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22.11.2018 - Auction 21
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  • LOT: 190

    Miniature shiviti on parchment. Jerusalem, 19th century.

    Sofer manuscript on parchment, with decorations in red. In the center is a LaMenatze’ach menorah, around which are holy names and a frame with inscriptions of verses. At the bottom is the name of the scribe, “Netanel ben Refael, Jerusalem.” 16x11cm, generally good condition.
    Item sold at $550 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 265

    Collection with thirty interesting letters from the Gaon Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin.

    Printed using a typewriter on official letterhead of the Va’ad Yeshivot, signed by hand sometimes with additions by hand of Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin. Between 1941-1961, dealing with issues of the Va’ad during tumultuous years. Majority are addressed to the Ohel Torah yeshiva, the famous kollel where some of the famous gedolim studied, such as Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Rav Shmuel HaLevi Wazner, Rav Betzalel Zholti (rabbi of Jerusalem), Rav Shalom Shvedrol, Rav Shlomo Shimshon Karlitz, Rav Yisrael Grossman, and Rav Binyamin Yehoshua zilber. Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin (1880-1966) was head of the Council of Torah Sages, known as the Rav of Lotzk, was Av Beit Din in Lotzk (Ukraine). Studied at Slobodka, Volozhin, and Telz yeshivot. Served as head of the Independent Education committee, and was a head of the Va’ad Yeshivot. | Various sizes and conditions, generally good.
    Item sold at $190 Starting at $180
  • LOT: 266

    Collection of receipts from the gamach Sha’arei Chesed, signed by rabbis of Jerusalem.

    Between 1911-1916, on official letterhead of the Sha’arei Chesed neighborhood. Each signed by between 3-5 rabbis of the community, including Rav Eliyahu Ram, Ra’avad of a beit din in Jerusalem; Rav Zerach Ephraim Epstein, head of the Torat Haim yeshiva where many gedolim studies; Rav Avraham Aharon Prague, author of the series Nerot Aharon; Rav Yehiel Michael Tukachinsky, head of the Etz Hayyim yeshiva. And more. | Collection of 143 numbered and dated items, with payment amount, receiver, reason, and signature. | 15x11cm. Generally very good condition.
    Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
  • LOT: 262

    Ishur for a slaughterer by the Ra’aya Kook.

    On official letterhead, stamped. From 23rd of Elul 1934. Ishur for provision of a shochet’s knife to Leib Lerer. Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook (1865-1935) was Chief Rabbi of Israel, head of the Merkaz HaRav yeshiva, and father of Religious Zionism. | Signs of folding. 21x13cm. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 228

    Dedication from the kabbalist Rav Ovadia Hadaya.

    Cover page of the book Ben Yair with a printed dedication in golden ink, with seven handwritten lines signed by the kabbalist Rabbi Ovada Hadaya, the Yaskil Avadi, son of the Elder Kabbalist Rabbi Shalom Hadaya, member of the Beit Din HaGadol in Jerusalem, a head of the Porat Yosef yeshiva and a founder of the Beit El kabbalistic yeshiva in the new part of the city. | Tears in the white margins where it was torn out of the book. | 24cm. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 229

    Dedication handwritten by the kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo ibn Danan. Rare.

    Page before the cover from the book Shot Asher L’Shlomo, with a printed dedication in blue ink, with the additional handwritten line signed in cursive and stamped by the author, the kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo ibn Danan, who was the Av Beit Din and Chief Rabbi of Fes, Morocco, and a gadol of Moroccan Jewry. At the beginning he studied under his uncle Rabbi Yitzhak ibn Danan, a dayan and teacher in Fes, the author of the “L’Yitzhak Re’ach,” and afterwards studied under the Gaon Rabbi Avner Yisrael the French, known as HaIsh. At age 16 he was already proficient in Shas and poskim, and he began to learn the kabbalah. When he was 30 years old he was chosen as a dayan and teacher. He was in the Beit Din of his uncle, Rabbi Yitzhak ibn Danan and Rabbi Yosef Siriro, who were much older than him, and then after them he was appointed the Chief Rabbi and head of the beit din. The French authorities greatly respected his justness, and read his halachic rulings. When Jews brought cases in the secular courts, the French authorities would consult with him, and on issues relating to the Jews of the French districts, and they would receive his advice. On Erev Yom Kippur of 1929, he began saying Kol Nidrei with a great deal of excitement, but he skipped the line “and from this Yom Kippur until the next, which will come upon us in peace”…and sure enough he died before the year was over. | 23x15cm. Glued to cardboard. Tears. Generally ok condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 106

    Tzitzit for kids—end of the 19th/beginning of 20th century.

