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מכירה מס' 44
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  • LOT: 163

    2 pages handwritten by Maran Resh Galuta the Ben Ish Hai on the three things upon which the world stands.

    Leaf handwritten by Rabbeinu Yosef Haim of Baghdad, the Ben Ish Hai, in which he gives an exegesis on the Mishnah in Avot about the three things upon which the world stands (Torah, Avodah, Gemilut Chasadim). He refers to the Yalkut (Shimoni?) on the Mishnah and notes that man must, via these three things, direct himself “Leshem Yichud Kodsha Brich Hu v’Shechinateh”. The content is from a drash that the rabbi gave. Size: 13x10.5cm. Overall good condition.
    Starting at $400
  • LOT: 131

    Exciting manuscript “Al Galut Yafo” with rhymes. Around 1915.

    Sefardi manuscript, a rhyming poem with the title “Al Galut Yafo” about events transpiring for the author. At the end are the lines: “…and in 1915 according to others’ calendar Everything was eaten, even the grass of the field, Gardens and orchards and all kinds of seeds And fruits of every tree planted and vineyard, All vegetables of the field, large and small Oranges and onions with garlic, Nothing was left, except for the mountains, Every hilltop was hard and trees were dry We prepared for war to fight it with bow and with spear, And every kind of percussion and many spears, and in weapons of war every man of valor, and every warrior Arab and Jews, and gerim with notzrim, boys and girls and little boys. She defeated us with hard battle, because of its height we could not lower it, it blooms and walks and eats the fruit of the trees, and we run after it hungry as donkeys in the woods.” Written on a leaf partially over both sides—3 written pages total, laminated, size of the leaf: 18x28cm average. Defects and tears, see picture.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 103

    Parchment sheets (klaf) from Megillat Esther in Sefardi script—partially missing.

    Megillat Esther on parchment, pretty Sefardi sofer script. Megillat HaMelech. 4 sheets not attached to one another, containing most of the megillah (missing one complete sheet and the end of one sheet). Pretty handwriting, uniform throughout, no tagging. Height of the parchment: almost 24cm. Height of the writing: 16cm. 21 lines per column. Excellent condition apart from the missing section.
    Starting at $70
  • LOT: 135

    Letter from the Gaon Rabbi Shimshon Aharon Polansky, the “Tepliker Rav”. Jerusalem, 1947.

    Letter signed by the gaon Rabbi Shimshon Aharon Polansky. Typewritten on official letterhead of the “Dayan and Moreh Tzedek of the Beit Yisrael community, grandson of the rabbi Liber HaGadol and the Rahak of Koritz and Rahak Nachum of Chernobyl and the Rahak of Berdichev…in Jerusalem.” From Nissan 1947. Addressed to “the honor of the geonim rabbis who sit in judgement and the gabbais of synagogues and to all the benefactors and the children of Israel everywhere”. He writes a warm recommendation on behalf of a yeshiva in extreme financial straits: “Metivta d’Yerushalayim Torat Chesed, many of whom are talmidei chachamim, studying intensely night and day, especially many of whom who are avrechim and bachurim with excellent skills and yirei hashem and have nothing in this world but the Torah, all of whom are earning a living through the yeshiva…I call from the depths of my heart for you to come to the aid of this yeshiva…especially now after the events of the recent years in which most of our world has been destroyed…you will be blessed by the source of blessings with a long life and sustenance and may we merit a geulah shlema soon”. Handwritten signature and his official stamp (partially erased). Size: 21x28cm. Tears at the edges, on the back an additional page is attached for reinforcement, repairs along the length (damage to text), stains, overall fair condition. Rabbi Shimshon Aharon Polansky (1876-1948) was a great posek in Russia and then in Jerusalem, where he also served as rabbi of the Beit Yisrael neighborhood. He was revered by all the greats of his generation for his knowledge and extraordinary genius in the Torah, it is known that Rabbi Zvi Pesach Frank would not rule on serious questions without receiving his opinion, and Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook stated that he was "the number one scholar in Jerusalem". He was known as a great expert in the laws of Nida and his mesorah and rulings in the laws of ketamim and marot have influenced many for generations in this field. Most of the rabbis of Jerusalem and some of the greatest arbitrators in recent generations studied under him, including the geonim: Rabbi David Jungreis, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wasner, Rabbi Israel Yaakov Fischer, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, and others. His theology was included in several books by the sages of his generation, and in the book "Vayosef Shaul" with 22 simanim of his chidushim.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 259

    נדיר: מכתב בכתב ידה וחתימתה של הרבנית חנה בינדיגר בת האדמו"ר רבי מאיר משאץ זצ"ל

    מכתב בכתב ידה וחתימתה של הרבנית הצדקת חנה בת האדמו"ר רבי מאיר מוסקאוויטש משאץ צאצאית להאדמו"ר המפורסם רבי מאיר מפרמישלאן זי"ע, ואשת האדמו"ר רבי אליעזר ליפא בינדיגר אב"ד מולדוביצה זצ"ל, כמו"כ גיסתו של האדמו"ר רבי שלום משאץ מלונדון בן רבי מרדכי יוסף. בהיותו חתן אצל דודו - אביה רבי מאיר הנ"ל. (אנציקלופדיה ליהדות רומניה עמ' 194 196 338) כתוב בשפת האידיש מתאריך יום ד' ויחי שאץ יצ"ו. [ככל הנראה נכתב לאחר המלחמה סמוך לפטירתו של בעלה בשנת תש"ה]. ממוען אל הגאון רבי אברהם משה באב"ד אב"ד גורא הומורא זצ"ל. בתחילתו כותבת שקשה עליה הכתיבה ולבטח הכרתם את בעלי המנוח ר' אליעזר ליפא בונדיגער מרוסיא... ומאריכה לדבר אודות הקשר שהיה לו עם בעלה המנוח זצ"ל, ומבקשת בשם החברות והידידות להיות לה לעזר עקב התאלמנותה לא מכבר, בהמשך מציינת בעגמה שבשאץ לצערנו אין השגחה עליה מצד שום אדם ואיש אינו מתעניין בה, ומסיימת בתפילה שהשי"ת יעזור לה לעמוד בכבוד בתקופה הקשה שבאה לפתחה. בסוף היא דורשת בשלום זוגתו הרבנית המפורסמת (מושקט) בגעגוע "הכ"ד חנה בינדיגר בת הה"צ ר' מאיר משאץ יצ"ו". מידות: 21X29.5 ס"מ. סימני קיפול, כתוב על נייר משבצות, מצב כללי טוב.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 216

