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מכירה מס' 45
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  • LOT: 214

    Divrei Shaul Edut B’Yosef, by the Grish Natanson. Copy owned by the Admor of Povnitz (with a handwritten note). First edition, Lemberg 1878-1879

    First and second sections (separate title page for each), chiddushim on various issues in halacha and likkutim by Rabbi Yosef Shaul HaLevi Natanson, Rabbi of Lviv, the Shoel u’Meishiv. [1], 163; [1], 50 pages. First title page has tears and tape. Stains, a few defects and light tears in the margins of some pages. Otherwise good condtion. The first page has the stamp of the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Alter of Gur. On the title page is the stamp and signatures of his son, Rabbi Haim Elazar Alter of Jerusalem. A number of small notes in the book. Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Alter of Povnitz hy”d (1878-1942) was the youngest son of the Sfat Emet and the brother of the Imrei Emet of Gur. He was a leader of Polish Jewry between the two world wars. He served as head of the Rabbinical Assembly in Poland, a member of the Council of Torah Sages of Agudas Yisrael. He was a founder of Haredi journalism in Poland. During the Shoah he was a leader of the Haredi community in the Warsaw Ghetto. He perished along with his family in the Treblinka death camp. His son, Rabbi Haim Elazar, moved to Jerusalem and managed the Sfat Emet yeshiva. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Henich Vidislevsky.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 216

    Chiddushei HaRim (Gur) on the 3 masechtot Bavot. First edition, Warsaw 1880.

    Sefer Chiddushei HaRim on the Bava Kama, Metziya, and Batra, the learned and foundational work by the Admor (1st) of the Gur dynasty, Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Alter. [1], 118, 21 leaves. Stefanski Chassidut 211. Stefanski Sifrei Yesod 84. New binding, overall excellent condition. The title page and body of the work have stamps: “Shalom Noach Amazel Lodz…”, in Hebrew and Polish.
    Starting at $80
  • LOT: 212

    Likkutei Zvi by the grandson of the Hafla’ah. First edition, Zolkva 1862.

    Likkutei Zvi from Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Ish Horowitz, likkutim and chiddushim on the Shulchan Aruch from his father Rabbi Yaakov Yehoshua of Zilozitz (the Mahane Levi) and his grandfather Rabbi Pinchas Horwitz (the Hafla’ah). With drashot from the author as well. At the beginning is a long tshuva and chiddushim from Rabbi Shlomo Kluger who also wrote an approbation for the work. Additional approbation from Rabbi Eliezer Horwitz (Av Beit Din of Vienna) and Rabbi Mordechai Zeev Segel Ettinger of Lviv. First edition. [2], 2-7, [3], 1-8, 1-62, 65-105, 8-10 leaves. This copy has a group of pages bound out of place. New binding, a few moth holes, overall good condition.
    Starting at $60
  • LOT: 223

    Nachalei Dvash (chassidut)—first edition, Lemberg 1929.

    A collection of chiddushei torah in the spirit of purity and mussar, with wise sayings and sichot from famous tzaddikim and gedolim, collected by Rabbi Shmuel ben Rabbi Shlomo Friedman of Lviv (the author of Imrei Shefer and Shut Bigdei Srad). The content is especially exciting since it links drash and chassidus with stories of deeds from Chassidic folklore. [3], 3-26, [1] leaves. No binding, overall good condition.
    Starting at $60
  • LOT: 220

    Rare: Pamphlet drawn from the Sefer HaZechut by the Admor Chiddushei HaRim of Gur with Zechut Avot (chassidus). First edition, Pietrekov 1922-23.

