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LOT: 006

The book Mishnat Chassidim – first edition, Amsterdam 1727 with interesting signatures of Hungarian rabbis

The book Mishnat Chassidim by Rabbi Emmanuel Chai son of Rabbi Avraham Riki, first edition, printed during the author’s lifetime in Amsterdam, 1727. [6], 132, [2] leaves (the first page that contains the ‘Omissions and a chart of mistakes’ is missing), the title page is restored, the last page is detached. Good general condition. Bound with the book Matzat Shimurim, laws of tzitzit and tefillin, Zolkiew, 1865. Without page numbers [according to the Project, 102 leaves]. Restored title page, overall good condition. Important and interesting ownership signatures: Amram Yishai Segal – Rabbi Amram Yishai Segal Bilitzer, Av Beit Din of Szerencs, a student of the Maharam Ash. Shimon Sofer – most likely Rabbi Shimon Sofer of Erlau. Mishnat Chassidim – the magnum opus of the author the kabbalist Rabbi Emmanuel Chai Riki (1687-1743). An important book of kabbalah that was printed in two editions in the author’s lifetime, and was later printed in many editions and was lauded by many great scholars. The rabbi wrote many other books such as Aderet Eliyahu, Chazeh Zion Tehillim, Hon Ashir and more. The house built by the author in Jerusalem was used by Rabbi Chaim ben Atar – the Or Hachaim for his yeshiva in Jersusalem Knesset Yisrael. Rabbi Amram Yishai son of Rabbi Yitzchak Izaak Halevi Bilitzer, Av Beit Din of Szerencs in Hungary, studied from his father and later learnt from Rabbi Meir Eisenstaedter known as the Maharam Ash. In 1854 he was appointed as rabbi of Szerencs, a position he served in for 35 years until his death in 1889. Rabbi Shimon Sofer of Erlau (1850-194). Author of ‘Hitorerut Hateshuva’, a grandson of the Chatam Sofer and the son of the Ktav Sofer. After wandering from city to city he became rabbi of the city of Erlau, a position he held for 64 years, and thereby established the chassidic court of Erlau that exists to this day. He worked extensively to publish the books of his father the Ktav Sofer and his grandfather the Chatam Sofer. He was murdered in Auschwitz at the age of 95. His son is the Rebbe Rabbi Yochanan Sofer of Erlau.
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