    Shut Birkat Retzeh, first edition, Lemberg 1889. Copy owned by the Admor Rabbi Pinchas of Bursa (Vizhnitz).

    Shut by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Orenstein, Av Beit Din of Brisk, Risha, and Lviv. With notes “Milchamot Aryeh” by his son-in-law, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Brody. [2], 170 leaves. Based on bibliographic listings there seem to be 2 leaves missing at the end—not from the content of the work. Old binding, leather spine, much moth damage on the binding, moth holes, stains, overall condition of the content itself is fair to good. Important stamps: “Pinchas ben HaRav Tzaddik Baruch”, see below. And his son: “Haim ben Zion ben Rahatz Pinchas.” Admor Rabbi Pinchas Hager of Bursa was the son of Rabbi Baruch Hager the Imrei Baruch of Vizhnitz, and the brother of Admor Ahavas Yisrael of Vizhnitz. He married his uncle’s daughter (Rabbi Shmuel of Skohel). He also served in the rabbinate of Viseu and Sighet. Additional stamp from his son who survived the Shoah, Rabbi Haim ben Zion Hager (Rabbi Pinchas’s eldest son, Rabbi Alter Menachem Mendel, the son-in-law of his uncle Rabbi Yisrael, succeeded him. He was murdered in the Selish ghetto or, according to a different testimony, in Auschwitz, hy”d).
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 006

    Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah. Zhitomir 1852. Partially missing copy with a yechus story.

    Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah, part 2, with the Pitchei Tshuva and Beer HaGola and Beer Heitev. Printed by Rabbi Chanina Lifa, Aryeh Leib, and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. Simanim 183-403. [2], 238 leaves in the original, this copy has 1-236 leaves, no title pages. Goes until Siman 402. No binding, stains, lone bits of tape in the margins, a few moth marks, otherwise fair to good condition. The body of the work has notes: “belong to the naggid Yehiel Baruch”. Signatures and stamps of: “Avraham bar Yehiel Baruch Konitcher Bender”. Rabbi Avraham Kontisher/Konitcher (born 1868) was the son of Rabbi Yehiel Baruch. In 1903 he was appointed Moreh Tzedek in Bender (Serbia)
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 230

    Yesod HaAvodah (Slonim). First edition, Warsaw 1892. Bound with the Chizkuni on the Torah. Vilna 1879.

    1. Chizkuni on the Torah, an ancient work with learned exegesis on the mikrah, by Rabbi Chizkiyahu ben Rabbi Manoach. Printed in Vilna 1879. 96 leaves. 2. Yesod HaAvodah, two parts, a foundational Chassidic work on the avodah by the Admor Rabbi Avraham of Slonim. Part 2 includes selections from kitvei kodesh sent to his students in the Reisin Kollel in Tiberias. There are also letters from the Admor Rabbi Moshe of Kovrin. First edition, Warsaw 1892.Separate title page for each section. Part 1: [8], 291, [1] page. Part 2: 123, [7] pages. Worn binding, stains, overall good condition. Stamps: “Rabbi Yosef Lerner”, see below. Signatures: “Yosef Leib Goldberg.”
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 119

    Machzor Ashkenaz, 2 volumes, handsome copies. Vilna 1865.

    2 sections (in 2 volumes) of a machzor in nusach Ashkenaz. “All with commentary in Yiddish.” Printed by Rabbi Yosef Reuven bar Menachem Man Ram—Vilna 1865. Title pages in red ink. First section for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: [1], 1, 168 leaves. Second section for Three Regalim: [1], 1, 174 leaves. Stains, moth holes, handsome bindings with leather spines, handsome copies which are complete and in good condition. It is rare to see prayer books in this kind of condition since they are used so regularly.
    Starting at $180
  • LOT: 208

    Shut Divrei Ribot—Venice 1586. Copy owned by Rabbi Naftali Teitelbaum, Av Beit Din of Nyírbátor.

    Q&A book from the sage Rabbi Yitzhak ben Rabbi Shmuel Adrabi. Second edition. 194, [1], 194-198 leaves. New binding, leather spine, professional repairs to the title page, stains, a few moth holes, handsome copy in good condition. Pages 131 and 128 are filled in by hand using a very uniform and pretty handwriting. The title page and its back have many handwritten notes in Sefardi script. The title page and body of the work have many stamps: “Naftali Teitelbaum Avdak of Nyírbátor”. Also a Sefardi signature on the back of the title page which was not checked. Rabbi Naftali Teitelbaum was the son of Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov (Yokel) Teitelbaum, a descendant of the Yismach Moshe. He was a student of the Kedushat Yom Tov and a true friend of the Divrei Yoel, who fought the Zionists and renovators. Died in 1941 before the Shoah reached Hungary.
    Starting at $700
  • LOT: 228

    Foundational work: Chiddushei HaRim (Gur) on the Choshen Mishpat, 2 sections. 1870-1.

