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LOT: 009

Zohar, Zhitomir 1863/Zohar Brody 1873

1. Zohar on the Torah, by the Tana Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Leviticus/Numbers/Deuteronomy printed by the grandsons of the Slavita Rav, Rabbis Hanina Lipa and Yehoshua Heschel Shapira. The cover of Leviticus is missing. Attached are tikkunei Zohar without a cover and some pages are missing. Moth damage, no binding, pages torn and taped, pages disconnected. Generally ok condition. 2. Zohar on the Torah, Leviticus and Numbers/Deuteronomy. Printed by Rabbi Moshe Leib Hermelin in Brody. First cover has red lettering, a separate cover for Numbers/Deuteronomy. 309 pages. Doesn’t include the indices, 11 page. Not bound, table of contents disconnected. Moth damage, stains and wear. Generally good condition.
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