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31.07.2019 - Auction # 24
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  • LOT: 110

    Or Torah of the Maggid of Mastrich—first edition, Koritz, 1804. Rare!

    SeferOhr Torah, Kabbalistic and Chasidut articles on ParshiotHaTorah, ShirHaShirim, Tehilim and Chazal's writings by the greatest of the students of the Baal Shem Tov Rabbi Dov Ber HaMagid of Mastrich - Koriwtz 1804. StefanskyChassidut, No. 33. This work hasn’t been seen in auctions for a long time in this condition, includes the cover page. The theology of the Maggid of Mastrichwas printed for the first time in Koritz, 1781, in the book Meggid Le-Ya'akovLekuteiAmarim, by his disciple Rabbi ShlomoMalutzk. But things were not arranged and arranged according to any order. In this book, the writings were organized according to the order of the Torah portions, the Song of Songs, the Psalms and the legends of the Sages, which was printed in accordance with a manuscript that was in the home of Rabbi YeshayaMedinovitch, Av Beit Din of Yanov, a disciple of the Maggid of Mezritch and Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz. The articles are the same as those in Megiddo De'o'eYa'akov, with the exception of a few text changes between the books. Partially missing copy, 147 pages out of 157 pages in the original, the last 10 pages are missing. 15.5 cm. Fair-good condition. Stains. Few moth holes. Tears and wear, on some pages with text damage, several last pages are stuck with each other. Ownership signature in title page and several places in book: "Meshulam Yosef [Ladan?]". Old binding slightly damaged.
    Item sold at $1900 Starting at $1200
  • LOT: 111

    Or Pnei Moshe—first edition, Mastrich 1810, complete, handsome copy in the original binding, including rare endorsements.

    SeferOhrPnei Moshe, on the Five Books of Moses and Five Megillot, a work ofChassidut by Rabbi Moshe Sofer Stam of Peshawarsk - First Edition, Mastrich 1810. 4, 240 pages. 21.5 cm, including rare endorsements printed in small print, and added after printing to some copies.StepanskyHassidut #32. Rare and magnificent copy, not seen for many years in sales, original leather binding with decorations and the title of the book on the boulevard, with slight flaws; in very good condition. The margins of the pages are kept in red color, the pages are partly blue, tearsto a few pages at the beginning and end of the book, on one of the leaves some letters are slightly hidden, few moth holes, and in general very good general condition. This book was published by his son-in-law Israel Dov Ber Shlomo and his father Rabbi Menachem Nachum of Naples, in which he is decorated with the approbations of the Chassidic masters of that generation, including Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, the Maggid of Kozhnitz, Rabbi Ephraim ZalmanMargaliot, the Seer of Lublin, the "OhevYisrael" of Apta, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov [who writes: “And there is a hand in the open and hidden, and all the raz is not Anis li"], the "Beer Mayim Haim"and more. The author often cites the words of Rabbeinu Moshe Alsheich and cites his words and explains them. The author of the Sefer of Lublin, with his consent: "... When I was a child I used to change his ways and drank his loyal days, and I knew that all his affairs were only for the sake of Heaven, A step that the late Gaon Rabbi Moshe Alsheich would have revealed to him ... "The sons of Rabbi Zusha of Manipoli write with their agreement:" We have come to what we have heard from here, the Holy of our Lord, the righteous [Rabbi Zusha of Manipoli] When he was studying, his image was standing before me as the angel of the Lord of Hosts, and as the author of his holy book, the blade came out of his written holy letters. All of this we heard from his holy mouth ... "Rabbi Moshe of Peshawarsk (one of the twelve of Tevet 1806) was one of the greatest and most important Chasidut movement in the fourth generation. One of the greatest disciples of the Maggid of Mezritch and Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhansk. Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhansk (who testified about him: "Who saw King David, who was the most famous of the Hasidic sects, Rabbi Isaac of Izdzyszów, Rabbi Baruch of Mezibóz, etc. In a letter from Rabbi Moshe to Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rymanov, he writes that he is paid red gold for tefillin, but he does not Among his students are: Rabbi Zvi Menachem - son of Rabbi Zusha of Annipoli, Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov "Bnei Issachar", Rabbi Moshe of Sambor and Rabbi Ya'akov of Moglnitza
    Item sold at $4000 Starting at $1800
  • LOT: 164

    Large, comprehensive manuscript, more than 250 pages in Ashkenazi handwriting, with chiddushim on the Shas and poskim that were never printed, from the early 19th century. Rare, important, interesting!

