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LOT: 040

“Yesod v’Shoresh HaAvodah” (The Foundation and Root of the Work), Vilna and Hradna 1817—with a map of the borders of Israel

On prayer, the Torah, and the commandments, the intentions of the prayers throughout the year, degrees of instruction for the Tanach, Sidrei Mishnah, and the Talmud, with hanhagot of Mussar (morality) and correction of errors in interpretations of the Tanach, and the borders of Israel during Joshua and Yehezkel and the building of the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash), and the rest is issues of Kabbalah and avodat hashem, from the Kabbalist HaRav Alexander Zisskind. (1) 119 page. Pg. 88 on both sides is a map of the borders of Israel. Good condition. Handwritten signature in Ashkenazi handwriting on the title page. New binding.
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