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Yalkut Chadash by Rabbi Yisrael of Belzitz – facsimile edition.

Kabbalistic collection by Rabbi Yisrael ben Binyamin of Belzitz, a collection from midrash of Chazal and kabbalistic stories. Printed by Uri Weibisch, Amsterdam, 1659. | Rabbi Yisrael of Belzitz, a rabbi of Belzitz, Slotzk, and Lublin. Authored also Tiferet Yisrael. Spared from the decrees of 1648, and he wrote a drasha and eulogies about those who perished. | Elegant binding, dark& quality pages, Printed by Renaissance Hebraica, Brooklyn NY. Only between 1-10 facsimile copies were printed. | [2], [1], 202, [1] pages. 23cm. Generally very good condition.
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