    Thick tome of more than 250 pages, written by hand in a cramped style, with chiddushim, drashot, notes on the Shulchan Aruch and related texts, the Shas, commentaries, and more. It is clear from the lines that the writer is a great talmid hakham who knows theTalmud welland is the son of a Torah scholar and a scribe of rabbinic literature. He brings his father's sermons, "Chidushei Torah by Avi Mori and Rabbi HaGaon Shai in the Sages." ". We have looked everywhere and not found that these words of Torah were printed anywhere, nor did he leave any clues between the verses of his holy writings, and it is clear that he spared no effort and filled the pages of the book from one extreme to the other with words of Torah, and he did not have the time to be secular, such as leaving his name or place of residence. We only know that this innovative book came through the city of Krakow–an important city whose many Jewish inhabitants enriched the Jewish world. One of the first pages has a question and response, probably a copy of a letter sent to Rabbi Ya'akov Waller, Av Beit Din of Bitsha and Agapi [Rabbi Ya'akovWaller, a grandson and great-grandson of Rabbi Heshil of Krakow, Rabbi of Bitsha (Transchin District of Slovakia) author of the book "Beit Ya'akov" on Tractate Eiruvin.] The innovations in the book begin in the early 1840s, and we have seen in 1844 and beyond until after the 1870s. Original worn cover, leather spine. Various stains. Very good general condition.
    Item sold at $4200 Starting at $800
  • LOT: 112

    Or HaHayyim with Ma’ayanGanim by the Bnei Issachar—chassidut. First edition, Zolkva 1848.

    SeferOhrHaChaim, essay against the study of philosophy by Rabbi Yosef Ya'avetz, first edition with glosses and comments "Ma'ayanGanim" by Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Shapira of Dinov "The Bnei Issachar" was published by the son of Behani Issachar Rabbi Shmuel Shapira ShaulDovMeierpheer, Zolkva in the year "Ma'ayanGanim Beer Ha-Hayim" 1848. Stefansky Hassidism 356. 1, 32, 2 pages. 22.5 cm. Few of the pages are bluish, few moth holes throughout the book with slight damage to text in several places. Various stains, general condition is good. Old binding worn. Rabbi Yosef Ya'avetz "HaChasid" (1438-1507), one of the greatest preachers in Spain and among the sages of the Expulsion. After the expulsion from Spain and Lisbon, he settled in Mantua. In his book, he strongly criticizes the study of philosophy, claiming that in the years of the Jewish people's destruction, the educated were the first to convert, whereas the people of the land, the women, and the common people were the ones who withstood the test and gave their lives in God’s name. He married the sister of Rabbi Yitzchak Arama, author of "Akedat Yitzchak", Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Shapira of Dinov (1882-1968), son of Rabbi Pesach Langzam, His mother was the niece of Rabbi Zusha of Annipoli and Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk who blessed her with the birth of a son who would illuminate the world with his Torah and holiness, and commanded him to call the child by his name "Elimelech." He was a member of the Chasidic movement, one of the disciples of the Seer of Lublin and Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rymanov, and the author of many famous books, "The Sons of Issachar", after which he was known as a machine in the town of Dinov in Poland, where he was buried. Munkacs.
    Item sold at $280 Starting at $250
  • LOT: 011

    Sefer Sod Hashem on Brit Mila, including remedies and segulot, miniature edition—Amsterdam 1745.

    Includes the order of the Brit, the Pidyon HaBen, and BirkatHaMazon with hymns for the brit. Authored by Rav David Dlida, who was Av Beit Din in Amsterdam, with additional laws (“the more necessary”) and remedies and proven segulot, in Yiddish at the end. 30 pages. 16cm. Old binding, handsome, with a leather spine. Many tears, mainly in the margins, signs of use, and wine. Generally ok condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 148

    Nachalat Shiva—Furth 1739, partially missing copy. Copy of the father of the AvneiNezer, Rabbi Zeev Nachum Bornstein, with signature of the brother of the AvneiNezer, Rabbi Zalman Bornstein, with many additional signatures of ownership.

    Batra edition, a halachic book on the subjects of EvenHaEzer, by Rabbi Shmuel HaLevi of Halberstadt (a student of the Taz and more, was in the exchange of responsa with Rabbi Yair Bachrach author of HavatYair, which he includes in this book) - Fürth 1739. Partially mising copy without title page, begins on page 5. Apart from that complete until page 98. Three pages are burnt with damage to text, stains. Apart from that in good condition. Old binding, detached, no spine. Many notes of ownership, including Rabbi Ze'ev Nahum Bornstein, Av Beit Din of Biala. And additional signatures "ZalmanBaharav Moe 'Ze'ev Nachum Nero'". Rabbi Zeev Nachum Bornstein (1820-1885) was rabbi of Biala Podolsk and rabbi of many of the greatest Polish Jewry in the generation. The author of the book Agudat Azov, son of Rabbi AharonSztzekaczyn, one of the Chassidim of the Seer of Lublin, Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Peshischa and Rabbi David Mal'elov, and the disciple of Rabbi Shalom TzviHaCohen of Tsarash, married to the daughter of Rabbi Mordechai Hirsch Erlich lived in Bedzin, where he was born. Rabbi Avraham Bornstein, author of the AvneiNezer, who was appointed Rabbi of Olkusz in 1850. In 1856, he was appointed Rabbi of the city of Biala where he served until his death and was the Chassidus of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, The son-in-law of the KotzkRebbe, began to act under him as Admor, and accepted him as his rabbi. Among his many students include Rabbi Yoav Yehoshua Weingarten of Kintzak - the "Chavat Yoav".
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 019

