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LOT: 048

Masechet Yoma in a small format—a special printing for the mitzvot of “uvalechtecha vaderech”. Amsterdam 1722.

Masechet Yoma “with Rashi’s commentary and the Tosafot and the Rosh and Torah Or and Ein Mishpat”, with chiddushei Maharsha at the end. A special, separate printing—not part of a set. The title page states: “done in a small format so that every man can carry it in his jacket pocket and read it when he is travelling…”. Amsterdam 1722. [203] leaves. Every leaf from normal editions appears in this edition as 2 leaves (with larger letters) to make it easier on readers. Original leather binding, a little bit of worming damage to the binding and the first and last pages, defective spine reinforced with fabric glue, stains, overall good condition. Ashkenazi notes of ownership on the title page and blank binding leaf, not checked thoroughly.
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