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Auction No` 28 - 12.02.2020
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Auction No. 28

It will be held on Wednesday the 27th of the Shvat 5768 

At 19:00 Israel time

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Sunday - Tuesday 09-11.02.2020
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  • LOT: 109

    Book describing Jerusalem in Latin, original parchment binding, first edition—1593

    Rare and interesting item: a book describing Jerusalem written entirely in Latin. The author, named Adrichem, published alongside the book an additional 12 maps of Jerusalem. First edition of this very important book on Jerusalem, 1593. 228 pages, the index has 10 pages without numbering. Light staining, first cover has a partially torn listing of ownership (doesn’t damage the text). Generally very good condition.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 087

    Original ceramic plate marking the liberation of the city of Maastricht from the Nazis during World War II—Netherlands 1945

    Original ceramic plate with stamp of the maker, with wonderful blue illustrations, made to celebrate the victory of the Allies and the liberation of the city of Maastricht fro mteh Nazis. In the center is the commissioner Antonacci blowing a trumpet and riding a horse, whose hooves stamp on the swastika. At the bottom is the symbol of the Dutch monarchy with lions, flags of Holland and the US waving at the sides, and a title “Herrujzend Nederland” (Netherlands Rising), and additional inscriptions at the edges of the bottom. Diamter: 22.5cm. Good condition, no defects.
    Starting at $180
  • LOT: 116

    Miniature Sefard Machzor for holidays—Amsterdam 1712

    Miniature machzor “for holidays, Yom Tovs of Pesach, Shavuot, Sukkot, according to the Sefardi minhag.” [1], 178-309 pages. Original leather binding with golden inscriptions, defects at the edges of the binding, slight staining, generally good condition.
    Starting at $300
  • LOT: 111

    The Jews of New York, first-edition book. New York 1887

    Book by “Moshe Weinberger, born in Ungvarn”, first section. Printed by “New Yorker Yiddische Zeitung”, first (only?) edition. [1], 124 pages. Stains on the cover and last page. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 215

    Historic Letter Regarding the Polemic of the Yishuv Hayashan Written and Signed by Sir Moshes Montefiore – Ramsgate, England 1870

    Fascinating document: Lengthy letter written by Sir Moses Montefiore to his friend Michael Henry, regarding the depressed situation in Palestine and the troubles of the Yishuv Hayashan. The letter was written on 04.07.1870 in Ramsgate England. Royal seal of Montefiore is embossed at the head of the letter. It is written in English, all in the hand of Sir Moses himself and signed by him. 12.5x19.5 cm. The text appears on one side of the fold leaf. Fold marks, no blemishes, very fine condition. The letter explains that Sir Moses is soon leaving and he received a letter from Jerusalem describing the terrible situation there. He asks that Michael should do as he sees fit, without mentioning his name."
    Starting at $600
  • LOT: 230

    Lot of 3 rare, original pictures of the Rebbe

    Three original photographs of the Chabad Rebbe, two of which were taken during Hol HaMoed Sukkot prayers, in which one can see the Rebbe wrapped in his tallis holding the Four Species. In one he is waving them, and in another he is accompanying Zalman Shazar, the President of Israel then, when he came to visit the Rebbe. Size: 6x9 or 10x7.5. One picture is repaired without any missing bits. Generally good condition. The Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, lived from 1902-1994 and was the 7th Chabad Rebbe.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 013

    Sar Shalom by the Rashash, first edition. Jerusalem 1912

    “Includes timely kavanot for the Seder of Pesach, and for Hanukkah and Purim, from the siddur of the Rav Shamash.” At the end of the book is a handwritten wording of Al HaNissim in 36 spaces, as against the 36 candles of Hanukkah, according to the Ben Ish Hai. Signature of ownership and many handwritten notes of the Kabbalist Chassid Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Karpman of Jerusalem. [1], 53 pages. Light staining, binding is slightly detached. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $80
  • LOT: 148

    Lot of 7 booklets, stories of tzaddikim and chassidus, in Yiddish, most first editions between 1911-1924