    Sefer HaHayyim and Sefer Ta’alumot Chochma—Lviv 1804 | With Efer Yaakov—Breslau 1839, complete, nice copy.

    1. Sefer HaHayyim by Rabbi Haim ben Rabbi Betzalel, brother of the Maharal, with endorsement and introduction by Rabbi Avraham Yehuda Heschel of Aphtha, who wrote “every person who joys in life will choose this holy book…and Hashem will write and sign us in the Book of Life” Lviv 1804 [probably actually 1830]. 1, 30, 3 pages. 2. Ta’alumot Chochmah, Ecclesiastes with the commentary of Rabbi Yaakov of Lisa (the Netivot)—first edition, Lviv 1804 [probably 1830]. 1, 15 pages. 3. Efer Yaakov “including a debate between two brothers, the Nefesh and the Neshama, to love Hashem and stick to his pure mitzvot” by Rabbi Yaakov Eichhoren [a sage of Krakow, son-in-law of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rozes, who was the tokea for the Ba’al Shem Tov. Moved to Tzfat, returned to Krakow, and served there as a rabbi. With an endorsement by Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov and other Tzfat rabbis. In the book (pages 30-31 in the section 2) is a responsa from Rabbi Avraham Dov of Ovritz, the Bat Ayin of Tzfat. An especially important and rare book—first edition Breslau 1830. 2, 43, 34 pages. Three complete books in beautiful condition. Simple binding, defective, many signatures of ownership that were not examined.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 147

    Volume with Shot Rama, Shot Bach, and HavatYa’ir—copy of Rabbi Zeev Nachum Burnstein, father of the AvneiNezer.

    Large volume with three books bound together, old binding. 1. Shot Rama—Sadilkov 1835. Some pages are blue, 44 [supposed to be 65] pages. 2. Shot Beit ChadashHaYeshanot, second edition Ostraha 1834. [5], 69 pages. 3. HavatYair, second edition Sadilkov 1834. No title page. [1], 47, 49-52; 29-29-52 pages. Defects to binding, lone bits of moth holes. Generally very good condition. Blank page after cover has handwritten note “this belongs to the famous Zeev Nachum Bornstein of Sztzekaczyn, and more.Rabbi Zeev Nachum Bornstein (1820-1885) was rabbi of Biala Podolsk and rabbi of many of the greatest Polish Jewry in the generation. The author of the book Agudat Azov, son of Rabbi AharonSztzekaczyn, one of the Chassidim of the Seer of Lublin, Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Peshischa and Rabbi David Mal'elov, and the disciple of Rabbi Shalom TzviHaCohen of Tsarash, married to the daughter of Rabbi Mordechai Hirsch Erlich lived in Bedzin, where he was born. Rabbi Avraham Bornstein, author of the AvneiNezer, who was appointed Rabbi of Olkusz in 1850. In 1856, he was appointed Rabbi of the city of Biala where he served until his death and was the Chassidus of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, The son-in-law of the KotzkRebbe, began to act under him as Admor, and accepted him as his rabbi. Among his many students include Rabbi Yoav Yehoshua Weingarten of Kintzak - the "Chavat Yoav".
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 015

    Volume with Sefer HaItur, Shot Ya’alat Chen, and the book Shnot Eliyahu (by the Gra), first edition—from the 18th century | Handsome, complete copy.

    1. Sefer HaItur—second edition, Warsaw 1801. 2, 96 pages. Important Chassidic endorsements by the Maggid of Kozhnitz, Rabbi Yitzhak of Radovil, and Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Aphtha. 2. Responsa Ya’alat Chen by the Maharal Tzintz—first edition, Prague 1793. 2, 64 pages. 3. Shnot Eliyahu, a commentary on the mishnayot of Seder Zra’im, by Rabbi Eliyahu the Vilna Gaon (Gra). First edition, Lemberg 1799. 2, 59 [supposed to be 58] pages. All bound together with old leather, the binding is defective and the spine is missing, with gilded inscription of the names of the books on the spine. Other than that, in very good condition, a very nice copy.
    Item sold at $350 Starting at $200
  • LOT: 020

    Get Mekushar (Maharal Tzintz)—first edition, Warsaw 1812.

