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LOT: 459

Volume including 3 books handwritten, Yemen 1814.

1. Halachot of forbidden foods according to the Rambam. 2. Halachot of shechita of the Rambam. 3. “Sha’arei Kedusha” halachot of shechita and treifut according to the Maharitz. With a separate cover page. There are marginal notes amongst the pages. At the end is a pamphlet of halachot shechita abbreviated and with hints for memory. With pamphlet “Ibur HaShaim,” charts for calculating leap years and minhagim of tefilot and readings for holidays, by Rav Sa’id Drain (and the copier Sa’adia ben Hisda’i). Copier unknown. Around 200 pages. Size 16cm. Ok to good condition, depends upon the page. Number of pages with moth damage, including damage to text.
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