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LOT: 017

Tallis of the Baba Sali. A holy item-historic and rare

Holy tallis (tallit) used by and which covered the pure and holy body of the Baba Sali, the Admor Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzira while he prayed and studied. As is well-known, the Baba Sali would tie his own strings with great kavanah according to mystical beliefs. He lived from 1889-1984, was the son of Rabbi Masoud, rabbi of Tafilalt (Morocco), son of the Admor Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira. A gaon in both the revealed and mystical Torah, holy and pure from his youth. Served as chief rabbi of Arfoud and its surrounding areas. In 1964 he moved to Israel and set up his residence in Netivot. Sages and others would come to his home to receive advice and blessings, and he is known as a miracle worker across the Jewish people. His grandsons were the famous Admors of the Abuhatzira family. The tallit is made entirely from wool. Included with it is a picture, on the back of which is a handwritten certificate from one of the senior rabbis of the Abuhatzira family, who received the tallit from his holy hands.
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