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LOT: 018

Volume with issues of “Ohr Torah”—Jerusalem 1897-1901. Copy of the Rosh Yeshiva of Shaar Shamayim.

Volume with 12 issues of the Ohr HaTorah, “with chiddushei Torah, responsa, coming from research of the geonim of the time, in Israel and abroad.” High-quality issues edited by Avraham Aharon Zonenfeld, designed as an income source to strengthen talmidei chachamim by the “Tomchei Torah HaKlalit” organization. Old binding, leather spine, lone pages detached, stains, overall good condition. Signatures and notes testifying that this copy belonged to the gaon Rabbi Ephraim Shmuel Lerner. Rabbi Ephraim Shmuel Lerner (1879-1962) was the son of Rabbi Mordechai, he served as rosh yeshiva of the Ashkenazi kabbalistic yeshiva Sha’ar HaShamayim in Jerusalem, was a founder of the Sha’arei Chesed neighborhood there, and founded the Gra synagogue there and served there as chazan for many years.
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