    By the Admor Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Alter of Gur. First edition, Warsaw. First section: 1870. [1], 166 leaves. Second section: 1871. [1], 156 leaves. Stefanski Sifrei Yesod 84, Stefanski Chassidut 211. Antique, pretty binding, leather spine and corners—matches the period. Overall good condition. Stamps of ownership: “Alter bar Yaakov, Shoel u’Bodek Jerusalem.”
    Starting at $80
  • LOT: 007

    Midrash Talpiyot, printed by grandsons of the Slavita Rav. Zhitomir 1860.

    An ancient work by Rabbi Eliyahu ben Rabbi Avraham Shlomo HaKohen of Izmir, author of the well-known ancient work Shevet Mussar and more. Printed by Chanina Lifa and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira, grandsons of the Slavita Rav. Zhitomir 1860. 164 leaves in the original—this copy is missing the last leaf. Title page is repaired (see picture), tape at the edges of a few pages. Light stains, some places have local dark staining. A little moth damage, overall good condition.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 157

    Letter handwritten and signed by Rabbi Avraham Dover Kahane Shapira, Av Beit din of Kovna (the Davar Avraham). Zurich, 1939.

    Letter handwritten and signed by the gaon Rabbi Avraham Dov Beer Shapira, on official letterhead. Addressed to the Rabbinical Association of the US and Canada. He recommends an avrech, Shmuel Wolch, with great descriptions: “I know the above avrech to be very great in Torah, extremely learned and deep, with wonderful chiddushim that fill entire books!.” This letter was sent in 1939 in Zurich (Switzerland), where he was residing to recover from an illness. When WWII broke out, his son begged him to flee Europe from Switzerland and come to the US, but he refused and returned to his community in Kovna, where he died from his illness in 1943 and was buried at a mass funeral. 22x28cm. Folding creases, overall good condition. Rabbi Avraham Dov Beer Shapira hy”d (1871-1943) was the last rabbi of the Kovna community, a great posek of the 20th century and a leader of Lithuanian Jewry. Son-in-law of the Gadol of Minsk (Rabbi Yerucham Yehuda Leib Perlman). His book Davar Avraham is well-known in the yeshiva world and among poskim. He perished during the Shoah.
    Starting at $0
  • LOT: 249

    Kana’ut—printed drash given by the Admor of Munkatch against Zionism and the Pioneers. Jerusalem 1930.

    Printing of a drash given by the Admor Rabbi Haim Eliezer Shapira of Munkatch on Hoshana Raba of 1930 against Zionism and the kibbutz movement. “the colonialim there are against the Torah” “and know that what we are seeing in Jerusalem on Ha HaLevanon and the impure house of the Zionists’ universitat…oy lanu that this has happened in our lifetime”. 4 pages, 25cm. Tears and taped using scotch tape. Otherwise good condition.
    Starting at $120
  • LOT: 084

    Kinor Tzion—collection of Zionist poems with a dedication from the poet Yaakov Rimon. Warsaw 1900.

    Zionist poems ranging from kitvei kodesh until contemporary pieces. Includes selections from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Lamentations, and Psalms, and then prayers and piyyutim from the Rishonim like Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi and the Rashbag, ibn Ezra, and more, and on the other hand poems from Bialik and Chernichovsky, including HaTikva and Mishmar HaYarden by Naftali Herz Imber. Published “for the 4th Zionist Congress in London”, printed in 1900 (it was the largest Zionist Congress to take place until then, August 1900). No binding or title page, pages detached, tears at the edges, brittle paper, overall fair condition. The title page has a dedication from the editor: “for my great friend Yosef Weinstein …. From Yaakov Rimon”. Underneath he wrote warm words of farewell. Yaakov Rimon (1903-1973) was a Dati Leumi Hebrew poet and author. He was born to a Chassidic family in Bieżuń (Poland). His father, Ephraim Eleizer Granat, was a rabbi and author. His eldest brother, the poet Yosef Zvi Rimon, moved to Israel first, and Yaakov came with his parents and other siblings in 1909. He spent the rest of his life living in the Montefiore neighborhood of Tel Aviv (his father was a rabbi in the Neve Shalom neighborhood). In his youth he was active in the Torah v’Avoda movements as a student of Rav Kook. He was one of the first members of the HaPoel HaMizrahi movement. He was a leader of those opposing entry into the General Histadrut. As a result he also distanced himself from the Poel Mizrahi starting in 1935, and together with Meir Shimon Gashori and Yehiel Dunkelrot he took part in the attempt to establish the “HaPoel HaMizrahi HaMekori” movement. He wrote and edited dozens of books, including literature, poetry, and children’s literature. At age 40 he became blind, but he continued his prolific work including many children’s poems in the newspaper “HaTzofeh for Children.” His poem “Nerot Shabbat” was studied at many schools and gans, and became a common kabbalat shabbat song. In the 1950s and 60s he was active, alongside other literary figures and academics, in the secret society “Achim Ne’emanim”, which had a Dati Leumi outlook. He worked for many years in the Department for Social Welfare in the Tel Aviv municipality. As a result of his experiences he wrote the book “Children in Poverty: From the Diary of a Social Worker”. In 2006 there was renewed interest in his poetry, after a booklet was released with the best of his works, published by the Kibbutz HaMeuchad.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 061

    Lot of grammar books: Otzer HaShemot (first edition, Lviv 1881), pretty copy in original binding. Zecher Rav—Prague 1868.