    With the exegesis Tiv Gittin by Rabbi Aryeh Leib son of Rabbi Moshe of Platzk, the Maharal Tzintz. 1, 10, 90 pages. Tears in the corners of the first pages, with slight damage to text, light stains. One of the pages has an ink stain from a spill and caused a tear with damage to text. Apart from that, very good condition. Old binding, with an inscribed leather spine. Signature on the cover page (Yosef?).
    Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
  • LOT: 161

    ChiddusheiHalachot [Maharam Shif]—Hamburg 1807. Copy attributed to an important personage, with notes—unknown edition.

    On masechetBeitza, Baba Metziya, Ketubot, Hulin, Gitin, and the second section on Baba Kama, Shabbat, Sanhedrin, Zevachim. By Rabbi Meir (the Maharam) Shif. Hamburg 1807 [according to the details noted on the title page]. Edition unknown in bibliographic literature, we have not found one like it in the archives nor in the National Library. Content seems to be a facsimile of the 1747 edition, but with a completely different title page—a nice cover with illustrated engravings of Moses and Aaron, Jacob’s dream, and King David. No endorsements on the back of the title page. 1, 37 [supposed to be 72], 13 pages. Some pages are bound backwards and some are not bound in the right place. Some pages are cut, some in the upper portion, various tears in the corners of some pages, with light damage to text. Old binding, partially detached with a torn cloth spine. Cover page has signature of “Shalom Kahane ben Rabbi Avraham Haim [HaShach?]. In the book are corrections in an ancient handwriting, some in faded ink. Rabbi Shalom Shachneh [Kahane] HaKohen Katz of Krakow (died 1839) was the son of Rabbi Avraham Haim, a dayan in Krakow. Author of Mishpat Shalom and Shalmei Nazir [see: Wander-Galicia Part 3; OtzarRabbanim 18269].
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 010

    ShemeshTzedaka—first edition, Venice 1743.

    Responsa, two sections (separate covers), by Rabbi Shimshon Morforgo (1681-1740), a great rabbi of Italy, rabbi of Ancona. When a plague broke out in Italy in 1730, he enlisted as a doctor to save lives. The book was brought to the publisher by his son Rabbi Haim Shabtai Morforgo and won a place of respect in halakhic psika. First section on the OrechHayyim, YorehDe’ah [5], 117 pages. Second section on the Even HaEzer, ChoshenMishpat [1] 61 pages. 35cm. Handsome covers. Old binding with spine made of worn leather. Moth holes and tears, mainly in the margins and next to the spine. Tables of contents separated partially. Generally ok to good condition.
    Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
  • LOT: 149

    Eliya Mizrahi on the Torah—Furth 1763, including a map. Copy of Rabbi NoachShachor, father-in-law of the ImreiEmet of Gur.

    SeferEliya Mizrachi on the Torah, with many approbations given to this edition. In this edition, the words of Rashi are printed in square letters and the Biur Mizrahi commentary in Rashi script. This commentary is the most important and central commentary on Rashi's commentary on the Torah, by Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrachi (Ra'am). In ParshatMasei (page 211) is a map of Israel, in which the east faces upward. This map, first printed in the year 1717, is drawn primarily in straight lines and in squares and rectangles, is the first Hebrew map ever printed, printed by Itzik, printed in Fürth 1733. 2, 241 page. 33 cm. Moth holes mainly at the beginning and end of the book. Various stains. At the end of the book on several leaves, the tears were pasted and completed in fine handwriting. Old binding with leather spine, damaged. Overall good condition. Signatures of important ownership: - "Noach son of Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Black of Biala" - "Yitzchak Chaim Katz Rapaport" - "Moshe TzviNeoomist" - Dov Ber in Rabbi Eliezer ... from Biala - "Naftali Hertz Cohen" and many other important signatures that were not checked thoroughly. Rabbi NoachShachor of Biala (died 1910) was a prodigious prodigy of the Sherif of Kotzk, Chidushei Harim of Gur and other great rabbis of Poland, Rabbi of Biala, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter of Gur, author of "ImreiEmet" [OtzarHaRabbanim 15823, AlfasiHasidut 1977, p. 234]. Rabbi Yitzchak Chaim Rappaport (1852-1921), Av Beit Din of Ostrova and later in Krakow, son of Rabbi Shabtai of Dubrovka and son-in-law of Rabbi Ze'ev Nahum Bornstein of Biala, author of Agudat Azov, father of the AvneiNezer. "He was so well-disposed" that it was correct to take off his shirt in the street and give it to the poor who happened to have it. " His brother-in-law Nezer greatly appreciated him, and he writes in his responsa: "And his father-in-law, the rabbi, was always a wonderful person in Pomegia. My son-in-law is my book-box, as many have testified." "In his book of his brother-in-law, the author of the Kochav of Yaakov (his father's son-in-law).
    Item sold at $300 Starting at $300
  • LOT: 145

    Rare and unique! Copy of Rabbi Yitzhak of Radovil—Pirkeid’Rabbi Eliezer—Prague 1784.

