbalistic book on the Torah. By Rabbi Moshe Slatki, with Igeret HaKodesh at the end by Rabbi Shimshon Ostropoly, a letter from Bnei Moshe living beyond the Sambation, and Megillat Saragossa. Many stamps of ownership of Rabbi Haim Berlin (1832-1913), Av Beit Din and Ram of Volozhin, rabbi of Moscow and Jerusalem, son of the Natziv of Volozhin. | Listings of ownership, 2 pages missing. | [3], 80, [9], 81-92 page; 17cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $260 Starting at $100
LOT: 007

Sha’arei Rachamim – printed by Yitzhak Gashzinni. Jerusalem, 1881. First edition.

Shotim on the Arba Turim. By the Gaon Rbbi Rahamim Yosef Franco, Av Beit Din of Hevron. With endorsements by Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, Rabbi Refael Yitzhak the Av Beit Din of Rhodes, Rabbi Refael Meir Panigel. Rabbi Rahamim Yosef Franco (1835-1902) was a student of the Yisrael yeshiva in Rhodes and the son-in-law of his rabbi Refael Yitzhak Yisrael. He served as a dayan for the Yisa Bracha, Rabbi Yaakov Shaul Alisher, Av Beit Din of Hevron before the Shadei Chemed. | Dedication and listings of ownership. [3], 25, 34, 50, 87 page. (page numbering is messed up). 35cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 008

Talmud Bavli, complete set, Munich 1948.

Munich-Heidelberg, published by the “Agudat HaRabbanim Committee of the American section of Ashkenaz.” At the end of World War II, groups of Jewish survivors in the DP camps led to a lack of gemaras and holy texts. Beginning in 1946 the German Rabbinical Association, with the help of the American Army and the Joint Committee, began printing the Shas. At first only individual masechtot were printed. In 1948 the first complete edition was published, which is the edition before us. Each volume has two covers. The first was especially designed to mark the event of the publication on German soil after the Shoah. At the top is an illustration of a Jewish town and the inscription “from loss to redemption, from darkness to light.” 19 volumes, 39cm. With original bindings. Different conditions, generally good.
Item sold at $1200 Starting at $1200
LOT: 009

Masechet Sanhedrin from Talmud Bavli, with the table of the Maharam Shapira for studying the Daf Yomi – Pietrekov, 1935. Rare.

Half-leather, original binding. Listing of ownership. Stains. [1], 2-113, 7 page. 28cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 010

The Forged Kodshim section of the Jerusalem Talmud – 1907

A volume with the tractates: Chulin and Bechorot from the forged Jerusalem Talmud, with glosses of the Maharsham of Berezhany (!), a commentary and comments by Shlomo Buber and the commentary Cheshek Shlomo by the publisher – the forger "Shlomo Yehuda son of Maharam the sefardi, known as Friedlander". With approbations from the foremost rabbis who fell for the forger's trick. The title page is red and black. A separate title page for tractate Bechorot. Published by S. Werhal, in the Weider Printing Press, 1907. | The news of the discovery of an ancient manuscript containing the lost order of Kodshim from the Jerusalem Talmud was greeted with great enthusiasm throughout the entire Jewish – religious world, even great Rabbis known for their well-developed sense of criticism such as the Chafetz Chaim, the Maharsham of Berezhany and many others, were deceived. This was for two reasons: one, due to the great longing for redemption – discovery of the order of Kodshim which deals with the laws of the Temple service was seen as a sign that the redemption is imminent and that the Jerusalem Talmud was sent from Heaven to enable them to make preparations for the building of the Temple. The second reason is the quality of the forgery. With great talent, the forger Friedlander copied and arranged all the sayings in the Jerusalem Talmud connected to the order of Kodshim, some of them are quoted in the books of the early sages, such of them from other orders of the Jerusalem Talmud and some of them he invented. However, it was not long until perceptive rabbis (the Rogatchover, the 'Klei Chemda' and others) revealed the forgery, and Friedlander was revealed as the culprit. To this day there are those who insist that the manuscript is authentic and not forged. The Tschebiner Gaon said that he knows Freidlander and that he was not talented enough to create such a large-scale forgery on his own. In any event, after the forgery was discovered most of the copies were destroyed. The remaining copies became collectors' items. | High-quality paper. Original binding, embossed. Undeciphered ownership signature. | [9], 78, [1] 47 leaves. 35 cm. Overall condition: Good.
Item sold at $240 Starting at $100
LOT: 011

Lot of mishnayot with handsome binding gilded with an illustration of the Hurva – Berlin, 1863.

