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LOT: 309

"Tiferes Shmuel" 1696. Single edition. signature and seals of the rabbi Shmuel Salant: Rabbi and leader of Jerusalem

The Sefer "Tiferes Shmuel", Chidushim on the tractates of the Talmud, Rosh, Maharsha, Tur, Yore Deah and Choshen Mishpat. Authored by Rabbi Aharon Shmuel Kaidnober, father of the "hakav Hayashar". Frankfurt 1696. On title page signature and seals (2 types of seals) of the rabbi Shmuel Salant: 1816- 1909, great Rabbi and leader of the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem nearly half a century. Only edition, 125 pages. 18 cm. Condition fair - well, some of the pages restored, moth damage. New cover.
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