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LOT: 222

Tzalach—Lemberg 1899. Copy of the Gaon Rabbi Zeev Wolf HaLevi Tirnoar.

On Masechtot Brachot, Pesachim, and Beitza. Separate cover for each of them. By Rabbi Yehezkel Landau, the Noda b’Yehuda. Cover page has signature and stamp handwritten by Rabbi Zeev Wolf HaLevi Tirnoar. Repetitive signatures on each of the covers. | Gaon Rabbi Zeev Wolf HaLevi Tirnoar (1879-1959) was rabbi of Lespezi, Shamkot, Sochava, and Paltichen, author of 39 Orot, on halachot of Shabbat. Student of Rav Yehuda Greenwald, the Ra’avad of Satmar, and Rav Moshe Greenwald, rabbi of Khust and author of Arugot HaBosem. Would travel to the tzaddikim of the generation, like Rabbi Issachar Dov Rokach of Belz, Rabbi Yisrale Zvi Rotenburg of Cassani, Rabbi Yisrael Hagar of Vizhnitz (lived the last few years of his life in Grosvradin). At the end of his life he moved to Israel and lived in Tzfat, where he served as rabbi of the She’erit HaPlita synagogue. Was father-in-law of Rabbi Aharon Yehiel Leifer, the Rebbe of Nadvorna-Banya-Tzfat. Famous as a miracle worker. Repairs to the margins of the cover page and first pages. Stains | 47; 68; 38 pages. 35cm. Generally good condition.
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