    32, 1 page. Tape on title page, tears mainly on edges of pages, worn cover, general condition, fair, good, various handwritten glosses in several places, handwritten inscription on title page: "Belongs to someone who belongs to the person who gave the money of the famous Rabbi, the Governor, and the Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Hatan, the great RavHaMaorHaGad, Av Beit Din of Dalyna" - Rabbi Yitzchak of Radvil, son of the Maggid of Zlatechov and son-in-law of Rabbi Moshe ShohamMedulina - one of the greatest disciples of the Baal Shem Tov. Rabbi Yitzchak [Jungerliev] of Radvil "Or Yitzhak" (son of Rabbi Yechiel Michal Maggid of Zlaczow), and the father of the Radvil dynasty, to which many of the great Hassidic leaders refer to the present day. Throughout his life he wandered from one place to another. It is said [in the name of Rabbi MotlSlonimer] that his father said that his five holy sons were against the five books of the Torah, and Rabbi Isaac is against the Book of Shemot, wherein the exile of Egypt is mentioned. Like in Exodus, so too will the Torah be given to him. His place in Radovil was filled by his son, Rabbi Dan, his son-in-law, Rabbi Yishai Mushkat, Av Beit Din of Praga [Warsaw suburb of Poland], author of EtzeiBesamim and RoshiBesamim. In his first marriage, Rabbi Yitzchak of Radvil married the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Shoham of Dolina, from whom his children were born. Rabbi Moshe of Dolina (one of the greatest disciples of the Baal Shem Tov) was a young man who, after his father, Rabbi Dan of Brod, was a boy. He was blessed with the shadow of the Baal Shem Tov. And his father took him with him to his rabbi, who also brought in his writings Torahs and commentaries which he was able to hear from him: After the death of the Baal Shem Tov he was surrounded by his Maggid's Magistrate from Latachov. The words of his Torah were printed by his son Rabbi Shmuel in the books "Divrei Moshe" and "ImreiShoham." It was written: "It is a great mitzva that this book should be in the house of Israel because it is a great guard in the house because it is the Talmud of the Baal Shem Tov" In the Kabbalah, "the fruit of the tree of life" was burned on the book of Etz Chaim. Other ownership inscriptions: - "Zvi Hirsch Rapaport of Lvov" - Rabbi Zvi Hirsch HaCohen Rapaport [in his book: The Writings of the City of Lvov, the capital, from the inhabitants of the greater city of Dubno] (died 1865), son of Naftali Hirtz of Lvov, author of "Ezrat Kohanim" and "TosafotHaHahel" on Safra [printed for the first time in Vilna] 1825 - "Yosef PinchasKrangil in Krakow" - Rabbi Yosef PinchasKrangil of Krakow Son of Rabbi Moshe of Krakow and son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Hacohen Rosenzweig. One of the greatest followers of the TiferetShlomo of Radomsk. Gvir of the Krakow sages. His son Rabbi Menachem Mendel Krangil author of "Sha'areiGeulah" on the Haggadah of Pesach. - "Shlomo Blumenfeld"
    Item sold at $1500 Starting at $1500
  • LOT: 006

    . NachalatZvi—first edition, Venice 1661, complete copy, pretty.

    Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer around which is the commentary NachalatZvi by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Katz, first edition printed by Bragadin. First pages partially disconnected, little bit of moth holes. Stains and slight tears with a bit of tape, mainly at the edges. Generally very good condition. Old parchment binding.
    Item sold at $260 Starting at $180
  • LOT: 156

    IrGiborim—Amsterdam 1769 with dedication of the person who brought it to the publisher, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Balkhov.

    Sermons on the Five Books of Moses by Rabbi Ephraim Luntschitz, author of"KliYakar"- published by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Balkhov [author of SeferSareiZvi] - Amsterdam 1769. On the last page is a printed dedication by the publisher. Published with a handwritten completion to Rabbi Moshe Katz of Amsterdam.” 2, 58 [supposed to be 54], 24 pages. [The original has another 24 pages]. Cover worn and partly detached, various stains, good general condition. Title signed by: "Abraham Nathan [? - probably written: Shapira]
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 152

    MachanehYisrael—only edition, Krakow 1884, copy owned by the author’s son, with notes.

