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LOT: 041

Rare: Last Prophets Mikraot Gedolot, with the original wooden binding. Venice 1568, with handwritten notes.

Mikraot Gedolot, the Last Prophets with targum, Rashi’s commentary, and the Radak, with niqqud according to mesorah. Printed by Johan (Giovanni) di Gara with Bomberg letters. Venice 1568. [1], 332-685 leaves. Various libraries, when they have it, place it in their rare books section. Handsome engraved title page, the first word “Chazon” is framed handsomely as well. There is also a pretty frame for the first letter of each sefer. The title page and various leaves have been professionally repaired. Original handsome wooden binding, stains and signs of use, overall very good condition, particularly for a book this old and rare. A few places feature long handwritten (in pencil) notes, the writer seems to have studied the book in depth and offered commentary where necessary. The title page has an antique Ashkenazi signature: “the holy Zvi Hirsch”. Additional unclear signature not checked thoroughly.
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