    1. Otzer HaShemot, “with all of the personal nouns of people and places…with an exegesis on abbreviations used in the Talmud and later works, and after that will come a book Or Chadash with exegeses on mikrah with an article as well…”. Fifth section of the Otzer Shorashim by Ben Zeev. Printed and bound together with Deutsch-Hebräisches Wörterbuch, a German-Hebrew dictionary, the fourth section of Otzer Shorashim, by Moshe Sholbaum. [3] leaves, 122 pages; [4], 468, [2] pages. Original binding made of wood covered in cloth, with leather on the corners and the spine, inscription on the spine. Various defects to the binding. Colorful page cuttings. A little moth damage and light defects. Overall good condition. 2. Zecher Rav, an exciting work with all of the sources of Hebrew and explains the 6 Days of Creation along the way in an amazing way, by “one of the sages of Spain, the paytan Rabbi Binyamin Musafiya, who led the Adat Yeshurun community in Amsterdam in 1498”, copied into Yiddish by Yona Willheimer of Eisenstadt. [7], 84 pages, with “Shorashim Index” with a separate title page. Long dedication by the same translator. Old binding, leather spine, light tears and stains, overall good condition. Stamp of ownership: “Rabbi Yosef Lerner”, see other items from this auction for details. Stamp on the blank first page in a local language with the name: “Pinchas Zilberman.”
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 203

    Yeitev Lev (Sighet, chassidut). First edition, Sighet 1875.

    Yeitev Lev on the Torah by the Admor Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum of Sighet. Section 2, with Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. [3], 55, [6], 80, 52, 55-70 leaves. Stefanski Chassidut 228. Separate title page for each book of Chumash. The table of corrections and the title page for Deuteronomy are bound out of place. Stains and light tears, lone pages are strongly stained. New binding, overall good condition. The first title page has a signature of ownership: “Yisrael Yonatan Binyamin Kahane” and “Kahane”.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 138

    Chiddushei Torah handwritten by the Tzaddik Rabbi Eliyahu Gutmacher of Greiditz. Cheshvan 1956.

    Leaf with chiddushei Torah handwritten in the cramped style of Rabbi Eliyahu Gutmacher, Av Beit Din of Greiditz. Addressed to the “Bachur Muflag Hillel of Jerusalem, son of Rabbi Shachna of Arenswortba.” In answer to his question where the minhag mehadrin of using an 8-wrapped string in tzitzit. He explains the ta’am and the origin of the minhag. Size: 17x17cm. Stains, light tears, overall good condition. Rabbi Eliyahu Gutmacher (1796-1875) was the son of Rabbi Shlomo, a student of Rabbi Akiva Eiger. He was a leader of those fighting the Reform movement and was a father of the Religious Zionist movement, and one of the first to call for the agricultural settlement of Israel in the 19th century. Following his rabbi he began to work on Torah mysticism as well, and under the influence of the kabbalah he approached the Chassidic movement and was influenced by its literature. In 1822 he was appointed Rabbi in Polshan and established a large yeshiva there. But the reverence to him reached its peak in his second rabbinical position in Greiditz, near the Polish border, where he moved in 1839. There multitudes came to ask his advice, blessings, and remedies, and he became a kind of Admor of Germany, even though that idea wasn’t accepted. The kibbutz Sde Eliyahu was established in his memory, and there are streets named after him across Israel. His works: a commentary on the Talmud and the Mishna, Shut Rabbi Eliyahu Gutmacher, Tzafnat Pane’ach (exegesis on agadot of Bava Batra), Sukkat Shalom (on mourning), Shalom baFamilia shel Ma’alah. In 1990 a book was published with ma’amarim and letters from him on strengthening one’s belief and the law of Yishuv Eretz Yisrael called “Michtav MiEliyahu.” A book of his drashot on the Torah is also being prepared for publication by Machon Yerushalayim.
    Starting at $0
  • LOT: 152

    Letter handwritten and signed by the gaon Rabbi Yisrael Hornik of Radovitz, to the gaon Rabbi Moshe Babad of Gura Humora.

    Letter handwritten and signed by the gaon Rabbi Yisrael Hornik, Av Beit Din of Radivitz, addressed to Rabbi Avraham Moshe Babad, Av Beit Din of Gura-Humora. The letter makes clear the strong love between the two rabbis of the small region of Europe. From 5th of Tishrei, with wishes for a “gmar hatima tova with many blessings … shana tova with happiness and may we all hear the kol shofar of the Redemption….” Size: 15.5x10.5cm. Lone moth holes damage the text (see picture). The author, Rabbi Yisrael Hornik (1879-1940) was the son of Rabbi Ephraim Fishel. He descended from Rabbi Haim Rapaport and the Maharam of Lublin, students of the Ra’al Brenfeld whom they considered their muvhak rabbi, and Rabbi Mahari Shmelkis, and more. He was a huge pilpulan, and also carried out halachic research in the yeshivish style. His father-in-law was Rabbi Aharon Teiler, and he served in the rabbinate of many cities, the last of which was Radovitz. He wrote many works but he buried them in the ground when he was exiled during the First World War and they were not found later. He wrote Shut Peer Yisrael and “Bnei Rav Papa Pamphlet”, which is an exegesis on their mentions in the siyums of masechtot (Encyclopedia of Galician Sages, p. 363). The recipient of the letter was Rabbi Avraham Moshe Babad (1900-1980) was the son of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Babad, and a rabbi and chassidic rosh yeshiva in Bukovina and Israel, a student of the Gaon Rabbi Meir Arik of Tornov. He inherited his father’s position, and after WWII tried to immigrate to Israel but was sent to Cyprus in 1948 by the British, where he served as rabbi of the detention camp. After making it to Israel he was in constant contact with the Chazon Ish. Around 1952 he was appointed for a time as the Rosh Yeshiva of Yechel Yisrael of the Seret-Vizhnitz Chassidic community, led by his son-in-law Admor Rabbi Baruch Hager.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 185

    One of the only Chassidic works printed in Livorno—Eshed HaNechalim, by the Arvei Nahal. First edition, Livorno 1821.

