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LOT: 089

Sefer Torah in a small format, written by hand on parchment. Tunis, end of the 19th century.

Written in Djerba, seemingly end of the 19th century. Nice writing, a little smudged in some of the book. Parchment is 20cm. Single hand, complete writing, given in a wooden case with the dedication “this sefer torah is from Rabbi David Joey.” Includes a silver (short) yad for the sefer with inscription “for the Kohanim of Djerba). Length: 25cm. Weight: 83g. Total height of the case: 42cm. Diameter: 20cm. Not sold as kosher. Rabbi David Joey was a sage and dayan in Tunis, served at the Beit Din of the Ra’avad, Rabbi Yisrael Zaytoun, he is known for his correspondence with Rabbi Moshe Zaken Mazuz, the Av Beit Din of Djerba, which was printed in the book Sever Panim, Livorno 1880. Died in 1911.
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