    Made of linen with traditional black stripes, as accepted among the Ashkenazim. The strings have been very well preserved, and are connected to the begged using one hole according to the minhag of the Gra and Chabad. The tzitzit is kosher and can be used with a bracha. Stains. Length: 65cm. Width: 25cm. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 238

    Manuscript, booklet of debits and credits with handwritten signature of the gaon Rabbi Asher Zeev Werner, Ra’avad of Tiberias.

    From a businessman name Haim Horwitz from the town of Migdal (next to Tiberias). Includes dozens of pages written by hand, with calculations and accounting of business and personal transactions, from buying land and paying mortgages to paying for his son’s wedding and support from his mother. Written over 25 years, from 1914-1939, written mostly in Hebrew but also with Yiddish and English. At the end, when he was already old and dying, he wrote a detailed will for his assets and he had two witnesses sign, Mr. Mordechai Shlomo Guttman and Rav Menachem Mendel Hen Tov. In the margins are 4 lines handwritten and signed by Rabbi Asher Zeev Werner,Ra’avad of Tiberias, who approves the will. Rabbi Asher Zeev Werner (1894-1958) was a kabbalist, served as Ra’avad of Tiberas after his rabbi’s death. Member of the Council of Torah Sages, sons-in-law include the Gra’ad Auerbach and Rabbi Haim Shalom Deutsch, an important rabbi for Chabad. | Bound in nice binding. Light defect to the margins of the binding. 100 pages. 30x13cm. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $120 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 235

    Manuscript of Proverbs in Hebrew and the local language.

    The first part has a verse in Hebrew and after it in the other language, and then it turns into a chapter-by-chapter rendition of Hebrew and the other language. At the end are some chapters of Psalms. Name of the author is unknown. | Front binding missing, rear is defective. Pages disconnected. 21x16cm, [95] pages. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 138

    Large ketubah printed with decorations—Izmir, 1922.

    Printed in golden ink on thick, quality paper, for the marriage of the groom Rahamim ben Mordechai to the bride. From 15th of Sivan 1922. On the bottom portion appears the wording, entirely in Sofer script, half-cursive, signed by the Rabbi, the groom, and the witnesses, as well as the Chief Rabbinate of Izmir’s stamp and the approval and stamp of the country. Around the ketubah are large, wonderful decorations in the shape of a gate, flowers, lamps, and a crown. With verses from the Song of Songs and symbols. 70x50cm, signs of folding, generally good condition.
    Item sold at $200 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 259

    A response handwritten by Rabbi Meir Mazoz.

    From Cheshvan 2007, a letter sent to Rabbi Meir Mazoz with 7 halachic questions, at the end of which appears the handwritten answer of the Rav. From a review of the wording of the responses, it appears that the Rav is unhappy with the questions, and at the end of the letter he adds the line “please stop it with the questions.” | Rabbi Meir Nissim Mazoz, head of the Kiseh Rahamim yeshiva and spiritual leader of the Yachad party led by Eli Yishai, was born in Tunis to Rabbi Matzliach Mazoz, who was a dayan and leader of Tunisian Jewry, and founder of the Kiseh Rahamim yeshiva, who was murdered by a Muslim assassin. | Signs of folding, filing holes. Sheet of paper written on both sides, 20cm. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 284

    Receipt handwritten by Rabbi Moshe Kliers, Ra’avad of Tiberias, and Rabbi Dover Abramwoitz, head of the Rabbi Yitzhak Elhanan yeshiva in the USA.