    “See this new pamphlet from the book Sefer HaZechut”, from the 1st Admor of Gur, the Chiddushei HaRim (Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Alter). Warsaw listed in Pietrekov lettering, 1923. 12 pages. Bound with Zechut Avot on drash and pilpul, part 1, by Rabbi Haim Yitzhak Meir Broder, grandson of the Chiddushei HaRim. First edition (it seems). Pietrekov 1922. [1], 24, 25-78 pages. At the beginning are approbations from the Admorim Rabbi Meir Yehiel of Ostrovtza, the Imrei Emet of Gur, and his brother Rabbi Moshe Betzalel and his brother-in-law the Bender Rebbe, and Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Povonitz. There is also a quote from the Maharid of Belz and additional approbations from the Admorim of Komarna and Bayan which praise the book and those who purchase it “for sure he will take a blessing into his home” (Komarna) and “the zechut of the above gaon will protect them, to see sons and grandsons working in Torah and mitzvot with wealth and respect” (Bayan). Old binding, black adhesive spine, stains, overall good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 221

    Rare and exciting: Megillat Ger (Gur), Sefer Zikaron—first edition, Buenos Aires 1975.

    Megillat Ger, a memorial book dedicated to the town of Gur and its greatest figures, the Admorim of that dynasty, with pictures. The blank first page has an illustration of their Rebbe against the backdrop of the town and its institutions, with some “Historical Words on Gur” in Hebrew at the end by Menachem Gildoni. First edition, Buenos Aires 1975. 512 pages. Printed binding, overall good condition.
    Starting at $90
  • LOT: 009

    Sefer Alelat HaBatzir—first edition, Livorno 1779.

    A halachic and aggadic work organized by the parshiyot of the Torah by the sage Rabbi Yosef Zvi Hirsch of Pristik, the Av Beit Din of Reglin. The work is divided into two pillars, which are written as columns throughout the book—one called “Chiddushei Halachot” in which the author links a halachic idea to a parshah, drawing from the Rambam, and the second called “Tochechat Mussar”, in which he mentions great and deep ideas from Jewish thought. First edition from the author’s lifetime, 1779. [2], 70 leaves. The back of the title page has a Portuguese printing license from the Livorno supporters, approbations from Livorno rabbis, Rabbi Aryeh Leib of Poznan and Rabbi Eliezer of Rechnitz and more. Long introduction from the author; in the beginning he catalogues his migration from the town of his birth because of some kind of libel, through all of the countries in which he gave drashot (Poznan, Lisa, Krakow, and the Ashkenaz regions of Bohemia and Moravia, Holland, and England), until he reached Livorno where he decided to publish this book. New binding, moth holes, stains, repairs to the title page, overall fair to good condition. The title page has three notes of ownership in Sefardi handwriting, one below the other: “This book belongs to the chacham Yosef Shaul”, “I bought this from him, the young Refael Benvenist”, “And I bought it from him the young Yosef HaLevi s”t.”
    Starting at $140
  • LOT: 265

    Likkutei Amarim Tanya, Vilna 1896.

    Likkutei Amarim, first section, published by the Ram widow and brothers. 65 leaves. Tanya printing #35. Old binding, paper a little brittle, overall good condition.
    Starting at $90
  • LOT: 210

    Sefer Tamim De’im by the Ra’avad. Chassidic edition, first in a separate printing. Lemberg 1812.

    Shut and psaks and hasagot on the Rif by the Ra’avad. The work was originally the fourth section of his work Tomat Yesharim, and it is here reprinted for the first time separately. [1], 57 leaves. Approbation of the Admor Ohev Yisrael of Aphtha, Rabbi Yaakov Orenstein of Lviv, and Rabbi Meir Margaliyot of Brody and other tzaddikim. New binding, lone moth holes, light stains, overall good condition.
    Starting at $140
  • LOT: 231

    First booklet of the journal HaYona, published by the Admor Rabbi Shimon Shlomo of Bender. Odessa 1907.