    Includes the following: The Debate with Ashmadai [missing cover], New Chassidic Community-Warsaw [two copies], Niflaot Gedolot-Bolgoria, Stories of the 36 Tzadikkim-Warsaw [two copies], History of Rabbi Shimon HaPaytan – Warsaw. Rebound, generally good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 233

    Lot of 3 volumes from the Prophets, with translation into Bukhari, with a binding donated by the Chabad Rebbe. Jerusalem 1907-1915

    Three volumes from the Prophets: Joshua and Judges, Shmuel I and II, and Isaiah, with commentaries of the Metzudot and translation into Bukhari in Hebrew letters. Paper in a soft binding, generally good condition. Especially interesting: The page before the cover has testimony about this edition: “Because the books which remained were not bound, the books were bound with the holy help of the Admor Menachem Mendel Schneerson…” It dates the event to Shvat 1977, the yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak—the Rayatz of Lubavitch. It seems to mean, therefore, that these books lay in the printing press from the time of their printing in the year 1907-1915 until the contribution of the Rebbe in the year 1977, for about sixty years.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 052

    Two notebooks: complete sets of original postcards with illustrations of Jerusalem, published by Hadar Jerusalem, signed by artists from Betzalel

    1. Collection of 8 colorful postcards—original lithographs, illustrated and signed by the artist Aharon Shaul Shor. Betzalel. Published by Hadar Jerusalem. Illustrations of the Kotel and the Old City, David’s Citadel, and Rachel’s Tomb, the Hurva of Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid and the Nissan Bak synagogue, the Omer mosque, and a general view of the city. Made from cardboard. David’s Citadel is not colored. Inscriptions in Hebrew and other languages, preserved in very good condition. Size 9x14cm. 2. Envelope with 11 colorful postcards—original lithographs, “topoi and pictures from the life of Jerusalem”, illustrated and signed by the artist Meir Gur Aryeh, Betzalel. Illustrations: Cheder, HaRo’ee, a Yemenite boy, a Jew from Sana’a, incense, during the grape harvest (twice), pioneers, next to the Kotel, to the spring, a Jewess from Mosul. Paper envelope with stains and slight tears, illustrated without cover, inscriptions in Hebrew and other languages. Tissue paper separate the postcards, no defects, generally good condition. 19x14cm.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 012

    Rashash Siddur, first edition. Jerusalem 1911-1912

    Kabbalistic siddur called the Rashash Siddur, two parts in one volume. First printed “in holiness and after ablution and purification[!]”, prayers for everyday with kabbalistic kavanot and additions of holy names amidst the blessings. The Admor of Munkatch, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Shapira, the Darchei Tshuva and Be’er LaChai Roi, writes in his endorsement: “he who takes the siddur in happiness, will take a blessing to his home with it, and he who doesn’t have wisdom, this will encourage him and advise him to good, and will bring a blessing to his home and will preserve him.” First edition. [4], 139, 161 pages. New binding with golden inscriptions. Cover partially repaired, first pages repaired at the edges, stains. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 011

    Kriyat Shema Al HaMita according to the Kabbalah (Rashash), first edition. Jerusalem 1907

    Siddur Chaim v’Shalom, kavanot of Shema Al HaMita, by the kabbalist Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Sharabi, published by the Sha’ar HaShamayim kabbalistic yeshiva in Jerusalem. With a long endorsement signed by kabbalist rabbis: Rabbi Gavriel Bartinovsky, Rabbi Shimon Zvi Horwitz (author of Shem MiShimon), and Rabbi Haim Yehuda Leib Auerbach. Two editions were probably released that same year. No page numbering, rebound with golden inscriptions, slight staining, generally good condition.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 009