    Part One on Tractate Gittin and Tractate Shavuot, by Rabbi Israel ben Yosef Neiman, a dayan and morehTzedek in Krakow. 2, 86 pages. Various stains, tears in several places, worn cover, general condition, good copy of son of author with signature on title page: "Meir Neiman, son of Rabbi Meir of Israel ...". On the page before the title page is a long handwritten gloss, additional glosses in several places in the book. Many ownership inscriptions, mainly of Rabbi Meir Neiman and his family. Rabbi Yisrael Neiman (1808-1888), was a dayan and the Chief Rabbi of the city of Kraków for fifty years [see more: Wonder-Galicia; OtzarHaRabbanim 12001, 12205]
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 157

    Knesset HaGedolahOrechHayyim—first edition, Livorno 1658, partially missing copy with notes.

    Knesset HaGedolah on the Four Turim, this section is onOrach Chaim, by Rabbi Chaim Benvenisti (1603-1673), about which is written by Maran HaChida. Partially missing copy - starts on page 11 and ends with 156 [supposed to be: 1, 164 pages], large number of pages damaged in corners, sides and bottom, lots of damage to text. General condition ok to poor.
    Item sold at $160 Starting at $150
  • LOT: 212

    Oil on wood, “Limmud Torah” signed the artist—Europe, end of 19th century.

    Wonderful painting of three talmidei chachamim studying torah in a synagogue with open books and parchment megillot. On the table is a parochet with Hashem’s name. Signed by the artist on the right-hand side. On the back is a certificate from a gallery testifying to its originality. Given in a matching wooden frame. 29x38cm. Light defects, good condition.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 134

    Sha’areiTziyon (prayers and tikkuns)—Zhitomir 1856. Rare!

    Including TikunChatzot, Tikun ha-Nefesh, TikuniTefilot, TikunLevash, TikunNedarim, Tikun Three Sederot, Seder MesiratModa’ah, prayer for rainfall, and the seder Pidyon Nefesh, with addition of Tikkun Seudah and SeferYetzirah, by Rabbi Natan Neta Hanover - printed by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shapira, grandson of the Rabbi of Slavita in 1856. Uncommon edition! The National Library of Israel has a single copy, which is missing. The Mifal Bibliography list this book according to the same missing copy. 404 page [1, 2-108, 119-124, 115-196 page]. There are no other copies in the public libraries in Israel, and in general, prayer books were preserved less than other books, as they were in everyday use. Damaged antique binding, made of wood, covered with a cloth with an imprinted leather spine, moth damage, tears and various stains, very many usage marks, tears in several leaf corners with text damages. Generally ok condition.
    Item sold at $375 Starting at $250
  • LOT: 035

    Judaica plate, “Mizrach” illustrated by hand—Persia, beginning of the 20th century.

    Wonderful Judaica plate, ceramic, with illustrations and inscriptions made by an artist by hand, some gilded. The Twelve Tribes, Aaron and Moses, lions, pretty gates, the Kotel, the Binding of Isaac, and more. In the center is an inscription including “Mizrach.” 37x27.5cm. Generally very good condition.
    Starting at $400
  • LOT: 063

    Judaica table clock with a music box. Israel, 20th century.

    Wooden base with a music box operated mechanically. Above it is a metal base, with two lions holding the clock, with a crown on top. The back has a pendulum and a metal relief bearing the inscription "Rabbis, the time has arrived to the Shema of Shacharit." Designed by A. Sendik in the Bezalel style. Instead of the digits on the clock, letters A and B appear in the center of the watch, alongside a Star of David. The clock has a mechanical mechanism, the clock mechanism is in working order and included is a matching key to wind the mechanism. Max height: 22cm. Lower base, width: 13.5cm. Depth: 7cm. Generally very good condition.
    Item sold at $300 Starting at $250
  • LOT: 086

    From the Shoah—Lot of two yellow badges with the inscription “Jude” from Germany

    According to the regulations of the German Reich, the Jews began to wear yellow badges in 1938. Most of them had a Star of David badge with the word "Jew" in the language of that country. This is from Germany/Poland, years of World War II. Very good general condition.
    Item sold at $700 Starting at $700
  • LOT: 036

    Rare museum-worthy item: a white(!) belt for Yom Kippur with a silver buckle—Galicia/Poland, 19th century.

    Silk belt, pretty, with a silver buckle bearing the inscription: “On this day you will atone and purify yourselves from your sins before God who will purify you, one fate for Hashem” with an illustration of the goat for Hashem, decorations of plants around it, and an eagle on top. The Stiglitz collection (B86.0218- 101/045) of the Israel Museum has a similar buckle, probably made by the same artist. On the back is engraved a blurred inscription which is almost impossible to read: “In memory of my father Rabbi Menachem ben Rav Yona … for the year 1866.” Belt is 107x5cm, the buckle is 8x5.5cm. Light defects. Generally very good condition. Rare, unique item which is only found in museums. The fact that it is white makes it even rarer.
    Item sold at $3000 Starting at $1000
  • LOT: 166

    . Wonderful museum-worthy item: Large, handsome manuscript for a hazan of a synagogue. Austria 1839.