    HaYona, the literary and Talmudic monthly journal edited by Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaKohen Fishman. Published by the Agudas Mefitzei HaTalmud, under the supervision of the Admor Rabbi Shimon Shlomo Wertheim of Bender. First issue from the first year. Odessa 1907. 48 pages. At the end is an interesting Judaic riddle (logographic). Pink cover, light stains, rear hard binding only, overall good condition. Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaKohen Fishman (1876-1965) ben Rabbi Avraham Elimelech changed his name to Maimon because of a family tradition that they were descendants of the Rambam. He was the grandson of Rabbi Mordechai HaKohen os Sotnov. In 1900 he was appointed the rabbi of Markolest, and in 1905 in Ungeni (Serbia). In 1912 he moved to Jerusalem. He was a leader of the Mizrahi movement, and even served as Minister of Religious Affairs in 1948. He also wrote “Sarei HaMe’ah.” Rabbi Shimon Shlomo Bender (the First) (1805-1864) was the son and successor of Rabbi Aryeh Leib, the first Admor of Bender. He served as Av Beit Din and Admor in Bender (Serbia) until his death. He was a student of his uncle Rabbi Moshe Zvi of Savran. His divrei torah were printed recently in the work Ohr HaShemesh, which had remained until recently in manuscript form.
    Starting at $80
  • LOT: 044

    Bibliographic discovery: Booklet “Eizohu bein HaShmashot”—Berlin 1924.

    On the polemic on Bein HaShmashot Aimasai Chal, by Rabbi Yehiel Schlesinger. “Special publication from the Yeshurun journal for Torah and Jewish Issues, Berlin.” Not found in databases or bibliographic lists. [1], 22 pages. Printed cover, brittle paper, stains, overall good condition.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 079

    Original engraving from the title page of the “Goral HaGra” edition of the Tanach. Amsterdam 1701

    Framed title page from the Amsterdam Tanach 1701. Handsome woodcut engraving with the figures of Moses and Aaron and the Beit Kodesh Kodashim. Framed in cardboard, stain at the edge. 12x20cm. The Jerusalem tzaddik Rabbi Aryeh Levin would carry out the Goral HaGra using this edition, based on a mesorah passed from the Vilna Gaon through his rabbi, the Rebbe of Volozhin. The known date in which he carried it out was 1950, when he used it to identify the remains of the “Convoy of 35” who had perished in battle.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 151

    Manuscript with remedies and segulot—Aleppo? 18th century.

    Manuscript in Judeo-Arabic, with remedies and segulot. Missing the beginning and end, notes in the margins. The back of the binding has signatures characteristic of Aleppo, with the names: “the young Avraham Mishaan”, “the young Mordechai”, “the young Moshe”, “the young Nissim Aoud”, “the young Khalfon Shamah”. It is difficult to tell if any of them is the scribe of this manuscript. 348 written pages, on thick, high-quality paper. Probably written in the 18th century. 17.5x13cm. Old leather binding, stains and wear, a few pages have been repaired, overall good condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 076

    2 wedding invitations—Poland before the Second World War.

    1. Printed wedding stock on pink paper, with the names and dates filled in by hand, for the wedding of Moshe Zvi Sachsenhaus ben Yosef Betzalel to the bride Shaindel Rivka Goldfarb bat Menachem Mendel. For Sunday of Shmini, 1919 in Warsaw. Tears at the edges, folding creases, 12.5x16cm. 2. Printed invitation from Lodz, Shvat 1910. Wedding of Zvi Hirsch ben Avraham Mendel Shtasechinsky and Golda bat Shmuel Mendel Kahan. The person inviting is the groom’s bride. 11.5x18cm. Written on the outer side of a leaf that opens up. Light stains.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 072

    Yemenite ketubah signed by the rabbis Maari Shalom Korach and Maari Yehi Albadichi—Sanaa area, early 20th century.