    Lot of 3 important works of kabbalah from Jerusalem printings

    1. Mevo HaSha’arim, important composition on the foundations of kabbalah, by Rabbeinu Haim Vittel—Jerusalem 1904. Cover with gold letters. [2], 76 pages. Slight staining, lone bits of moth damage, new binding, copy preserved in good condition. 2. Fourth Sha’ar of the Eight Sha’arim of the Arizal. A book of collected writings. First edition printed separately from Sha’ar HaPsukim. Jerusalem 1913. Sidur of Rabbeinu Sar Shalom Mizrachi Sharabi (Rashash) with glosses and chiddushim by Rabb Zeev Wolff Ashkenazi. [2], 94 pages. Moth damage, stains, new binding, golden inscriptions, generally good condition. 3. Otzarot Chaim, composed by Rabbeinu Haim Vittel, received from the Arizal. A foundational work of Kabbalah. First edition, Jerusalem 1907. With endorsement of Admor Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Shapira (the Darchei Tshuva of Munkatch) and Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv, the Ba’al HaLeshem. With the commentary “Eifo Shlomo” by the kabbalist Rabbi Haim Shalom Davich HaKohen. Stamp of “Yeshivat Sha’ar HaShamayim”. [2], 58 pages. New binding with golden inscriptions. Light stains, few bits of moth damage. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $80
  • LOT: 041

    Megillat Esther with the commentary Ya’arat Dvash, first edition. Lemberg 1874

    Megillat Esther with three commentaries, including Ya’arat Dvash by the Gaon Rabbi Yehonatan Ivshitz, Av Beit Din of Hamburg. With endorsement of Rabbi Shlomo Kluger. First edition. No page numbering, lots of moth damage. New binding, generally ok condition.
    Starting at $60
  • LOT: 176

    Ohr Yahel (Rabbi Leib Chasman) – First Edition, Jerusalem, 1938. Signatures of Prestigious Rabbis

    Ohr Yahel, "Discussions regarding mussar and yiras Hashem by Rabbeinu…Yehudah Leib Chasman …spiritual leader of Yeshivas Chevron Knesses Yisroel (av"d and r"m Stuchin)." Introduction by Mashgiach Rabbi Yechezkel Sarna. First edition, Jerusalem, 1938. [5], 116 leaves. Worming blemishes, various stains, rebound, overall fine condition. Interesting owner notations. The flyleaf bears the note: א' שור ג' מנ"א צט' סלבודקה נקנה ספאקוינע and מרדכי ורקל החונה בק"ק קובנה. With additional stamp in another language. Rabbi Isser Schorr was a student of the Slobodka yeshiva who was tragically killed during the Holocaust when the ghetto was cleansed with the enthusiastic assistance of the cursed Lithuanians who collaborated with the Nazis in 1942. Rabbi Yaakov Mordechai Varkil was from Kovno. He was the rabbi there and he moved to Eretz Israel where he served as rabbi in Ezra and Yatzron.
    Starting at $60
  • LOT: 192

    Collection of receipts from the Talmud Torah HaKlali and the Etz Hayyim yeshiva in Jerusalem, mentioning and signed by dear members of the Karta d’Yerushalayim

    Collection of around 50 interesting documents, giving a rare glimpse into the Torah life of old Jerusalem. Receipts and vouchers for scholarships for avrechim of the Kollel of the Etz Hayyim yeshiva, and one document summarizing the amount given to each avrech, with signatures of the avrechim testifying to having received the scholarships. Among them are important rabbanim from Jerusalem, including: Elazar Brissel, Menashe Rosenfeld, Nissan Aharon Tukochinsky, Yitzhak Natan Kuperstock, Zvi Michal Heller, Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Zvi Pesach Frank, Yosef Zvi Salant, Yeshayahu Winograd, Binyamin Zeev Chashin, Eliyahu Zlatnik, Shmuel Shapira, Yehusohua Barim, Zeev Dov Chechik. No defects, very good condition.
    Starting at $120
  • LOT: 014

    Sefer Leshem Shebo v’Achlama Kabbalah—Jerusalem 1935

    An important composition based in the kabbalah of the Gra, some of which is an exegesis and some of which is based in droshim. By the kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv. [5], 88 pages. With glosses and handwritten corrections, illustration of Jerusalem on the last page, moth damage and stains, new binding, generally good condition. Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv ben Rabbi Haim Chaikel (1841-1926) was known as the “Ba’al HaLeshem” because of this book, and was revered by sages during his lifetime. It is said that when the book reached Baghdad, the Ben Ish Hai organized a march throughout the city in honor of it because of his wonder at the chiddushim written in it. The Chazon Ish said about the author that he was “the last kabbalist.” Rav Kook called him in a number of places “the greatest kabbalist of our generation.”
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 040