Mo’ed and Nashim (two volumes) with commentary of Rabbi Ovadiah of Bartenura, additions of Yom Tov and tosafot of Rabbi Akiva Eiger. Printed by Julius Zittenfeld. Half-leather, red binding, handsome, with golden inscriptions of an illustration of the Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem. Mo’ed: [4], 174, [1] page. Nashim: [2], 159, [2] page. 29cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
LOT: 012

Early Edition of Reishit Chochma – the Copy of Rabbi Yaacov Bokai

The book Reishit Chochma, one of the most well-known books of Mussar and Kabbalah. By Rabbi Eliyahu de Vidas, a disciple of the Ramak. [Apparently Amsterdam, 1708]. The edition before us is one the most important and precise. | The book before us was passed down through the Bokai family from father to son, and contains signatures and stamps of members of the family over 150 years. On page 4a is an ownership stamp on the page: "The young one Yaacov Bokai". On the last page: "I took this book as an inheritance from my father Rabbi Yaacov Bokai". On page [305a]: "This book was an inheritance from my uncle Lati, he was childless and was one of the friends of Yaacov Bokai…". And several more signatures and stamps of members of the Bokai family. | Rabbi Yaacov Bokai [died in 1900], a native of Damascus, Rabbi and Dayan in Beirut. Signed on the approbation of the book "Knesiya L'Shem Shamayim" by Rabbi Moshe Sithon. (Appears in the book Damesek V'Chachameiha page 102-103]. | Original binding, covered in cloth. Worming holes. Wear. The title page and leaves 1-3 are missing. |
Starting at $150
LOT: 013

Sefer Rabbot – Midrash Rabba. Amsterdam, 1641-1642

Sefer Rabbot, an early, impressive and magnificent edition of 'Midrash Rabba'. On the five books of the Torah and the five megillot. With the commentary Matnot Kehuna [by Rabbi Yissachar Ber Katz]. Separate illustrated title page for the section of the Five Megillot. In the printing press of Emanuel Benbenishti, Amsterdam, 1641-1642. Many ownership signatures on the title page. | Wooden binding with remnants of buckles, dismantled and detached. Detached leaves. Several leaves are missing. | 202; 130 leaves. 32 cm. Overall condition: Fair.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $100
LOT: 014

Pnei Yehoshua – Furth, 1766.

On masechtot Ketubot, Gittin, and Kidushin. By the Gaon Rabbi Yaakov Yehoshua Folk (1681-1756), rabbi of Lviv, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Author of the series Pnei Yehoshua on the Talmud Bavli. HaHida writes that he succeeded in meeting him and describes his face as angelic. When the Heavens notified the Ba’al Shem Tov that he needed to serve a talmid chacham, he went to the Pnei Yehoshua and served him: he would bring him an ember from the fire to light his pipe. They discussed Chassidut together. He was the direct rabbi of the Maggid of Maastricht. | Binding disconnected. Signature of ownership. Stains from moisture. Moth damage. | 4, 212, 217-296, 23 page. 32cm. Generally bad to ok condition.
Starting at $100
LOT: 015

Beit Meir – Frankfurt d’Oder, 1787. First edition.

On the Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer, with the book Tzla’ot HaBayit—debates on halachot of the Even HaEzer by Rabbi Meir Posner. Printd by the widow of Dr. and Professor Grila. Special cover for Tzla’ot HaBaiy. | Attached is a testimonial that the book belonged to the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Manis, Av Beit Din of Kempna, for whom an answer is written in Tzla’ot HaBayit (page 1h). Rabbi Meir Posner (1729-1807) was Av Beit Din of Maastricht, Konigsberg, and Shotland. Among the sages people turned to with questions, including Rabbi Akiva Eiger (who was about 30 years younger than him). Beit Meir is one of the foundational works of psikat halacha, as can be read about in the endorsement of the Gaon Rabbi Yosef Shaul Natanson (the Shoel u’Meishiv). | Page cutting in yellow, listing and stamps of ownership. Stains. | [1], 150; [1], 20 page. 33cm. Generally good condition.
Starting at $150
LOT: 016

Shmirat HaLashon, Vilna 1876. First edition.

First section, “Hashlamat Chafetz Haim,” reinforcement and mussar for shmirat lashon and Talmud Torah. One of the first books of Rabbeinu Yisrael Meir HaKohen of Radin, which were published anonymously. The name of the author was printed in the margins of the covers, in Russian, and only abbreviated. 38 pages. Binding disconnected, moth damage with light damage to text, generally ok condition.
Item sold at $280 Starting at $200
LOT: 017

Lot of 2 books of Chazon Ish – Vilna 1935/6. First edition.