    Payment of the American Central Aid Committee, Israel branch. From 1923, by Rabbi Dover Abramowitz to Rabbi Moshe Kliers. 20x11cm. Signs of folding, slight tears. Generally ok to good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 141

    Printed ketubah—Paris, 1970.

    Black and gold ink on cardboard. Marriage of Feivel ben Yitzhak David Zalkovski to Frida bat Yeshaya Bocher. 16th of Tammuz, 1970. With summary in French signed and stamped by the Rav Moshe Cassorla. Witnesses signed in French. Groom signed his name at the end of the Hebrew version. | 32x24cm, signs of folding, tears in the edges of the folds. Ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 043

    Piskei Halachot Racannati—Bologna 1538

    An important book of halacha quoted by the gedolim who came after, including the Beit Yosef and those who followed him. By Rabbeinu Menachem of Racannati. First edition, printed by the partners of Bologna. | Rabbi Menachem Raccanati (1250-1310) was a kabbalist and important posek living in Racannati, Italy. Was among the first kabbalists in Italy and was famous mainly because of his commentary “Racannati on the Torah,” based on the foundations of kabbalah. Had a great deal of influence on the kabbalists who followed him. This book is even commented on by Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh, the HaLevushim. | Signature and listings of ownership in Hebrew and Italian. Moth holes, no binding. | [9], 46, [3] pages. 21cm. Ok condition.
    Item sold at $800 Starting at $500
  • LOT: 140

    Printed ketubah—Leipzig, 1924.

    Black ink on paper. Marriage of the groom Ze’ev bar Dov to the bride Liba bat Rav Mordechai HaLevi. Rosh Chodesh Shvat 1924. Witnesses Hillel bar Yitzhak and Avraham Shalom bar Yitzhak. Text is surrounded by a frame, and at the top are the words “b’ezrat Hashem,” also in a frame. 29x20cm. Signs of folding, tears without missing text. Generally ok to good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 254

    Psak din signed by the Chief Rabbis of Israel.

    On the matter of an appeal submitted regarding a psak regarding the Broshim synagogue in Jerusalem (see more about this in other items from this catalogue). The psak is from 21st of Sivan, around 6 months after the original ruling, and is long and detailed over two pages, signed by hand by the two chief rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Ben Zion Meir Hai Uziel (Rabbi of Salonika and then the first Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel) and Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac HaLevi Herzog (Chief Rabbi of Ireland and then Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel). The third dayan is Rabbi Meshulam Rata—the Ilui of Hordanka, a student of the Kochav M’Yaakov, the Machazeh Avraham, and Rabbi Meir Arik—who was a dayan of the High Rabbinic Court and a member of the Chief Rabbinical Association. The mythical secretary of the Chief Rabbinate also stamped it, Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Shazouri, a sage of Jerusalem. | Signs of folding, filing holes. | 2 pages. 31cm. Generally very good condition.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 105

    Lot of 2 collars for a tallis, made of silver.

    1. Made delicately with pure silver thread. Length: 84cm, width: 7cm. 2. Pure silver thread work. Length: 59cm. Width: 6cm. Generally ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 256

    Lot, 3 letters signed by gedolim of the Eidut HaMizrach.

    1. Dedication letter printed in gold ink, with the addition of 3 handwritten lines by the Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov bar Yosef HaKohen Trab-Meselton (1851-1923), the Chacham Bashi and Av Beit Din of Beirut. 2. Long receipt (10 lines), written entirely by hand and signed and stamped by the Gaon Rabbi Yeshua Palagi (1870-1946), rosh yeshiva of Tzfat (many of the rabbis of Tzfat were his students) and the Ra’avad of the Sefardim in Jerusalem. 3. Interesting legal ruling regarding division of an inheritance of stocks and land, signed by the Rishon LeZiyyon Rabbi Ben Zion Meir Hai Uziel (1880-1953), rabbi of Salonika and the Chief Sefardi Rabbi of Israel. Various sizes and conditions, generally good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 270

    Lot, 5 letters from some gedolim of the prior generation.

