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LOT: 003

Talmud Yerushalmi, complete set. Zhitomir, signatures.

Printed by the Shapira brothers, grandsons of the Slavita Rav. 5 volumes: A) Moed Part 1, Shabbat Eruvin, PEsachim. 1860. Missing the cover of Pesachim. B) Moed Part 2, Yoma-Moed Katan. 1860. C) Nezikin and Masechet Nida. 1865. D) Zraim. 1866. E) NAshim, 1867. Covers printed partially in red ink. Signatures: Rabbi Yaakov Menachem Landau, Rabbi Moshe Bernstein, and others listings of ownership. 38cm. Bound in new half-leather binding. Number of pages professionally repaired without damage to text, different conditions, generally good.
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