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LOT: 216

Unique and historic: A Shadrut letter signed by the Maharit Elgazi and rabbis from his beit din

Letter authorizing someone to act as Shadar [Shlucha d’Rabbanan, as practiced in the Land of Israel of that time; the custom was to send a representative to Jews in the Diaspora to collect money for the poor of Israel], written in uniform, nice Sefardi handwriting, appointing Rabbis Refael Yosef Haim Benvenisti and Yehuda Uziel as shadars to collection money to ransom prisoners. Signed by rabbis from the Jerusalem Beit Din of the Maharit Elgazi with nice Sefardi signatures, from right to left on the page in this order: Rabbi Yom Tov Elgazi (the Maharit), Rabbi Refael Yosef ben Rubi, Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Meyuchas, Rabbi Hayyim Mordechai Sornaga, Rabbi Yitzhak Kubo, Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Burla. Additional signature which is partially hidden. Tape blocks some of the text and signature. There is a stain along the left-hand side. Size 25x24cm. Given in a new binding with various stains.
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