    1. Letter on official letterhead stamped by the Badatz Ashkenazim. From 26th of Elul 1935, written by hand and signed by Rav Eliyahu Ram, ishur for a shochet, Reb Leib Lerrer. 2. Letter on official letterhead of the Slonim yeshiva. From 4th of Elul 1953. Handwritten by Rav Shabtai Yagel, head of the Slonim yeshiva in Lithuania and then Israel, member of the Council of Torah Sages. To Rabbi Aryeh Levin, with shana tova greetings and more. 3. Page with signature of Pinchas Epstein, Ra’avad of Jerusalem. Served as dayan at the Charedi beit din, during the period of Rav Yosef Haim Zonenfeld and Rav Yitzhak Yerucham Diskin. Studied at the Torat Haim yeshiva. In 1948 he was chosen to be Ra’avad of the Charedi Eida. 4. Receipt of the Central American Assistance Committee, Israeli branch. Signed by Rav Yosef Gershon Horwitz, rabbi of the Me’ah She’arim neighborhood and the yeshiva in the neighborhood for 46 years. 5. Letter from 8th of Tevet 1952, handwritten and signed by Rav Yehiel Michael Tukachinsky, author of many halachic books. Various sizes and conditions, generally good.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 199

    Rosh Yosef from the Pri Megadim, first edition. Lemberg 1863. Copy of the brothers Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Weiss ofSvaliava and Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Weiss of Munkatch, father of the Imrei Yosef of Spinka. Glosses.

    On masechtot Brachot, Shabbat, and Megillah. By the Gaon Rabbi Yosef Teumim, the Pri Megadim, on the Shulchan Aruch, which turned into a foundational work on Jewish psikat halacha—the greatest poskim like the Chafetz Haim and more based themselves on his books. First edition (on these masechtot, his work on masechet Hulin was printed a few years prior). | On the cover is the handwritten signature of Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Weiss of Munkatch, father of the Imrei Yosef of Spinka, and two stamps of ownership of Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Weiss, Ra’avad of Svaliava and Munkatch. Body of the book have glosses, probably in their handwriting. Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Weiss (? – 1879) succeeded his father as Ra’avad of Munkatch after his father immigrated to Israel. He was the student of Sar Shalom of Belz, Rabbi Yehuda Zvi of Razla, and Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac of Zidichov, the Bnei Issachar. At his wedding the Bnei Issachar was the mesader kedushin. He edited for the printer the book Da’at Kedoshim of his rabbi, Yehuda Zvi of Razla. Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac of Svaliava wrote in his book Beit Yitzhak that his brother was beside Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac of Zidichov when he was dying, and he put his hands on his head and gave him the power of being a miracle worker. Throughout his time in Munkatch people gathered around him. Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Weiss (1824-1894), rabbi of Svaliava and successor of his brother in Munkatch. Student of the Bnei Issachar, the Sar Shalom of Belz, Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac of Zidichov, also edited his books, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Rimnov, Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin, and the Divrei Haim of Sanz. Among his students was his nephew Rabbi Yosef Meir Weiss, the first Admor of Spinka the Imrei Yosef. His son-in-law was the Admor Rabbi Elimelech of Tash. Wrote Beit Yitzhak and Divrei Yitzhak and Toldot Yitzhak. | Moth marks. Not bound. | 85 pages. 37cm. Generally ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $1000 Starting at $500
  • LOT: 210

    Set of Hilchot Rav Alfas, four volumes. Vilna 1880-1886. Copy of the Rabbi of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Yaakov Landau.