    A pilpul and diyun on the Magen Avraham and the Taz on Shulchan Aruch Orech Hayyim, by the Admor Rabbi David Shlomo Ivshitz (the Arvei Nahal). At the end he includes some Shut from the book Naot Deshe, by the same author, which was still in manuscript and was only published subsequently. First edition printed by Rabbi Yisrael Nachman of Tzfat in Livorno. [4], 32, 37-40 leaves. One of the only Chassidic works printed in the Balkans. Livorno saw the printing of only 4 Chassidic works, all by the aforementioned printer. Approbation included from Livorno rabbis and the publisher. New leather spine, stains, overall good condition. The title page has a note in Sefardi handwriting: “Pidol Yehi ben Shlomo Amar…”
    Starting at $300
  • LOT: 183

    Sefer Gedolei Trumah—copy owned by Rabbi Moshe Shmuel bar Avraham Elyakim Shif of Torna, son-in-law of Rabbi Elimelech of Luzhansk, the Noam Elimelech.

    Sefer Gedolei Trumah from Rabbi Azarya Figo, an exegesis on Sefer HaTerumot by Rabbi Shmuel bar Yitzhak HaSefardi, with approbation from the Maggid of Koznitz, and the names of the Chozeh of Lublin and Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimnov on the subscriber pages. 4, 9, [2], 34, 66, 64 [supposed to be 62], 42 [supposed to be 40], 32, 18, [2] leaves. Tears and tape with some missing text on a number of pages, stains, no binding, overall fair to good condition. Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Shif of Torna bar Avraham Elyakim the Av Beit Din of Tornov, was a chassid of the Chozeh of Lublin and owner of a large vineyard from whom many chassidim in Galicia would insist on buying. His son Rabbi Yosef Shif would get an approbation every year from the Chozeh of Lublin for the kashrut of his wine for Pesach, and in the book Ohel Shimon by Rabbi Meir Wander (p. 71), he notes that Rabbi Moshe Shmuel or his brother Rabbi Yaakov Av Beit Din of Napolomitz was the son-in-law of Rabbi Elimelech of Luzhansk, the Noam Elimelech! See Ohel Shimon p. 71, Chamisha She’arim by Rabbi Avraham Gezil Shif, p. 42.
    Starting at $400
  • LOT: 153

    Shut Panim Me’irot, Sulzbach 1738. Copy with yichus, from the Saba of Chelm.

    Shut Panim Me’irot, part three, chiddushim on Masechet Kiddushin and Beitza from Rabbi Meir ben Yitzhak Eisenstadt. Title page has an inscription: “Belongs to … Rabbi Simcha Ziskind.” The second leaf has an additional signature from the Brody family (the family of the Saba of Chelm, Moshe Zeev Brody of Sowel, grandson of Rabbi Avraham Brody the Av Beit Din of Frankfurt, who wrote an approbation for this work). Probably the copy owned by the Saba of Chelm. The title page has an additional stamp from Rabbi Moshe Halfin, father-in-law of the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk and Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Alter of Gur (the Chiddushei HaRim). [2], 59 leaves. Tears and tape on a number of pages with slight missing bits of text, overall good condition. Rabbi Simcha Mordechai Ziskind Ziv (1824-1898) was the son of Rabbi Yisrael Brody, descendant of Rabbi Avraham Brody of Frankfurt. He was a talmid under Rabbi Yisrael of Salant and was a leader of the Mussar movement. He led the Talmud Torah in Chelm and became known as the Saba of Chelm. After his marriage at a young age he moved to study under Rabbi Yisrael of Salant in Kovna. After Rabbi Yisrael of Salant moved to Germany Rabbi Brody moved to Chelm and would study torah all day and only sleep about 2.5 hours per night. After many years he established the Talmd Torah.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 100

    Cloak for a sefer torah in purple and gold. Italy? 1897

    wonderful cloak for a sefer torah, embroidery work on purple velvet cloth. Many pretty gold decorations, dedication made in a beautiful manner with precise use of miniature beads which create letters in light blue and black against a pink background. Matching inscription with the date: “5657”—1897. Firm purple top to the cloak, diameter 23cm. height 92cm. Lone bits of ripping, fading in a number of places, various defects, overall very good condition.
    Starting at $300
  • LOT: 099

    Cloak for a sefer torah in red and blue. Italy

    Large and wonderful cloak for a sefer torah, embroidery work on red velvet cloth. In the center is blue cloth framed in gold with the inscription: “v’Zot HaTorah asher sam Moshe lifnei Bnei Yisrael al pi Hashem biyad Moshe.” Fringes in silver thread. Rudimentary, antique work, no firm top to the cloak. 25x33cm. Height: 90cm. Lone bits of ripping, fading in a number of places, various defects, overall good condition.
    Starting at $300
  • LOT: 101

    Large Megillat Esther on klaf in Ashkenazi (Ari) script, inside a unique tin case

    Large Megillat Esther, pretty sofer script on parchment—Ashkenazi Ari script, pretty writing, uniform throughout. Megillat HaMelech. Height of the parchment: 51.5cm. Height of writing: 42cm. 48 lines per column. Fading to some letters, defects and wear, overall good condition—not sold as kosher. Inside a matching, unique tin case, with a cover that opens along axes.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 159

    Sefer HaYam HaTalmud with the signature of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sacks, son-in-law of the Chafetz Haim and head of the Radin yeshiva.

