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LOT: 001

For the first time in an auction! A set of Yemenite outfits for a bride and groom—Yemen, 19/20th century and Israel 1950s-60s

Sold for the first time in an auction, a full set of Yemenite outfits for a bride and groom (two types of hat for the bride!). 1. Kaftan – handsome dress for the groom, gilded fabric with a few rows of lace 2. Kurata – jewelry for the groom against the Evil Eye, silver coated in gold with coin pendants. 120g 3. Glaya – dress for the bride, pretty gilded fabric 4. Tashbuch Lulu (means “pearl latticework”). Triangular crown, worn by brides in Sanaa. Made from a combination of pearls and beads in a wonderful pattern of alternating black and red colors, to which silver jewelry drippings were attached which covered the bride's forehead. Fragrant flowers and branches surrounded the crown and the face from the temple to the chin. 5. Gargush Mazar (gilded) – additional head covering used by the bride, completely decorated with jewels and gilded metal coins. 6. Pants for the bride, embroidered by hand with silver threads. 7. Pair of pretty silver bracelets, beautiful filigree work. Total weight: 140g. 8. Set of 3 chains made of large silver beads. Two of them have a pendant for holding an amulet, one of them integrated with delicate filigree work – especially handsome. Each chain has a number of unidentical but similar beads. Weight: 248, 188, 186g. 9. Pair of large earrings in the shape of triangles – silver coated in gold, filigree work inlaid with gemstones, with long chains of beads in a red-and-white pattern. Total weight: 165g. 10. Anak made of silver coated in gold, pretty arrangement. Total weight: 208g. 11. Embroidered shoes. These accessories, combined with a lot of strings and an embroidered coat, were usually taken on loan. In dressing the bride in this crown, an expert woman was engaged. Muslim brides also had a similar system, albeit different in many details.
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