    Sefer Chassidim by Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid—Lemberg 1864

    By Rabbeinu Yehuda ben Shmuel HaChassid, with two commentaries, one from Rabbeinu HaChida. 86 pages. New binding, moth damage, stains from water, generally ok condition.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 037

    Olat Chodesh, second edition—Lemberg 1854, with an interesting signature

    Drashot and eulogies organized chronologically by month, by Rabbi Sinai ben Rabbi Eliezer Sapir. Includes interesting eulogies on the sages of the author’s generation. Cover and an additional page are missing. [2], 80 pages in the original. Moth damage and stains, generally good condition. Interesting stamp of ownership: “Yosef Nachum Lipsky ben Rav Aryeh, Petah Tikva, Israel.” Last page has an additional note: “the young Yosef Menachem ben Rav Aryeh Lipsky.” Probably this is referring to Rabbi Yosef Menachem Mendel ben Baruch Aryeh Lipsky, a sage of Grodzisk. A kushiya of his appears in Neta’ei Eitan Remisiya.”
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 150

    Amulet with the Ilan HaKodesh—paper roll, from the 1840s, in a silver case

    Printed on paper—8 pieces of paper connected to one another. Divided into three main sections: foundations of kabbalistic wisdom; kabbalistic charts and illustrations; and the Ilan HaKodesh—a list of the evolution of the world over time by Rabbi Meir Paprash, one of the Gurei HaAri. Apart from the great theoretical knowledge that the megillah contains, it explains visually the foundations of kabbalah, and is designed for learning the wisdom of kabbalah, as the Admor Rabbi Yeshaya Moshkat of Prague (son-in-law of Rabbi Yitzhak of Radowil and a student of the Maggid of Kozhnitz, friend of the Chiddushei HaRim) writes in his endorsement for the printing of the Ilan. The Ilan HaKodesh is a segulah for preservation from all harm, and for raising sons. The megillah is given in a fancy metal case colored in silver and gold, decorated with illustrations of plants, with a town in the center, engraved “Mr. and Mrs. Menahem”. Length: around 3.5m. Width: around 21cm. Professionally repaired at the top, with slight damage to text. Generally good condition.
    Starting at $1000
  • LOT: 202

    Manuscript Megillat Shir Hashirim, Ruth, and Kohelet – Yemen, 18th Century

    Manuscript with Megillot Shir Hashirim, Ruth and Kohelet with Targum and Rashi. The titles of the megillot are decorated with impressive borders. Shir Hashirim is written in a student's hand. Ruth and Kohelet are in a nice, professional hand with superlinear vocalization. About 100 pages. 22.5x15.5 cm. Worming and usage blemishes affecting text. Overall moderate-poor condition.
    Starting at $180
  • LOT: 211

    Manuscript Laws of Ritual Slaughter with Arabic Translation – Yemen, 19th Century

    Volume with a number of manuscripts: first section features the laws of shechitah according to the Rambam with commentary and translation to Judeo-Arabic surrounding the laws, Zevach Todah and compilations and laws from all poskim, nice decorations at the top of the pages. 178 pages. The second section of the manuscript is in a different nice, professional script that corresponds with Central Yemen [perhaps Sana'a] with additional compilations on the laws of shechitah, with responsa regarding the knife, shechitah and treifot. 47 pages. The third section is "Compilations from the compilation regarding the revelation of Messiah" and more. 7 pages. The fourth section is a copy of the laws of shechitah and treifot from Rabbi Yosef Karo and the Rema, nice decorations at the top of the pages, nice, organized hand. 95 pages. The fifth section features Hoshanot for Sukkot and Hoshana Raba, blessings for engagement and marriage, blessings for the circumcision, text for divorce and blessings for grooms, grace after meals, the miracle of Chanukah and part of Megillat Antiochus. Concludes with the name of the writer בשנת ב' קס"ז סעיד יוסף בן יהודה. 95 pages. Altogether 422 pages in the manuscript. 17x12.5 cm. Aging blemishes and various stains. Binding corresponding to the time period with worming blemishes. Overall fine condition.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 210