    Ketubah written with very pretty handwriting, with integrated Assyrian and Yemenite script, written around 85 years ago (1044) in Qa’eh Bir Al-Azbn (also called Qa’eh Al-Yehud, the Valley of the Jews, in Arabic: قاع بير العزب), a Jewish neighborhood built by Sanaa Jews in 1680 after returning from an expulsion when they were not allowed to return to their homes in Sanaa—they instead built a new neighborhood outside the walls of the city and lived there from the 17th century until the great Aliyah in 1949. It is today also called “Qa’eh Al-Ulufi”. Signed by the rabbis Maari Shalom Korach and Maari Yehi Albadichi. On the back is the listing of the property given to the wife by the husband, signed by the rabbis. Size: 24x36cm. Professionally repaired, folding creases.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 168

    Membership booklets of the Otzer HaChesed Keren Shmuel - Jerusalem 1928-19299

    Volume of “Membership booklets of the Otzer HaChesed Keren Shmuel”, with reports on loans from 1928-1929. Additional pages are inserted with declarations handwritten. Stains and some wear, overall good condition. The Otzer HaChesed Gamach was established in 1906 by the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, with the goal of giving interest-free loans to needy residents of Jerusalem to build homes in Jerusalem. After his death it became known as Otzer HaChesed Keren Shmuel. The Kiryat Shmuel neighborhood benefited from money from this Gamach, and is named after Rabbi Shmuel Salant.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 263

    Halachot Olam by the student of the Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch, Rabbi Dov Beer Kresik. Only edition, Zhitomir 1869.

    Sefer Halachot Olam on Masechtot Chulin, Brachot, Psachim, and Niddah, with a separate title page for each, by the chassid Dov Beer Kresik, a student of the Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch and rabbi of Karlevitz. Approbation of the Admor Rabbi Aharon of Chernobyl. Only edition At the beginning of each section the author wrote chiddushim on the masechta and then has a separate section with practical piskei halacha. The title page of Chulin notes: “and these are cross-referenced to piskei halacha of the writings of the Admor [Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch].” The Admor of Chernobyl’s approbation is effusive in its praise: “The author…was considered highly by my father-in-law Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Luavitch” and he blesses purchases of the book “HaChafetz Lema’an tzidko… yevarech kol ish…whoever buys this book!”. Under the approbation of Rabbi Aharon, his son Rabbi Yeshaya Meshualm Zusya of Chernobyl writes “after seeing the great love felt by my father…and his announcement to bless anyone purchasing the book, I also went to buy it.” The blank first page has the signature of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Sacks, grandson of the Chafetz Haim. Rare book! [2], 34, 118, [4], 34, [4], 54, [4], 30, [2] pages. Fair to good condition, moisture stains, moth holes in the internal margins, binding is defective and loose. The chassid Rabbi Dov Beer Kresik was a huge gaon and an important student of the Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch. He wrote Meir Einei Sofrim, Halachot Olam, and other books. He led the yeshiva in Wolkovisk, and then served as Av Beit Din of Holsk. He became rabbi of Karlowitz and is buried there.
    Starting at $80
  • LOT: 040

    Sefer Mahane Yehuda, second section—first edition, Kolomiya 1903. Copy with yichus.

    “Shut Maharig” by Rabbi Yehuda Gershon, the Av Beit Din of Lisietz (the Chiddushei Gershoni, a descendant of the Chacham Zvi). [6], 57, [1] leaves. At the beginning are letters from Jewish sages with notes and comments on the work’s first section, printed around 20 years earlier. Stains, brittle pages, overall good condition. Title page has a stamp: “Ben Zion Wiesel, Rabbi and Av Beit Din of Torda.”
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 036

    Sefer Even HaTo’im on Shabtai Zvi and Nathan of Gaza. First edition, Vienna 1873.

    “History of the false messiah Shabtai Zvi and his supporters, Nathan of Gaza, Shabtai Refael, Daniel Yisrael, Avraham Mechil Kirdogo, Berachya, Nehemiah Chaya Chivan, and others, their biographies and methods and bad qualities…” by David Kahane of Odessa. After the title page is a portrait of the false prophet Nathan of Gaza. The title page lists that the book was first printed in an issue of HaShachar form the third year. This is the first edition in this format, with additions—Vienna 1873. [2], 90 pages. Old binding, stains, overall good condition. Stamps on the title page: “Eli’ Ephet Zonorov.” Blurred stamp in a local language.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 222

    Sefer Chashava L’Tova (Alexander-Gur)—first edition, Pietrekov 1929.

