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The Book of Mishmert Akodesh. Livorno, 5633 | 1873. Bound together with two manuscripts

The book is a prayer book for all Sabbaths of the year, and includes: four parashiyot, Shabbat-Yom Tov, Hoshanot, prayers for rain and dew,and various unknown songs. At the beginning of the book, in nice, voweledMiddle Eastern handwriting is "The song of songs", with "L'shemYechud" before it, and a prayer after it.Also included is "LechuNeranena" and the other psalms that are customary to recite forKabbalat Shabbat, the chorus of "Bar Yohai", Zohar, and "L'shemYachud" which precedes Kiddush. At the end of the book, another manuscript, which includes [48] songs with a detailed index. At the end of the book appears the birth dates of the children and family of the author of the book. 8;114; [4], 19; [5] Pages. 17cm. Worn leather binding partly detached. Rear cover missing. [2] last pages detached. General condition: Fair-good.
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