    Manuscript Kitzur Shnei Luchot Habrit – Northern Yemen, 19th Century

    Manuscript with a copy of the Kitzur Shnei Luchot Habrit, published in Amsterdam in 1703. Illustrated title page with some red ink. Nice, organized writing, decorated with red ink throughout the work with various adornments. Northern Yemen, apparently near Sa'dah, 19th century. Unknown copier. Complete work. 526 pages. 16x11 cm. Later binding. Various stains. Most of the work is in fine condition.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 196

    Miniature Manuscript with the Kovetz Ibur Shanim, supplications and more – North Africa, 19th Century.

    Miniature manuscript with Kovetz Ibur Shanim, supplications, laws of shechitah and hymns. Starts and ends with various handwritten names. Apparently North Africa, 19th century. Altogether 82 leaves, with about 100 pages with text. 5.5x9 cm. New binding. Overall fine condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 197

    Manuscript Shearit Yosef on Intercalation with Illustrations – Iraq, 19th Century

    Impressive manuscript with the Shearit Yosef work on intercalation with supplements and illustrations. Concludes with one page from the Sefer Haparkus. Script appropriate for Iraq, not adequately examined, unknown scribe. 38 pages. 14x9.5 cm. New binding. Overall very fine condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 209

    Manuscript Shemoneh Perakim L'Rambam and Tractate Avot in Arabic – Yemen, 19th Century.

    Manuscript Shemoneh Perakim L'Rambam and commentary on Tractate Avot in Judeo-Arabic, in a few styles of script, corresponds with the manuscripts of the "Hatalmidim" copiers of books on the hilchot harambam from the 19th century. 188 pages. 18x11 cm. New binding. Overall very fine condition.
    Starting at $350
  • LOT: 208

    Manuscript Kuntress, Ashmoret, Selichot and Tractate Yuma – Yemen, 19th Century.

    Manuscript kuntress, ashmurot, selichot, and Mishnayot Tractate Yuma. Rustic script, appropriate for Southern Yemen, 19th century. 18x11.5 cm. 73 pages. Later binding.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 199

    Manuscript Shir Hasirim and Kohelet with Targum and Pirkei Avot and Kabalat Shabbat – Yemen, 18th Century

    Manuscript of Shir Hashirim with Targum, Kohelet with Targum, Avot, and bakashot and kabbalat Shabbat that are unknown amongst the customs of Yemenite Jewry. [Shir Hashirim and Mishnayot Tractate Shabbat, chapter after chapter, interspersed with other verses.] Script from the Shar'ab region and central Yemen, a number of different scripts. Begins with the second verse of Shir Hashirim. 198 pages. 16x11.5 cm. Binding appropriate for the period that it was written. Stains. Overall fine condition.
    Starting at $300
  • LOT: 207

    Pocket-sized Manuscript, Diwan. Yemen, 19th Century.

    Pocket-sized manuscript, diwan, grooms, Shabbat, circumcision and more. 178 pages. 16x6 cm. Original binding, appropriate for the time period with various worming holes and blemishes. The manuscript has various aging blemishes, dampstains, worming holes and more. Overall moderate-poor condition.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 201

    Thick Manuscript for the High Holidays and Jewish Holidays – Central Yemen, 1760

    Manuscript Tachlal prayer book with superlinear vocalization for Rosh Hashanah [begins with "ashmoret" – every day of the ashmorot has a different supplication that is not per Yemenite customs], Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Additional prayer for fast days, prayer for the sick, text of the berachot, intercalation with charts starting in 1760 and more. Owner signature at the conclusion, from a later period: "A person should always write his name on his books…I, Said ben Dovid Altem…" Recor of purchase in the middle of the book: קנה מוסי (משה) רכבצ בסעור (בא"ת ב"ש) זה התכלאל מן יוסף בן סעיד חבשוש, יום רביעי חודש אדר...ואני גואל אחרון...מתנה בן שלום...קניתי זה החפץ מן יחיא קרוואני...". Script is not uniform. Central Yemen. New binding. 22x15 cm. About 480 pages. Overall fine condition.
    Starting at $700
  • LOT: 206