    HaYam HaTalmud by Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Heschel Orenstein, with glosses called Mefarshei HaYam by the brothers-in-law Rabbi Mordechai Zeev Orenstein and Rabbi Yosef Shaul Natanson, Warsaw 1892. With handwritten signature of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sacks, son-in-law of the Chafetz Haim and head of the Radin yeshiva. 81 leaves, brittle page, tears without missing text, binding loose, detached title page, otherwise good condition. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sacks (1898-1974) was the son-in-law of the Chafetz Haim and head of the Radin yeshiva. The Chafetz Haim wrote “I merited marrying my daughter off to this talmid chacham.” In Radin he shut himself away in his father-in-law’s attic for years studying torah. He succeeded Rabbi Naftali Trop as rosh yeshiva, and then served in the yeshiva of Rabbi Yitzhak Elchanan. He was a leader of the Va’ad Hatzalah in New York and a member of the Council of Torah Sages in the US.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 034

    אוסף גדול וחשוב של מאות דפים בודדים מדפוסי שלוניקי, קושטא, פיזרו ועוד מאינקונבולה וערש הדפוס ועד למאה ה 18 אוסף נדיר ובלתי מצוי תחת קרות גג אחת.

    ארבעה קלסרים גדושים בדפים בודדים שהוצאו מגניזת הכריכות, חלקם הגדול דפי תלמוד בבלי, רמב"ם וספרים נוספים. החל מאינקונבולה של משניות דפוס נאפולי, דפוס פיזרו, דפוסי קושטא המוקדמים משנות הר', ואוסף גדול של תלמוד בבלי מדפוסי שלוניקי - החל משנות הש', דפים רבים מדפוסי שלוניקי תס"ו, וכן תקכ"ח, מהם מס' מסכתות עם מס' דפים מאותו חלק. דפוסי התלמוד שנדפסו בשלוניקי המוקדמים נדירים ביותר וכמעט שלא קיימים כרכים שלמים. רבים מהדפים במצבים טובים מאד נדיר למצוא דפים שהוצאו מגניזת הכריכות במצבים שכאלו. בס"ה כמאתיים וחמישים דף, אוסף גדול וחשוב, נדיר למוצאו תחת קורת גג אחת!
    Starting at $2000
  • LOT: 218

    Midrash Raba, Bamidbar—personal copy signed by the Imrei Haim, Rabbi Haim Meir Hager of Vizhnitz, with gloss among the pages.

    Midrash Raba on Numbers, Lemberg 1861, copy used personally by the Imrei Haim of Vizhnitz with his signature and stamps as well. The book has one gloss which appears to be in his handwriting as well. 137 leaves. Many moth holes, poor condition. The Admor Rabbi Haim Meir Hager (1888-1972) was the son of Admor Rabbi Yisrael the Ahavas Yisrael of Vizhnitz, son-in-law of the Admor Rabbi Zeev of Rachmastrivka, certified by the Maharsham of Brezan, and was rabbi in Wolichovitz (Romania) until the Shoah, after which he established the Vizhnitz chassidus in Israel. He founded Kiryat Vizhnitz, and Vizhnitz institutions which continue to flower in Bnei Brak. He was a member of the Council of Torah Sages and one of the most prominent Charedi leaders in Israel.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 257

    מכתב בכתב ידו וחתימתו של האדמו"ר רבי בן ציון יהודה לייב טווערסקי מהורנוסטייפל שיקאגו תרח"צ

    מכתב בכתב יד קדשו של רבי בן ציון יהודה ליב טווערסקי בן רבי מרדכי דוב מהורנסטיפל. המכתב נכתב אל בניו אשר ככל הנראה לא היו בארה"ב באותם ימים טרופים, במכתב כותב רבינו "ה' ירחם שיהיה באפשרות לבא לפה לשלום", מכתב על בלאנק רשמי. 22.5 * 27.5. סימני קיפול קלים, מצב טוב מאד. האדמו"ר רבי בן ציון יהודה ליב טווערסקי (תרכ"ח - תשי"א) בן הרה"ק ר' מרדכי דוב מהארנאסטייפאל, וחתן הרה"ק ר' יצחק יואל מקאנטיקוזיווא [נכד בעל תשואת חן], בפטירת אביו כב אלול תרס"ג מ"מ בעיר הורנסטיפל, בקיץ תרצ"ט נסע לאנטווערפן ופרצה מלחמת העולם השניה והיה א"א לחזור לארה"ק ואז נסע לארה"ב וקבע את מושבו בעיר טשיקאגא עד פטירתו בשנת תשי"א.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 258

    מכתב בנושא הקמת הסנהדרין לפני ביאת המשיח מאת האדמו"ר רבי ירוחם ליינער מראדזין ברוקלין תש"י

    מכתב ארוך (שני עמודים) בכתב יד קדשו של האדמו"ר רבי ירוחם ליינער מראדזין אל הרב יהודה לייב מימון בנושא אם אפשר להקים הסנהדרין לפני ביאת המשיח במכתב מוכיח האדמו"ר מכתבי הרמב"ם ומכתבי אביו בעל התכלת כי הקמת הסנהדרין קודמת לביאת המשיח. מכתב בנושא פולמסי חשוב שהעסיק את הספרות התורנית מאות שנים. 2 עמ'. 27 *18.5. סימני קיפול קלים, מצב טוב מאד. רבי ירוחם ליינר האדמו"ר מראדזין תרמ"ח - תשכ"ד, נולד לאביו רבי אברהם יהושע העשיל מח"ס ליקוטי דברי תורה אחיו של רבי גרשון חנוך העניך בעל "סדרי טהרות" בעל התכלת, מעודו ניכר בכשרונותיו העצומים ואף התכתב עם הגאון מברעזאן, ותשובה אליו מופיעה בספר שו"ת מהרש"ם, מאמריו התפרסמו בכתבי העת מתוך גאונות מפליאה, ספריו: "הערות על הירושלמי", "הערות על הזוהר", "הגר"א איש הנגלה והנסתר", "זכרון לראשונים".
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 126

    Complete manuscript with Chumash Parsha. Yemen, 19th century.