    A large and impressive manuscript (34x25 cm) with various prayers, a colored cover with a dedication "This is the gateway to the Lord, the righteous will come in it, this booklet is generously donated ... Rabbi Meshulam Kaufman son of the late Rabbi Shimon z" l in honor of the synagogue, for the new synagogue in Neustift [Austria], which we founded in 1839 ... and your name is the name of the Lord of blessed memory."It is interesting to note that the birth calendar that appears below begins in 1828. The page after the title page contains a prayer in Yiddish (partially damaged). The prayers are all handwritten in black, some of them dotted with red headers and initials. Written on thick, high-quality paper with an old bound cover with a large Star of David in its center and a frame around with small gold decorations. The volume includes the prayers that the cantor or the gabbai said: May the Torah be read on Mondays and Thursdays, the Liturgy of Lecha Dodi, and the psalm for the Sabbath day, blessed be He, for everything after the publication of the Sefer Torah, the blessings of the haftara. "Our Lord Emperor Franz I ...", the Blessing of the Month with the Table of the Homelands for the years 1828-1851, BirkatHaChodesh, ZikrotNeshamot, MechirahBrachot, Ba'al Ha-Megillah and Asher Hanei. The book underwent repairs in the synagogue over the years, the edges of the pages were worn out and the text was rewritten in an artistic writer's handwriting, tape to strengthen various pages throughout the book, ink smears and slight tears pasted at the gate. Spine and binding decomposed and worn. General condition ok to good.
    Starting at $5000
  • LOT: 007

    Genesis and Exodus—Amsterdam 1682.

    From the Five Books of Torah, with Targum Onkelos, Targum Yonatan and Yerushalmi, and Rashi’s commentary. Printed by Kristopel fun Gangil in Amsterdam, 1682. On page 165(2): “I Yaakov bar Moshe Refael di Cordova from Brazil.” No cover. 2-166 pages. First pages are torn with damage to text. Moth damage, tears and stains. Most in good condition. Original leather binding (old) with decorations, defective. Signatures and notes of ownership, including: Aharon David ben Yitzhak Maizel of Swisslatz. Regarding the year of printing of this book: the cover of the haftaroth states 1682, but the cover of the Torah (missing in this copy) writes from 1703. Schtinschneider (see #610) sees the latter as a mistake and analyses it as 1683.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 087

    Personal notebook of a British Prisoner of War during WWII with special illustrations, notes, and caricatures

    Interesting notebook which belonged to a British PoW held by the Germans during World War II. There are illustrations of known figures such as Mickey Mouse and Popeye, as well as drawings from places he passed through during his service. Accompanied by a certificate with details about his military service, in English written by the daughter of the soldier. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 143

    Amulet for preservation of a delivering mother “LeNekeva”—Redelheim, probably approximately 1840.

    (there is a similar amulet for a mother who gave birth to a boy, called “LeZachar”). 3 lines in Yiddish, description of meeting Eliyahu, and later, names with vowelled letters, and the chapter “ShirHaMa’a lot AsehEinay el HaArim”. According to the Hebrew Mifal Bibliography (listed 000153172), this was probably printed in Redelheim, approximately 1840. Long printed page, 10x18cm, generally good condition, stains and defects, glued to cardboard with a cloth piece which is used to hang it.
    Starting at $300
  • LOT: 177

    Letter in local language by Rabbi Mordechai Weiss, Avdak Wag Bistritz. 1880.

    Rare letter with signature and official stamp of Rabbi Mordechai Weiss (mentioned in the Shot KatavSofer). Signed an endorsement for the book KadHaKemach (Lviv 1880). Signs of folding, generally good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 178

    Letter in local language by Rabbi Binyamin Wolf Zinger, Avdak of Lifta, St. Miklash. 1884.

    Rare letter with signature and official stamp of RabbiBinyamin Wolf Zinger (1858-1930), son of Rabbi Pesach Zinger, Avdak of Kirchdorf. Studied under Rabbi AzrielHildesheimer of Berlin. Signs of folding, very good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 173

    . Letter in the local language by Rabbi Yehezkel Moshe Fishman, Avdak of Mishkaltz. 1857.