    By the Rif, Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi, the first of the Rishonim, with Rashi’s commentary, the Ran, Rabbineu Yona, Nimukei Yosef, Shaltei HaGibborim, the Maor HaGadol v’HaKatan, and more. With the Tosefta and Mordechai’s commentary. Four volumes (1. Zra’im and Moed, 2. Nashim, 3. Nezikin, 4. Kedoshim and Taharot). Printed by the Ram widow and brothers. By Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi (1013-1103), one of the greatest poskim of the Rishonim. Great rishonim like the Rambam, the Ra’avad, the Ramban, the Ri ba’al haTosfaot referred to him with great appreciation, and most of halakhic sages refer to him as the foremost authority on psikat halacha. All of the volumes are stamped by Rav Yaakov Landau, Rav of Bnei Brak. The first volume features an inscription in his handwriting “I bought this from the owners in the Holy City.” Rav Yaakov Landau (1893-1986) was rabbi and Av Beit Din of Bnei Brak. A Chassidic sage of Lubavitch. At age 20 he was appointed rabbi of Kornitz, at the edict of the Admor the Rashab of Lubavitch, who really appreciated him and nicknamed him Rav HaHatzer. Listing of ownership. Original bindings. 40cm. Generally very good condition.
    Item sold at $150 Starting at $150
  • LOT: 234

    Notebook with kabbalistic illustrations. Beginning of the 20th century.

    From the book Shefa Tal. 21 pencil illustrations. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $180 Starting at $180
  • LOT: 083

    Wonderful hanukkiyah, Silver 84. I. Szekman. End of the 19th century, Poland

    Many stamps, including silver 84 and some in Polish from the 1920s. Polish-Jewish artist, I. Szekman, from the Russian Empire, end of the 19th century approximately. Hammered silver, date palms connected to the base and back, creates a 3D effect (rare). At the top, alongside the Keter Torah, are a pair of birds. Vase with fruit and flowers in the center. The shamash can be removed. Width: 20cm. Height: 24.5cm. Weight: 450g. Very good condition.
    Starting at $3000
  • LOT: 184

    Shem Tov Katan—prayer for practical kabbalah. Berlin, 1740.

    Segulot and prayers, collected from the Ari and Ramban, by Rabbi Binyamin Beinush of Krotoshin, author of the kabbalistic work “Emtachat Binyamin.” Printed by Aharon ben Moshe Rofeh. New, handsome leather binding. Stains. 24 pages. 20cm. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
  • LOT: 176

    Melechet Machshevet, Berlin 1765.

    Bound together with Birurei Midot. Separate cover for each book. The books deal with arithmetic, geometry, and accounting, by Rav Eliyahu ben Moshe Gershon of Pintchov, rabbi of Grosoradin and author of Hadarat Eliyahu. Cover page in Hebrew and the local language. Second edition. Pritned by Itzik Speyer (page 7(2) says printed in Frankfurt an der Oder). | Half-leather, original handsome binding. Quality pages. Margins are chopped at the edges of some pages. Stains. | [1], 7, 58; 61 pages. 20cm. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 222

    Tzalach—Lemberg 1899. Copy of the Gaon Rabbi Zeev Wolf HaLevi Tirnoar.

    On Masechtot Brachot, Pesachim, and Beitza. Separate cover for each of them. By Rabbi Yehezkel Landau, the Noda b’Yehuda. Cover page has signature and stamp handwritten by Rabbi Zeev Wolf HaLevi Tirnoar. Repetitive signatures on each of the covers. | Gaon Rabbi Zeev Wolf HaLevi Tirnoar (1879-1959) was rabbi of Lespezi, Shamkot, Sochava, and Paltichen, author of 39 Orot, on halachot of Shabbat. Student of Rav Yehuda Greenwald, the Ra’avad of Satmar, and Rav Moshe Greenwald, rabbi of Khust and author of Arugot HaBosem. Would travel to the tzaddikim of the generation, like Rabbi Issachar Dov Rokach of Belz, Rabbi Yisrale Zvi Rotenburg of Cassani, Rabbi Yisrael Hagar of Vizhnitz (lived the last few years of his life in Grosvradin). At the end of his life he moved to Israel and lived in Tzfat, where he served as rabbi of the She’erit HaPlita synagogue. Was father-in-law of Rabbi Aharon Yehiel Leifer, the Rebbe of Nadvorna-Banya-Tzfat. Famous as a miracle worker. Repairs to the margins of the cover page and first pages. Stains | 47; 68; 38 pages. 35cm. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $120
  • LOT: 053

    Collection of 150 photos of Admors

    From the last generation, mostly black and white photos. Rare photos, mainly of the Beit Yisrael of Gur, the Admor of Belz. But also other rabbis (Lalov, Mechnovka, Sanz, Rav Shach, and more). Two albums. Different sizes and conditions, generally good.
    Item sold at $160 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 205

    Zikaron Moshe, first edition—Amsterdam 1765.