    First section, chiddushim on the Torah and a variety of other subjects, with Shut at the end with gedolei Yisrael and halachic letters, by Admor Rabbi Chanoch Henich HaKohen Levin of Alexander, a student of the Saraf of Kotzk, who served as Admor of Gur between the Admor Chiddushei HaRim and before the Sfat Emet. Published by the partners Levin and Alter in Bendin. At the end is Sefer HaYachash, yichus of the family of the Maharal of Prague, by Rabbi Meir Perls, with additions printed in a special pigment around the text. 2-48, 14 leaves. Among the letters is one from the gaon Rabbi Shimon Sofer of Krakow, son of the Chatam Sofer. Approbation from the Imrei Emet of Gur and his brother-in-law (the author’s grandson), the Rav of Bendin. The author left almost no writings behind, what was printed was taken from a manuscript of the Sfat Emet of Gur, who was his student for 4 years and wrote down his teachings. Old, worn binding, stains, brittle page, overall good condition.
    Starting at $140
  • LOT: 120

    Mezuzah written by Rabbi Goldberg, a holy martyrs of Meron. Kosher LeMehadrin

    Mezuzah in sofer script on parchment—Ashkenazi Beit Yosef style. Pretty handwriting, uniform throughout on bright, high-quality parchment, kosher lemehadrin. 15x15cm, written by the expert sofer Rabbi Eliezer Goldberg, who was killed at the horrible accident at Meron. He died at age 38, and served until then as a mechanech in Beitar Ilit. With a certificate of the sofer.
    Starting at $150
  • LOT: 123

    Kiddush cup with a cover and base, stamped silver. Iraq, 19/20th century

    Set of a kiddush cup and plate for kiddush, nice decorations with engravings, cuttings, and screwed pieces. Engraving of leaves and flowers. At the base is a wavy finish. With a matching cover for the cut with a bird standing on a flower. Original work. Stampe din Arabic on the base of the plate. Total weight: 273g. Diameter of the plate (average): 14cm. Height of the cup including the cover: 13cm. Various defects, overall good condition.
    Starting at $1000
  • LOT: 125

    חנוכייה נחושת מקורית בריקוע מרהיב - בצלאל ירושלים

    חנוכיית קיר קטנה, עשויה מנחושת, על הגב ריקוע יפהפה של נס החנוכה והדלקת המנורה ע"י הכהן הגדול במחולות ומצלתיים. מעל זה הכיתוב: "הדליקו נרות בחצרות קדשך וקבעו שמונת ימי חנוכה" משני הצדדים עמודי להבה, ובתחתית טס מולחם שמונה בזיכים, והכיתוב: "בצלאל ירושלם" - עבודה מקורית מרהיבה. השמש נשלף, נראה כחדש ולא מקורי. גובה: 14 ס"מ. אורך רוחב: 17X6.5+ ס"מ. תיקון הלחמה באחד הרגלים ובבזיך צדדי, מעבר לכך מצב כללי טוב.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 110

    A pointer for a Torah scroll – Iraq/Iran, 20th century

    A silver pointer, local primitive handwork from the area of Iraq or Iran, so it seems from the motives engraved in the center. A ring is welded to the bottom. At the top of the pointer is cutting work of fingers. Use marks. Very good overall condition. Length: 21 cm. Weight including the ring: 39 grams.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 111

    Pointer for a Torah scroll – India \ Persia, second half of the 20th century

    A pointer for a Torah scroll, with a square base, a ball at the bottom, and at the top a hand with a prominent finger and thumb. Probably from Cochin [India] Or Persia. Silver, handwork of sawing, hammering and welding. Rare, interesting and uncommon work. Weight: 62 grams. Length: 24 cm.
    Starting at $250
  • LOT: 001

    Chumash Bereishit with the Ohr HaChayim commentary. Printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapira, Slavita 1818

    Chumash, Book of Genesis, printed by Rabbi Moshe Shapira of Slavita. Approbation of the Admor Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Aphtha and others. Extremely rare edition (the National Library describes it on the basis of a copy sold by the Moreshet Auction House, Sale #10, Item #12), originally 242 leaves. Missing the following leaves: the title page until leaf 10, 74-77, 82-83. Tears with missing text on a number of leaves, wear at the margins of a number of pages, light-blue/light-green paper, stains and moisture, overall fair condition.
    Starting at $250
  • LOT: 205

    Notebook with a manuscript on kabbalah and goralot. Tunis, 20th century.

