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LOT: 191

Likkutei Shoshanim with Neti’ot Shoshanim. First edition, Poritzk, 1818.

Likkutei Shoshahim with the second section called Neti’ot Shoshanim, eulogies on the gedolim Rabbi Mordechai Mordush, the Av Beit Din of Poritzk, and Rabbi Yisrael HaLevi, the Av Beit Din of Loshechov, the rabbis of the author Rabbi Yitzhak ben Yaakov Meizlish of Kremnitz. Additional title page to Neti’ot Shoshanim, with nice droshim on Megillat Ruth and more. [4], 78 leaves in the original. This copy is missing the title page and 3 additional approbation leaves plus the two last leaves. Binding partially detached, stains, printed partially on light-blue paper, a few moth holes, light tears, overall good condition.
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