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LOT: 028

Shem HaGedolim HaChadash—first edition, Warsaw 1864. Many notes.

2 sections, one on gedolim and one on sefarim, by Rabbi Aharon Wolden. Names of gedolim and books from the Chida until the author’s time, inspired by the original Shem HaGedolim written by the Chida. Warsaw 1864. [6], 73, 42 leaves. Many approbations from geonim of the period: Rabbi Shlomo Kluger, Rabbi Dov Berish Meizlish, Rabbi Shimon Sofer, Rabbi Yosef Shaul Natanson, Rabbi Yeshaya Mushkat, Rabbi Yehoshua Isaac, the Admor Rabbi Yaakov David of Amshinov (son of Rabbi Yitzhak of Worka). Separate title page for the second section. Stains, antique binding is partially detached, overall good condition. The blank binding leaves have a long Ashkenazi inscription in pen and pencil—not checked thoroughly.
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