    Handwritten notebook with graph paper containing kabbalistic illustrations and holy names, calculations, and fortunes. 93 written pages, 17x21.5cm. No rear binding, last leaf has been detached, overall good condition.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 008

    Rare: Complete, nice copy in the original binding of the book Nahala L’Yehoshua with the Shita Mekubetzet on Masechet Beitza at the end. Only edition, Constantinople, 1731. Copy owned by Rabbi Haim Berlin

    Nahala L’Yehoshua, “questions and answers from psakei denim…on Masechet Eruvin and Masechet Shvu’ot, prepared and researched by Rabbi Yehoshua Tzuntzin…”. Only edition of this work printed. “At the end of the book is included the Shita Mekubetzet for Masechet Yom Tov [Beitza], probably from Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazi…”, otherwise the first edition of the Shita Mekubetzet for this mascehet printed in many editions subsequently but featuring a wary “probably” on this title page but this work is actually not by Rabbi Betzalel Ashkenazi and is instead chiddushim from a student of the Ran (se more: Stefanski Sifrei Yesod 62). Printed in Constantinople in 1731. [2] 51; 2-44 leaves, 32cm. Original leather binding with wear at the edges and the spine. Pretty copy, printed on high-quality paper, with wide margins. Stains, light defects and a few tears in the margins of some pages. Overall very good condition, rare for its age and in comparison to other existing copies. Stamps of ownership of Rabbi Haim Berlin, handwritten note of ownership on the title page: “Holy Avraham Yaakov Stein hardt of Dolina”. Gloss handwritten, probably the handwriting of Rabbi Haim Berlin, on leaf 43 (side 2), in the Shita Mekubetzet.
    Starting at $250
  • LOT: 037

    Rare: Pirkei Heichalot by the Tana Rabbi Ishmael Kohen Gadol. Shklov 1785

    Pirkei Heichalot attributed to the Tana Rabbi Ishmael Kohen Gadol, in a book of maamarim about the journey to Heaven taken by the Tana told in Masechet Brachot. This edition is the second edition of the work, first printed in Arzei Levanon in Venice 1601, and the first time it was printed on its own. A number of kabbalistic illustrations among the pages. Extremely rare. [7] leaves. Moth holes, no binding, fair condition.
    Starting at $200
  • LOT: 268

    Likkutei Amarim, Kama edition from manuscripts—1982.

    Likkutei Amarim Tanya (Kama edition) with parts filled in. First edition, 1982, the Rebbe’s 80th birthday. [8], 622 pages, 8, 183, [1] pages. Spine detached, bookmark, overall good condition. The Kama edition (based on a Tanya manuscript), first printed here, was produced upon the Rebbe’s orders for 1982. This book has printed in the margins thousands of changes and rewordings present in the nine manuscripts of the Tanya known to the printers, as well as exegeses on the differences between the Kama and Batra editions. The Rebbe explained in one of his sichot the importance of the Kama edition: “in Shas there are halachot which are only ‘First Mishnah’, and more than that they said ‘Mishnah does not leave its place’, and more. In the Arizal in the Etz Hayyim is written in a few places ‘Mahadura Tanina’, ‘Mahadura Kama’…and based on the differences between the Batra and Kama edition one can understand more deeply the conclusions reached by the Admor HaZaken which are brought in the Tanya as we have in front of us”, and in a few instances the Rebbe focused himself on the differences between the two editions in expounding on the Tanya. In 1790 the Admor HaZaken was the only Chassidic leader in Belarus. In those years, according to Russian documents, there were tens of thousands of followers. In those years there many people were coming to the Admor to ask for advice and blessing, sometimes waiting days to get yechidus with him. The Admor wrote three letters at the time, requesting that people who had already seen him be limited in coming again, which would allow new people to visit him more easily. On that basis the Admor wrote booklets to chassidim on Avodat Hashem, so that they would not need to visit him in person. These he gave to be copied in 1792, and then he would correct and update them occasionally. From these booklets was produced later Sefer HaTanya. After inexact copies were spread around, the Admor HaZaken chose, at the end of 1796, to edit and republish the booklets as the Tanya itself.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 237

