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LOT: 005

Vol. of Babylonian Talmud, Slavita 1820-1821

Vol. of a Babylonian Talmud, Tractates: Makot, Horayott, Eduyot and small halachot. Every Tractate has a separate title page. Printed by Rabi Moshe Shapira of Slavita. Slavita, 1820-1821. Paper has a bluish, greenish hue. Sized 34 “cm. Ownership inscriptions. At the end of the Vol. there are duplicate pages from 8 sections of LeHarambam, as well as small halachot in a different format. The Gmaras are bound together with leather binding, margins are damaged and the spine is somewhat lacking. The cover and a few pages are detached, moth holes, overall fair condition.
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