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LOT: 179

Uriyan Talitay – Salonika, 1758. Copy of Rabbi Haim Berlin, with glosses.

Includes writings and chiddushim by Rabbeinu Yosef HaLevi of Gash, chiddushei kiddushin of the Ramban, and on masechet Akum (Avodah Zara) of the Ritba. By Rabbi Yosef Shmuel of Diliano, with his chiddushim at the end of the book. Printed by the orphans of Betzalel HaLevi. Six glosses handwritten in the section of chiddushim of the Ritba, page 38. Stamps of ownership of Haim Berlin, son of the Gaon HaNatziv, Rav of Moscow and Av Beit Din and Ram of Volozhin, and now Jerusalem. (See about him in other items in this sale). | Signatures and stamps of ownership. Cover page and first pages are repairs. Stains. Moth holes. New binding. | [1], 41, 30, 59 pages. 28cm. Generally ok to good condition.
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