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LOT: 055

Talmud Bavli, Masechet Nida, small format. Metz 1770.

Masechet Nida with halachot of Rav Elfas (separate title page), small format: “every daf is one page from the regular editions”. Metz 1770. At the end of the halachot of the Rif is an approbations leave with those of Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Lviv. The approbations betray hints of the machloket between the printers of Metz and Amsterdam (see Rabinowitz, article on the Printing of the Talmud, p. 124). At the end of the masechet is a leaf with a corrections table, which does not appear in all copies and isn’t in the National Library copy. 172, 44, 30, [2] leaves. Moisture stains and light molding, worming damage mainly in the margins, overall fair to good condition.
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