    Complete manuscript, scribal copy of the Chumash—Genesis and Exodus—with Onkelus, Rashi, tafsir and Rav Saadiya Gaon. The verses of the chumash are written in block letters, while the targum and commentaries appear in Yemenite script. The verses and targum have niqqud. Complete copy. Signature of ownership: “This parshah Khak (of) Tuv ben HaMano’ach Salam Elmazaky”. 168 pages. 23x33cm. Cloth binding and leather spine match the period of its writing. Large format in good condition.
    Starting at $400
  • LOT: 124

    Rare in its condition: Complete manuscript of Rabbeinu Bachay on the Torah—southern Yemen, 17th century.

    Complete manuscript with a scribal copy of the well-known commentary on the Torah by Rabbi Yehuda ben Asher ibn Halawa, known as Bachay or more famously as Rabbeinu Bachay (ibn Pekudah). Pretty, uniform writing, two columns per page, copied from other copies of the manuscript—it hasn’t been checked thoroughly for changes or versions/additions or subscriptions. The shapes of the letters are different from usual, such as the alef, shin, kuf, and more. 485 pages, the first leaf is accidentally bound to the end. The identity of the scribe is unknown—seems to be from southern Yemen. The colophon has a note: “This holy book by Rabbeinu Bachay ben Rabbi Pekudah ben Rabbi Asher was completed, bs”d, on the 15th of the month of Av of the year 1964 of the shtarot, may it be the end of all our problems and the beginning of happiness and may this year be the first of the redemptions may it occur this year and we and the Jewish people return.” The year referred to is 1652. 19x30cm. Light defects, complete copy in rare condition. Rabbi Yehuda ben Asher ibn Halawa was a commentator on the mikrah and a member of the Girona kabbalists. He wrote and collected his commentary on the Torah in the style of a midrash. As is known the source in the manuscript of some of the midrashim that our Rabbi brought in his composition were lost, and his work serves as the only source for these midrashim. He refers to, among others, some of the Rishonim like Rabbeinu Chananel and the Rashba. In 1291 he began to write his large commentary and he spread the kabbalah in his generation.
    Starting at $4000
  • LOT: 125

    Pirkei Avot manuscript. Yemen (Aden?). Beginning of the 18th century.

    Complete manuscript, pirkei avot. Around the pages is tape with commentaries, including quotes from the Zohar and Rashi and Nahalat Zvi on Avot. There are also events described, some of which are taken from ancient manuscripts. In a later period, glosses and notes were added in the margins. The colophon notes: “This book was completed, a commentary on Avot, by the eldest son, the talmid Yitzhak ben Yaakov Musa for Mordechai ben Gisin, Friday, 24th Tammuz 5472 [1712]. The reader shall enjoy and the thief will be erased in Abraham’s merit.” Probably Aden area of Yemen. 186 written pages. 18x23m. Pages detached, no binding, tears and stains.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 132

    נדיר במצבו: כתב יד שומרוני ערבי פירוש על ספר בראשית בכריכת עור - 1886

    כתב יד פירוש שומרוני על חלק שני של ספר בראשית, פרשיות ויצא ויחי. שם הספר בתרגום מערבית הנו "הדרכת השואל בשאלות" והוא חובר ע"י מסלם אלדנפי - משלמה בן מרג'יון הדנפי, והשלימו בן אחיו אבראהים (אברהם) בן יעקב הדנפי המכונה אלעיה - כפי הידוע היה חי בשנת 1778. כתב ערבי עם ציטטות ברובן בצבע סגול בכתב שומרוני עתיק, בשוליים הערות לעתים בחתימת המעתיק המביא גם דברים בשם אביו, בסופו שיר בשבח סופרים וספריהם. שני הדפים הראשונים ודפים 122 123 ושלושת הדפים האחרונים של החיבור המקורי, הוחלפו בדפים אחרים שגם אותם כתב המעתיק, כנראה לפי בקשת המזמין את כתב היד. בעמודים 2-19 משורטטות טבלאות כדי להכיל את תוכן העניינים אולם הן נשארו ריקות מלבד עמ' 3 שם נרשם האלפבית השומרוני בסדר אבג"ד ובסדר אלב"מ. [21], 520 עמודים. כתוב על נייר איטלקי משובח עם סימן מים של שלושה סהרונים. בקולופון מופיע כיתוב ארוך המגלה טפח מזהות המעתיק וחיי השומרונים בתקופה וייחוסם [בתרגום חופשי מערבית]: "סיום כתיבת ספר זה שהוא החלק השני מן פירוש הספר הראשון מהתורה הקדושה בליל יום רביעי המבורך שחל בעשרים חדש התשיעי המקביל לג' ימים מחודש כאנון הראשון מחדשי שנת 6326 לבריאת אבינו אדם ע"ה שהיא שנת 3526 לממלכתם (3/12/1886) בידי... סלאמה בן המנוח עמראן (עמרם כהן גדול 1855-1874) בן סלאמה (שלמה כהן גדול 1798-1855) בן גזאל האמאם (טביה כהן גדול 1751-1787)... ואני כתבתי את הספר המכובד הזה במצוות... בני דודתנו מצד האם... האח היקר יוסף בן יוסף בן סלאמה ואחיו היקר פ'יאץ בן אסחק (-יצחק) בן יוסף [בן מרג'אן-אב סכוה] הדנפית מבית אדונינו אפרים בן אדונינו יוסף הצדיק ע"ה... ודע לך אתה העומד על התאריך הזה, שהסיבה לכתיבת הספר המבורך הזה לאחים הנזכרים, מצד שאדוני הסבא... גזאל הכהן כבר צווה בכתב לאבותיהם הקודמים פירוש הספר הראשון הזה כולו ועשאו שני חלקים וכאשר יצאה החלוקה במה שביניהם ובין... דודיהם מצד האב... מרג'אן ואחיו היקר אפרים בני סלאמה אלמרג'אן שיזכו לחיים ארוכים, ויהיה החלק השני מנת חלקם של בני הדודה מצד האם. ומפני שאהבו את הפירוש הזה התאוו שיהא אצלם שלם אף בקשוני שאכתוב להם את החלק השני הזה... והתחלתי בכתיבתו וסיימתיו בזמן קצר" כריכת עור מפוארת וסגורה כתיק, הטבעה עיוורת של מדליון בכמה צדדים. כתמים, מצב כללי מעולה ונדיר.
    Starting at $2500
  • LOT: 128

