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LOT: 194

Yeshuot Yaakov first edition, Zolkva, 1828—copy of Mara d’Arah d’Israel, Rabbi Shmuel Salant.

Section 3, on the Shulchan Aruch Orech Hayyim, by Rabbi Yaakov Meshalem Ornstein, rabbi of Lviv, who was one of the greats of his generation. Printed by Meir Zeev Haper. Three types of stamps of ownership of the Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Salant (1816-1909), the esteemed rabbi of Jerusalem for around seventy years, and leader of the Ashkenazi communities of Israel. He became famous as a genius in his youth, and was only 13 when his rabbi, Rabbi Avlei Paswaller (the Ra’avad of Vilna), sent him a letter with a difficult question regarding taking care of a get, showing that his rabbi already trusted his instructions as that of a Rav. In his youth he studied in a hevruta with Rabbi Yisrael of Salant (father of the Mussar movement). In 1841 he was invited to Israel to serve in the Jerusalem Rabbinate and lead the Prushim community, and he established educational and chessed institutions there, as well as a beit din and established the Ashkenazi community. Stamps of ownership. Stains. New binding. | [1], 277-344 pages. 36cm. Generally good condition.
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