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LOT: 168

stamp of Rabbi Yitzhak Blazer of Peterburg: Or Yisrael by Rabbi Yisrael of Salant, first edition. Vilna 1900

The work includes letters and articles “to excite the heart” written by Admor Yisrael Libkin of Salant. Page before the cover has an interesting stamp of ownership of the publisher: “Yitzhak Blazer, Peterburg, Kovna” (see below). 92 pages, 184 columns. Binding disconnected partially, missing the spine, stains, generally good condition. Rabbi Yitzhak Blazer (1837-1907) was a sage of Lithuania. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Haim Leib Rottenburg-Mishkovsky of Tovisk. His father was rabbi Shlomo Lipals, a sage of Lithuania. He was a student of Rabb iYisrael Salanter in Kovna. In addition he was the manager of the Prushim Kollel under Rabbi Yitzhak Elchanan in 1880, until he left in 1881 following a machloket over mussar. He edited the journal “Tevuna” of the mussar movement. He was a founder of the mussar yeshiva in Slobodka, and he moved to Chlem in place of Rabbi Simcha Zissel Ziv. His method in mussar was to encourage enthusiasm and admiration rather than intellectual exegesis. He authored Or Yisrael, a composition on clarifying the mussar method, and more. He moved to Jerusalem in 1904 and served as head of the Vilna Kollel, and more. His son-in-law was Rabbi Eliyahu Abest of Moscow.
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