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Three books printed in Amsterdam, 18th century, with important signatures

1. Lev Shalem, on the book Yad Hazaka by the Rambam, by Rabbi Shlomo ben Yehiel Shalem. 1773. [3], 64 pages. Moth damage, generally good condition. Signature of ownership on the cover (“Issachar Be’er ben Moshe Fosval.” On the back of the second page is a signature in a local language. 2. Sama d’Chayai, shot by Rabbi Haim Yaakov, a Shadar of Tzfat, known as the Tzror HaHayyim. 1739. [2], 100 pages. Worn binding, moth damage, and stains. Generally ok to good condition. 3. Panim Me’irot, 2 sections, by the Maharam Esh. First edition, 1715. [4], 96, [1] 35 pages. Binding and pages partially disconnected, moth damage. Tears on the first cover with tape. Generally ok to good condition. Stamps and signatures of Rabbi Dov Barish Zuckerman (1901 [or 1895] - 1973), son of Rabbi Aharon of Hibanov and son-in-law of Rabbi David Frankel of Husyatin. Came to the US and served as a rabbi in Buffalo. Published "Derech HaHayyim" by Rabbi Menachem di Lonzano, and more. Author of "Beit Aharon".
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