    Manuscript Siddur with Different Text Versions – Yemen, 19th Century

    Manuscript of a weekday siddur prayer book, rustic script. Havdalah text per the customs of the Jews of the Shar'ab region, Nefilas Apayim in the Shami version, and the "Meshumadim" in the Shemoneh Esrei in the Baladi version, which does not appear in the Shami text. Due to the mix of prayer versions it is not possible to definitely determine the source of the manuscript, though most is in the Nusach Shami. The manuscript begins with korbanos before the Shachris prayer. 16x12 cm. Leather binding from the period, detached. 460 pages. Worming holes and stains. Overall fine condition.
    Starting at $400
  • LOT: 198

    Rare! Manuscript of a Large Siddur with Rare Text Versions and Halachot – Yemen, early 17th century.

    Especially large, impressive manuscript of a prayer book for Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays. Unknown writer. A large section has superlinear vocalization. The manuscript includes selichot that do not appear in other "Tachlal" prayer books, primarily of Rabbi Yehuda Halevi and Rabbi Yitzchak Ibn Ghiyyat , Seder Havodah of Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra and the Seder Havoda of Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabriol (of 4 that are known), piyutim and selichot with laws of tefilin. The text of "Shofet Kol Ha'aretz" with acrostic of the name "Shlomo" in an unknown version. "Keter Malchut" of Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabriol appears without the kabalistic passage of Mori Yechya Aldhari (added by the Maharitz in a later period). At the end of the selichot there is a commentary from an unknown writer that we have not found in other comparable works known to us. The nosach "Marnut" according to what is today used in "Nusach Shami." Chiddushei HaRav [unknown reference] with laws and novellae [ perhaps referring to Mori Yitzthak Vana] quotes the commentary in the name of Rabbeinu Yonah and other laws of berachos for after Kippur and then berachot for spices the moon, wayfarer's prayer, circumcision and mitzvos, hymns for a circumcision and related ideas. The calculation of the intercalation was made later, than the rest of the written work. The name שלמה בן שלם ידיע בן אלקרעה appears in one location [does not appear in the Encyclopedia of Yemenite Sages]. Collection of rebuke and supplication. Text of the Birkat Kohanim according to the Ramban. Kaddish Batra in the original Baladi version. Starts on leaf 130. More than 300 pages. 32x21 cm. Many worming holes. Overall moderate condition.
    Starting at $1000
  • LOT: 205

    Manuscript Ein Yaakov – Yemen, Late 19th Century

    Yemenite manuscript anthology with Ein Yaakov [aggadot of the Talmud], Berachah L'Rabim, and a short version of Kiruei Moed. Written by a number of scribes of the period. 86 pages. 16x11.5 cm. Stains and worming holes. Overall moderate condition.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 200

    Manuscript for Intercalation - Central Yemen [Sana'a?], 1751.

    Nice, professional handwritten manuscript for intercalation, tekufot, reasons and various ruels regarding lunar eclipses, eclipse and other kabalistic discussions. 22 pages with handwritten text from central Yemen – perhaps Sana'a. The "luach hamachzorim" starts with 1751, though it is possible that there were earlier pages and this manuscript was written earlier. 22x15 cm. Without binding. Stains and aging blemishes. The last leaf is incomplete. Overall fine condition.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 075

