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LOT: 009

Vol. of a Babylonian Talmud – Zhitomir. The copy having belonged to the Holy Rabbi Yisrael Aharon of Peshischa.

Nida Tractate – From a Babylonian Talmud. Zhitomir, 1861. With the ownership stamp of “The Holy Yisrael Aharon Padwa of Peshischa. Bound with an original leather binding and adorned with gold minting. Two covers printed with black and red ink. At the end of the Vol. there is ‘Meir Nativ’ for Rabi Shabtai HaCohen. It is known that the ‘ChazonIsh’ was fond of the use of Mehadrot Shas Zhitomir, because of the composition ‘Meir Nativ’ which does not appear in other Mehadrot. Rabbi Yisrael Aharon Padwa of Peshischa descended from the dynasty of nishchis. And was the son-in-law of Rabi Yerachmiel Yehuda Meir of Peshischa, son-in-law of Rabi Ya’akov David of Amshinov. He took the place of his son-in-law in Peschischa, after taking his place in Opotoshana. Died of injuries sustained during the pogroms of 1914. The books printed in Slavita and Zhitomir print, are known to possess a unique holiness, the tool and letters used to print the books were soaked in the mikve before printing begun. It is said that possessing a book in the print of Slavita or Zhitomir brings about virtues of success and protection of the home. 39 “cm. Ownership inscriptions. Overall very good condition.
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