    Manuscript of halachot of shechita, wrapped leather binding matching the period—southern Yemen, 19th century.

    Scribal copy of the Rambam and Shulchan Aruch, halachot of Shechita and treifut, written by a few different scribes. One of them stamped his name using Atbash script (reversal of letters): “I the writer Hatachi Shat Yehi” (Salam ben Yehi). Note of ownership: “Salam ben Zindoni.” The copy was passed from generation to generation in a family of Shoel u’Bodeks and Rabbis. 322 pages. 12x17cm. Antique, original leather spine, wrapped and doubled. Stains and war, overall good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 127

    Kriyei Mo’ed manuscript—central Yemen, 19th century.

    Contains “Kriyei Mo’ed of Shavuot as is written in the Arizal…” with niqqud for most of it as well as a decorated and colorful title page. Missing Vayikra and half of Bamidmar. The title page notes the scribe: “Sachar ben Shalom Habaiz…written for the good friend…Shlomo ben Yosef Pinchas Kohen…”. The blank first page has a note of ownership: “Haim Yosef Ratzabi”. 88 pages. 17x11cm. New red binding, title page professionally restored, very good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 123

    Rare: Mishnayot handwritten on parchment. 14th century.

    Ancient parchment in Sefardi handwriting. Includes a collection of mishnayot “Elu Metziyut” from Masechet Bava Metziya. Seems to have been written 700 years ago, the 14th century! Size: 17.5x10cm. Folding creases.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 003

    Totza’ot Chayyim—Kitzur Reishit Chochmah. Zhitomir 1847.

    A summary of the work Reishit Chochmah by Rabbi Eliyahu di Vidash. Printed anonymously, this work was as desired as the work it was intended to summarize—the author writes on the title page: “So that every man will be able to read it on every Shabbos and in his home and on his journeys.” Zhitomir 1847. Origjnally [2], 70 pages. Missing the title page, moth damage (throughout the book). Poor to fair condition.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 129

    Large collection of manuscripts, including on the reveal of the End Days in 1878. Eastern countries, from the 18th century and onward.

    1. Letter in Judeo-Arabic, sent from Morocco to the rabbis Shimon Adhan and Yaakov Vaknin. Beginning of the 5700s. 3 written pages. 2. Leaf in Judeo-Arabic, signed by Rabbi Yehi Tovol. 3. Page copied from the work “Otiyot d’Rabbi Saadiya.” Sefardi script, with a poem, some of which is written with block letters. Many tears. Taken from binding. 4. 27 pages in Sefardi script on matters related to Kabbalah. One of them has an interesting inscription on the verse “Ata Takum Terachem Zion Ki ‘Et LaChanina’, a gematriya for 1878, to hint that in 1878 the messiah will come.” Probably written in the nineteenth century. The writing is faded. 5. Group of pages and pieces of pages, Sefardi script, partially in Arabic, on chiddushim of Atura, Parparaot, remazim, and gematriya. 6. Sefardi manuscript, piskei din on halachot of treifut. 2 written pages. 7. Pages and page cuttings, from the late nineteenth century, including one page on segulot and remedies. 8. 9 handwritten pages from Rabbi Yosef Kohen. Chiddushim on the Shulchan Aruch Orech Hayyim. Water stains and ink smudges. Tears, missing bits, see pictures.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 112

    Set of chag items made of olivewood.

    Set of items made of olivewood. 1. Six-sided etrog box, covered with purple velvet on the inside, a top that opens along hinges, with glued plaques on top with the Four Species, emphasising the Etrog, and the inscription: u’Lekachtem Lachem Pri Etz Hadar.” Size 17x10.5cm. Height: 7.5cm. Defects to the velvet. 2. Pair of candlesticks for Shabbat, artistically carved wood, the bases are screwed into the bottom. Height: 17cm. 3. A board for counting the omer, with a clear window inside which is a printing of the days which can be rolled using a rod. On the back is a loop for hanging it on a wall. Size: 15x11.5cm. Overall good condition.
    Starting at $100