Two volumes of the Chazon Ish on Mikvaot/Kashrut and on Ohalot. Printed by Garber, Vilna, 1935/6 respectively. Name of the author in Cyrillic letters only. Original binding. Stamps of ownership of Rav M. Breslever. | The Chazon Ish is the name of the serious of halachic books by the great sage Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karlitz, known as the Chazon Ish himself. This series achieved central status in studies, and the rabbi became very famous as a result of it. The series was edited mainly by his brother-in-law, Rav Shmuel Greenman. In the beginning, the book was published almost unedited. When the Chazon Ish would finish writing a booklet on something specific, he would give it to his brother-in-law to print it. Using this formula they published 22 volumes (all during the author’s lifetime). The volumes before us are from those volumes, and are rare. After the Chazon Ish’s death in 1954, Rav Greenman began editing the series according to the order of the masechtot of Shas and Shulchan Aruch. This series became the classic edition of the book, and was printed in many editions. Today, the normal series contains 9 volumes. | 35cm. Different conditions, generally good.
Starting at $120
LOT: 018

Likkutei Moshe Yaakov, stencil edition. By the mystical tzaddik Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Revikov, the “Sandlar.” Copy 1 of 100. Tel Aviv, 1969.

Book of the holy kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Yaakov Revikov, known as the Holy Sandlar. Book printed from chapter headings written by the Rav to himself as a preparation for drashot that he gave on shabbat. The internal binding says “published in 100 copies which are legally like manuscripts and for whom the rights are retained by Yosef Revikov.” The pages are doubled. Picture of the author is glued to the introductory page. Published by his son, the author and translator Rabbi Yosef Revikov. | Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Revikov (1873-1967) studied kabbalah under the Leshem Shebo v’Achelma. Rabbi Aryeh Levin testified that he heard from Rav Kook that Rabbi Yaakov was without a doubt one of the 36 tzaddikim. After the Chazon Ish encouraged him to publicize himself, he became better known, and many travelled to receive blessings from him. | Soft binding, bound by hand. [2], 460 pages, 32.5cm. Generally good condition.
Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
LOT: 019

HaRoke’ach, Pano, 1505. First edition. First book printed with a cover page. Signature of ownership.

Written by Rav Elazar of Gremiza, son of Rabbeinu Yehuda. One of the most important halachic books, includes (using a short formula) all of the laws incumbent on man for the whole year. According to many bibliographies, this is the first Hebrew book printed with a cover page. Pano 1505, first edition. Cover page has a signature of ownership, 28cm. New half-leather binding, professionally restored throughout with light damage to text. Generally ok to good condition.
Starting at $7500
LOT: 020

Rabbeinu BeChayei on the Torah, Venice 1544.

Exegesis on the Torah via the Pardes, by Rabbeinu BeChayei Even-Halawa. 243 pages, 28cm. Signature of ownership. Cover and pages are professionally repaired with light damage to text. New half-leather binding. Stains. Ok condition.
Item sold at $1000 Starting at $1000
LOT: 021

Sefer Mitzvot HaGadol (Samag), Venice 1547.

By Rabbeinu Moshe Makotzi, with chiddushim and commentaries of Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrahi and Rabbi Isaac Stein. Printed by Daniel Bombirgi. 250, [2], 251-316 pages. 31.5cm. Condition varies, ok/good, the cover and first and last pages are professionally repaired with light damage to text. Pretty leather binding, stains, moth holes.
Item sold at $1200 Starting at $1200
LOT: 022

Q&A of the Maharik, Cremona, 1557.

By Rabbi Yosef Kolon, one of the great first poskim. With indices for answers according to the Rambam’s seder. Second edition. Illustrated cover. (12) 173 (supposed to be 172) pages. 29cm. New leather binding. The cover, first and last pages are repaired in the margins. Moth holes, stains. Generally ok condition.
Starting at $800
LOT: 023

Ibur Shanim, Venice 1579.

For the calendar from 1539 until the end of the world, by Rabbi Issachar Even-Shushan. With tables and listings. Printed by Juan Digara. Number of handwritten notes. 136 pages. 18cm. New handsome leather binding, the cover and pages are professionally restored with light damage to text. Light moth holes. Generally ok condition.
Starting at $1000
LOT: 024

Lev Aharon, Venice 1608.

Commentary on the Book of Joshua by Rabbi Aharon Even Haim. 122, [2] pages. 29cm. Signature of ownership. Cover repaired unprofessionally without damage to text, moth holes with light damage to text, stains. Generally good condition.
Starting at $250
LOT: 025

Midrash Tanchuma, Prague 1612. Partially missing copy.

Copy before us begins at the end of Parshat Noach and ends at the beginning of Ki Tetze. A number of handwritten glosses. No binding nor cover, moth holes and stains, margins are a little defective, tears with light damage to text, generally bad to ok condition.
Starting at $120