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LOT: 052

Two notebooks: complete sets of original postcards with illustrations of Jerusalem, published by Hadar Jerusalem, signed by artists from Betzalel

1. Collection of 8 colorful postcards—original lithographs, illustrated and signed by the artist Aharon Shaul Shor. Betzalel. Published by Hadar Jerusalem. Illustrations of the Kotel and the Old City, David’s Citadel, and Rachel’s Tomb, the Hurva of Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid and the Nissan Bak synagogue, the Omer mosque, and a general view of the city. Made from cardboard. David’s Citadel is not colored. Inscriptions in Hebrew and other languages, preserved in very good condition. Size 9x14cm. 2. Envelope with 11 colorful postcards—original lithographs, “topoi and pictures from the life of Jerusalem”, illustrated and signed by the artist Meir Gur Aryeh, Betzalel. Illustrations: Cheder, HaRo’ee, a Yemenite boy, a Jew from Sana’a, incense, during the grape harvest (twice), pioneers, next to the Kotel, to the spring, a Jewess from Mosul. Paper envelope with stains and slight tears, illustrated without cover, inscriptions in Hebrew and other languages. Tissue paper separate the postcards, no defects, generally good condition. 19x14cm.
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