    Rare: Pamphlet Ohr Zore’ach. Sichot never printed before from Rabbeinu Moharan and his students. Lodz 1928.

    A pamphlet with chiddushim and exegeses, conversations and stories from Rabbi Nachman of Breslav and his students, “some never before printed … published by chassidei Breslav going to Uman”. By the editor Rabbi Simcha Bernstein. Extremely rare! This pamphlet was one of a series of pamphlets published between 1928-29. The last leaf has takkanot and hanhagot on printing works by Rabbeinu, on the kibbutz klali of Rosh Hashanah, and published the collection. 24 pages. No binding, very good condition.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 053

    Booklet of songs from the Ghetto in Yiddish and Hebrew

    An old booklet from Poland filled with sad lines from the pen of an anonymous poet by R. Yosef Cohen from Tel Aviv, a survivor of the war. The identify of the poet is unknown, but it is possible that Rav Cohen heard them from an intermediate source (there are no copies of these songs elsewhere). One song, “Mama, Mama” is written in Yiddish, and describes the sad situation in the ghetto, the survival and the life there, the sacrifice of a Jewish mother to give food to her children in the difficult conditions and the last meal…and the difficult separation. An additional song, “Shir Yerushalayim”, in Hebrew, expresses strong yearning for the Holy City with expressions of exile. An additional song in Yiddish is filled with belief and strength and is called Shomer Yisrael. Another song describes the burning of the town by Nazis. This is a living testimony of the period, written in Israel on a Polish notebook. 20x15.5cm, 9 written pages. No rear binding, at the end are pages which had been pulled out.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 185

    Handwritten signature of the gaon Rabbi Yom Tov Netil Bronschpigel of Lodz, author of the Sefer Likkutei Halachot; on the Sefer Ohr L’Paro.

    Sefer Ohr L’Paro by Rabbi Refael Segal Zimetbaum, a follower of the Divrei Haim of Zans, with a number of signatures of Rabbi Yom Tov Netil Bronschpigel of Lodz, author of the Sefer Likkutei Halachot on the Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah. Moth holes, fair condition. Included here is his Sefer Likkutei Halachot.
    Starting at $70
  • LOT: 002

    Volume with Masechtot Makot and Horayot from the Bavli—printed by Shapira, Zhitomir 1859

    Masechtot Makkot, Horayot, and Eduyot (including the smaller masechtot and Masechet Avot) from the Bavli, with all the commentaries previously printed…printed in Zhitomir by the partners (grandsons of the Slavita Rav) Rabbi Hanina Lipa and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. Two title pages with red ink. Separate title page in black ink for Horayot and Eduyot. [1], 34, 282-286, [1]; 19; 19, 19-66, 45 leaves. Moth holes, stains, a few tears and light defects. Overall good condition. Binding worn, partially detached.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 177

    Drasha handwritten by the Posek HaDor the Grish Elyashiv. Given before Kol Nidrei.