    Rare letter in foreign language by Rabbi Yechezkel Moshe Fishman, Chief Rabbi of Mischaltz with his signature and official red wax stamp. Rabbi Yechezkel Moshe Fishman - born about 1795 to his father Hagar Avraham Livshitz, Av Beit Din of Nehviz, studied at the yeshivas of Nielsenburg and Trebtech, and also studied with the Gaon, author of Rokeach Oil. He went to the community of Tritsch and lived there for a few years. Later he was accepted to the court of Miskavitz and served there for four and a half years. In 1821, he was accepted to the Shafa Lama in Ma'arin in 1835. He served there in the rabbinate for about forty years and died there on the 4th of Tevet, 1875. Father of Rav Fishman of MagidMeisharim in Pressburg, and recalls the books of his time, among them the responsa of Imrei Ashe and Rabbi Asad. Folding marks, very good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 174

    Letter in local language by Rabbi ShlomoZalman Kahan, Avdak of Kesteli. 1875.

    Rare letter with signature and official stamp of Rabbi ShlomoZalman Kahan (1828-1870), son of Rabbi David Katz. Author of Mishleid’Rabanan, in German. Good condition, cut down the middle and taped.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 175

    Letter in local language by Rabbi Michael Krauss (grandson of the ChatamSofer), dayan in BalshoyYarmut. 1878.

    Rare letter with signature and official stamp ofRabbi Michael Krauss. Signs of folding, very good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 176

    Letter in local language by Rabbi Shalom Ullmanen, Avdak of Weizen—end of the 19th century.

    Rare letter with signature and official red stamp of Rabbi Shalom Ullmanen, Avdak of Weizen, son of Rabbi Avraham Ullman, Avdak of Lakenbach, student of the HaHafla’ah and Rabbi Natan Adler. Died in 1891. Son-in-law was the Gaon Rabbi Menashe Greenbaum, Av Beit Din of Salke. Ok condition, cut down the middle.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 184

    Collection of pages, title pages, and various documents.

    More than 140 pages, title pages, signatures, stamps, notes, letters, and more. 19th-early 20th century. Various sizes and conditions, not checked thoroughly.
    Starting at $120
  • LOT: 171

    Letter in the local language by Gaon Rav Yaakov Zvi Weiss [Weissman], Avdak of Sabosloy. 1884.

    Rare letter signed and stamped by Yaakov Zvi Weiss, whose father was Rav Avraham Weiss. He married the daughter of Rabbi Shmuel Frankel (Rabbi Shmuel Kamader, Avdak of Darag). He succeeded his father in 1879, mentioned in Shot Maharam Shik. Generally ok condition, the letter is cut down the middle.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 180

    of 3 postcards sent to the banker Nehemiah da Lima, representative of the tzedakot of the Sfardim in Israel for the officials and administrators of Amsterdam.

    1. From Rabbi Moshe Lilenthal (a Jerusalem printer who was a leader of the Ashkenazic community) - speaks of the baseless hatred that existed in Jerusalem among the kolelim. 2-3. From Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Huisberg - the first postcard on the matter that the Shadrut mentions a number of impressions of his visit and complains that most of the public does not deal with spirituality and Torah. The second postcard writes that Rabbi Meir Lehman (Marcus Lehman) objects to it. Nehemia daLima (1882-1940) was a Dutch banker and socialist and Zionist leader. Founder of Bank Hapoalim of the Netherlands, De Centrale ArbeidersVerzekerings and director of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in 1919-1921.
    Starting at $300
  • LOT: 183

    Lot of various handwritten pages—end of the 19th century.

    Lot of pages on a variety of issues, Yemen and North Africa. 6 pages handwritten from Masechet Baba Kama. 6 pages of chiddusheitorah. 4 pages from North Africa. 2 remains of pages taken out of a book binding in Yemenite handwriting. Total of 36 written pages. Various sizes and conditions.
    Item sold at $130 Starting at $120
  • LOT: 033

    Printed silk cloth for challot, Even Monzon printing--Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century.

    White silk. In the center is a menorah, above which is the inscription “For Shabbat and Yom Tov.” On either side are the blessings for candles, and a prayer in Yiddish. Also appear the piyyutim Shalom Aleichem, Eshet Chayil, and Bar Yochay, and the words of the kiddushim for Shabbat and Yom Tov. In the upper and lower portions are nice illustrations of holy places in Israel. Name of the printer appears in the lower right-hand corner, “Even A.L. Monzon, Jerusalem.” Stains. 60x46cm. Generally good condition.
    Item sold at $280 Starting at $180
  • LOT: 179

    Letter in local language by Rabbi Haim Yehuda Reich, Av Beit Din of BanihadNadash—1872.

    Rare letter with signature and official stamp of RabbiHaim Yehuda Reich, son of Rabbi Avraham Yehezkel Reich, Avdak of Banawitz, son of Rabbi Kapil Harif, Avdak of Werboy. Served in the rabbinate of a number of communities. Author of Kol Yehuda (Pressburg 1887), and a number of books in the local languages. Signs of folding, good condition.
    Starting at $200