    Mussar by Rabbi Moshe Desuy. Illustrated cover—one of the prettiest covers in Hebrew printing, in the upper portion is a lion reading a book, in the bottom is another illustration, perhaps Yosef and his brothers. Printed by Leib Zusmansch. Rav Moshe Desuy was a dayan of Gloyga, and then settled in Amsterdam. | Repairs to the cover, lone bits of moth damage, new binding. | [2], 32 pages. 30cm. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 180

    Ohalei Yehuda, only edition—Yesnitz, 1719.

    Names from Tanach and their roots. By Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh of Carpentras. The copy before us has the endorsement of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Ashkenazi, Av Beit Din of Hamburg (there are differences in the endorsements among different copies). Only edition, printed by Yisrael Avraham. Cover of the book has signature of ownership of “Avraham.” | Repairs and tears to the margins of the cover page. Stains. Binding partially disconnected.| [3], 57 pages. 20cm. Generally ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 253

    Lot of manuscripts—pamphlets and pieces of pamphlets—Yemen.

    In Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic, sofer work, nice handwriting, accurate and straight. Some in Rashi script and some in block letters. Includes some of Megillat Esther, Megillat Antiochus, the article on Techiat Meitim by the Rambam, Ashmoret, Masechet Avot ,grammar, and a page of halachot of shechita. Around 150 pages. Various sizes and conditions, generally ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $325 Starting at $120
  • LOT: 179

    Lexicon—Basel, 1631. Glosses.

    Lexicon for Words from the Tanach in Hebrew and Aramaic, with commentary in Latin: “Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum” by Johannis Buxtorfi. Many glosses in local language, content not checked. Binding made of old parchment. Blackened leaf cutting. | [8] sheets; [974] pages; [39] sheets. | Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $100 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 206

    Merapeh Lashon, first edition. Altona, 1790. Copy of the Gaon Rabbi Tanchum of Horodna.

    Mussar, by Rabbi Refael ben Yekutiel Ziskind HaKohen Katz (Rabbi Refael Hamburger). Rabbi of Hamburg, student of the Gra, but became Chassidic in his outlook. Printed by Moshe Bonn Segel. Cover page has signature of ownership of Rabbi Tanchum of Horodna (1746-1819), author of Menuchat Emet, Menuchat Shalom, Nechmat Zion. | Stamps, binding partially disconnected, lone bits of moth damage, stains. | [4], 125, 1 page. 20cm. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
  • LOT: 233

    Manuscript, Divan—Yemen, 19/20th century.

    Songs and piyyutim in Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic. | Sofer manuscript, rural writing. Ink on thick, quality paper. Narrow, long format. | Front binding worn, rear is missing. Last pages missing. Tears in the white margins. 10x24cm. [141] pages. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $170 Starting at $100
  • LOT: 200

    Yeshua b’Yisrael, first edition—Frankfurt-am-Mein, 1720.

    Commentary on halachot of kiddush hachodesh in the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah, and on Chapter 3 of halachot yesodei HaTorah. With astronomical illustrations. Illustrated cover of Moses and Aaron, David and Jonathan. By Rabbi Yehonatan bar Yosef of Razinay. Printed by Johann Kellner. | Rabbi Yehonatan of Razinay was a gadol of his generation, served in the rabbinate of Grodno. In 1710 a plague broke out in his city, and for a whole year he lived in a sukkah in a field outside the city with his whole family. He swore that if he survived the plague, he would write a book on the subject, and after he survived he wrote this book, whose name hints at what happened. To print the book he came to Frankfurt in 1720. In the introduction he writes that “hardships that have visited his city and state, a plague and the sword, and a few years have passed with things that have stopped him from fulfilling his vow.” | Margins cut off. Old signature, moth holes. | [4], 58 pages. 28cm. Generally ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $260 Starting at $120
  • LOT: 172

    Lot, 3 journals in Yiddish—New York, beginning of the 20th century.