    Silver megillah housing, made by hand—Vienna 1821

    Delicately handcrafted megillah housing, with hammerwork, enamelling, and welding. Total of 6 pieces that are screwed together to form this wonderful housing the Megillat Esther. At the top is a bouquet of flowers and additional decorations. The body of the housing is characterized by decorations with a classic design of the time. At the bottom is a handle for rolling the megillah. Stamped silver by Lorenz Pfalzer, who was a member of the Jewellers’ Guild of Vienna. With his stamp. This creation is one of the first known items made in Vienna, and is considered especially rare. A similar housing from 1824 forms part of the Bill Gross Family collection, which notes that this design was copied later for additional housings made in the Ottoman Empire because of their unique beauty, which is a testimony to the influence of the Viennese school on other places. Length: 27cm. Diameter: 3.3cm. Weight: 213g. No megillah inside. Generally very good condition.
    Starting at $2500
  • LOT: 058

    14 carat gold pendant with a Star of David and the Tablets—Europe, beginning of 20th century. Stamped

    Gold pendant made with by hand with cutting work, the figures of lions holding the Tablets, with a Star of David resting on top and the inscription “Zion” inside it. Pentagram frame with rounded sides. Stamped by an unknown artist. Sold with a matching box. Weight: 2g. Diameter: 2cm. Light defects, generally good condition
    Starting at $120
  • LOT: 171

    Copy of Rabbi Alter Biderman of Sosnowiec son of Rabbi Elazar Mendel of Lelov: Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat – Lemberg, 1876. With Handwritten Glosses.

    Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat with the nosei keilim, first section. Printed in Lemberg, 1876. [2], 164, 182 leaves. Brittle paper, missing one leaf of the introductions, detached title page that is torn along its right side, marginal tears generally not affecting text, preserved binding, red spine with gold embossing – otherwise fine condition. The title page and following leaf bear a stamped copy of a prominent signature: אלטר בהרה"ק הק' ר" אליעזר מנחם זצלה"ה. The endpaper has a note documenting that this copy belonged to Admor Alter Avraham Bezalel Nosson Nota of Lelov. Additional stamps: חברת משניות גבעת רמב"ם. The book itself has a number of handwritten corrections and one significant gloss that matches the handwriting copied in the stamp. Admor Alter Avraham Bezalel Nosson Nota (1862-1933) was the son of Rabbi Elazar Mendel and brother of Admor Dovid Zvi Shlomo of Lelov. He returned to Poland during the First World War and settled in Sosnowiec, where he was known as the "Admor from Eretz Yisroel." He was the son-in-law of his cousin, Rabbi Binyamin Yehuda Leib Bornstein.
    Starting at $120
  • LOT: 137

    Likutei Ramal (Sassov) – Chassidut. First Edition. Czernowitz, 1856.

    Likutei Ramal. Torah thoughts and hanhagot by Admor Moshe Yehudah Leib of Sassov. Copied from his personal manuscript. First edition, Czernowitz 1856. Concludes with a copy of a letter that he wrote after Shabbos on the 12th of Marcheshvan 1796 "to kohanim, levi'im and yisraelim, " with touching counsel regarding the path to peace and humility. Originally 18 leaves, this copy features 20 leaves. (Stefansky, Chassidut 293). Without binding, some small pages – as printed originally. Owner signature לה"ו אהרון הכהן. Various stains, some worming holes, otherwise overall fine condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 247

    Oil on Wood. Two Jews – Unknown Artist. 20th Century

    Impressive oil on wood painting depicting two Jews deep in thought. 20x30 cm. Matching wood frame. Unknown artist (signature rubbed out). Overall very fine condition.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 219

    Rare Calling Card of the Admor Yisroel of Husiatyn, of the Ruzhin Dynasty

    Calling card of the Admor of Husiatyn, from when he lived in Tel Aviv. "Grand Rabbi Israel Fridmann of Husiatyn." With his address, 19 Bialik Street, Tel Aviv. 10x6 cm. Without blemishes, very fine condition. Rabbi Yisroel Friedman of Husiatyn (1858-1949) was a senior Admor of the Ruzhin dynasty. He was named for his grandfather who founded the dynasty, Rabbi Yisroel of Ruzhin. In 1894, he succeeded his father as Admor of Husiatyn, and his father's thousands of chassidim accepted him as their leader. He moved to Eretz Israel at the end of his life and settled in Tel Aviv where he set up his court.
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