    Drasha handwritten by Maran Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. He gave it before Kol Nidrei, “the most holy hour, the most serious hour in religious life, is the first hour from the entrance of Yom Kippur, but which Chazal revealed to us is also a day of happiness and Yom Tov…while we reveal it with trembling…there is also happiness of the spirit…and the happiness serves here as a kind of forgiveness of the sin…”. He offers a chiddush and exegesis on the happiness of Yom Kippur. Then he talks about the difference between the other nations and the Jewish people, and how we influence the goyim: “In what is the science of the learned of the world invested but to destroy the world, the entire world could be destroyed with hundreds of millions, now we cannot be safe hiding in shelters…”. Exciting content, not examining thoroughly enough. 16x20cm. Light stains, overall good condition.
    Starting at $500
  • LOT: 239

    A holy copy—Sefer Oneg Shabbos by Rabbi Moshe Holter. Copy owned by Admor Rabbi Yehezkel of Ostrovza

    Sefer Oneg Shabbos, droshim for shabbatot and moadim by Rabbi Moshe Halter, the author of the books Nofech Mishlei, Vayakhel Moshe, Amudei Shesh and others, Pietrekov 1934. On the jacket of the book is written: “This book was given as a gift by the author to the Admor shlita of Ostrovza”. Additional dedication on the title page (a little cut off), “Rabbi Av Beit Din of Ostrovza shlita, his student Moshe ben Chaya Yanta”. Missing the back side of the jacket. Overall very good condition. Admor Rabbi Yehezkel HaLevi Holstock (1887-1943) was the second Admor of Ostrovza, son of the Admor Rabbi Meir Yehiel. He was a chassid of Rabbi David Moshe of Chortkov. He served in the rabbinate of Inovlodz and then Noshlesk. He succeeded his father upon his death as Av Beit Din and Admor of Ostrovza. He also led the Beit Meir yeshiva (named after his father).
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 286

    Portrait of the Rebbe with micrographed letters from Chabad verses and writings. Signed and numbered, 1982.

    Portrait of the Rebbe with the 12 verses, Eser Mivtza’im, Rambam Halachot Melachim Chapter 11 and more, Psalm 90, created for the Rebbe’s 80th birthday. 1982. Numbered 49/50. Framed, no glass. Stains (see picture). Including frame: 46x33cm.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 288

    Original photograph of the Rebbe while writing letters of a Sefer.

    Original photograph showing the Rebbe as letters of a Sefer Torah are being written. The Rebbe is standing and watching the sofer. Framed, no glass. Size including frame: 20x27cm.
    Starting at $50
  • LOT: 184

    Dedication handwritten and signed by the gaon Rabbi Moshe Nachum Yerushlimsky on his book the Beer Moshe. Warsaw 1901.

    Dedication handwritten and signed by the gaon Rabbi Moshe Nachum Yerushlimsky, the Av Beit Din of Kilz, to the naggid Shmuel Bad Zeev Mertinbaum. He wrote the dedication on his book the Beer Moshe, which includes three sections: the Heshiv Moshe, Kvod Chachamim, and Binyan Yerushalayim. Warsaw 1901. Defective binding, a few moth holes, otherwise good condition. Rabbi Moshe Nachum Yerushlimsky (1855-1916) was the Av Beit Din of Kominka (Kiev) and Ostrolinka (Poland), one of the great meishivs of his generation and a leader of Polish Jewry. Already in his youth he corresponded with the Torah greats of the generation which preceded him. When he was 17 he was already included in a Heter 100 Rabbanim. In his youth he travelled to Zans and became close to the Divrei Haim. He also studied under the Admor Rabbi David of Tolna. In 1880 (when he was 25) he was appointed rabbi of Kominka in the Kiev region. He served there more than 25 years and was known across European Jewry. He wrote a number of books including the Minchas Moshe, Leshed HaShemen, Birkas Moshe, and more.
    Starting at $100
  • LOT: 230

    ZikaronZvi Menachem, first edition—Premyslan, 1873.

    Shut and chiddushim on the Shas. By Rabbi Zvi Menachem Meizlish, Av Beit Din of Ir Chadash (Nieuwpoort). With approbations of Rabbi Haim of Sanz, Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh of Radzmin, and more. First edition. Printed by Haim Aharon Zapnik. Stefanski Chassidut 206. Notes and stamps on the blank first leaf and the title page. 83; 31 leaves. 32cm. Tear without missing part of last leaf, spine is missing, overall very good condition.
    Starting at $80