    1. Der Grager (the noisemaker), a humorous issue for Purim. Purim 1905. [4] pages, 22cm. 2. Das Lid Fon Yetztiken Krizis (the song of the current crisis), a musical journal, by Fishel Storman. [4] pages, 21cm. 3. Mamenio Ader Der Yatom (Mother or the orphan), musical journal. [4] pages, 21cm. Various conditions, dry paper, tears, tape. Bad to ok condition.
    Starting at $120
  • LOT: 181

    Lot, 2 books bound together—Offenbach, 18th century.

    1. Mashmiya Yeshua, about the coming of the Messiah and issues of the Redemption, by Rabbi Don Isaac Abravanel. Offenbach 1767. 2. Tzemach David, three sections. Jewish history from the Creation until 1692. By Rabbi David ben Shlomo Ganz. Offenbach 1768. Hirsch printing, old stamps and signatures. | [1] 112; [1] 38, 83 pages. 19cm. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $180
  • LOT: 182

    Pri De’ah, only edition—Chernowitz, 1860. Stamped.

    Halachot of niddah and mikvas, by Rabbi Azriel Dov of Karsan. Stamp of “Rav Mordechai HaLevi.” Rabbi Azriel Dov of Karsan, known as the Rebbe Alter Karsaner, was a student of Rabbi Moshe Zvi of Savoran and wrote his teacher’s philosophy in “Likkutei Shoshanim.” Authored Pri De’ah and Shemen LaMaor. No binding. | 60, [1] pages. 24cm. Generally ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
  • LOT: 209

    Tanya Rabata—Zolkva, 1800. Copy of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, including a gloss in his handwriting. Testimony handwritten at the end of the book.

    On the last page is handwritten “gift from the Gaon and true Chassid, the famous…Akiva.” And on the page after: “HaRav Gaon … Akiva.” Page 2(1) has a 5-line gloss probably in the handwriting of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, the mentioned gaon. Rabbi Akiva Eiger (1761-1837) was an outstanding Talmudic scholar, influential halakhic decisor and foremost leader of European Jewry during the early 19th century. He was also a mohel.He was the rabbi of Märkisch Friedland, West Prussia, from 1791 until 1815; then for the last twenty two years of his life, he was the rabbi of the city of Posen (Poznań). He was a rigorous casuist of the old school, and his chief works were legal notes and responsa on the Talmud and the Shulchan Aruch. He believed that religious education was enough, and thus opposed the party which favored secular schools. He was a determined foe of the Reform movement, which had begun to make itself felt in his time. | Stains, some moth marks, additional signatures and stamps of ownership. [4], 38 pages. 23cm. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $1900 Starting at $1800
  • LOT: 183

    Beit Yisrael—Vizhnitzer Rebbes Hoif—Sighet, 1939.

    “Holy courtyard of Vizhnitz,” stories in Yiddish about the chassidei and Admorim of Vizhnitz, with pictures. By Herzl Epstein, printed by Tzenterella—Moshe Rosenthal. Nice binding, decorated and inscribed. 251 pages. 19cm. Generally good condition.
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  • LOT: 175

    Melechet Machshevet, first edition—Prague 1775.

    On calculations and mathematics. Hebrew and Yiddish on facing pages. By Rabbi Moshe Zerach Eidlitz. Printed by Yisrael Yitlish. Originally published as separate pamphlets that were then edited into a complete book. | Rabbi Moshe Zerach Eidlitz, a student of Rabbi Yehonatan Ivshitz, was a dayan at the beit din of Rabbi Yehezkel Landau, rabbi and head of a yeshiva. Rabbi Yaakov Amdin listed his name among those suspected of supporting Shabtai Zvi. Two folded pages (with charts) are missing, as in most extant copies. | stamps, stains. | 281, [3] pages. 16cm. Generally good condition.
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