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SipureiHaTeva with the article “MekadmeiAretz” by the sage Nehemiah Dov Hoffman. Warsaw 1886,1887. Added to it is HaMachazeh Sarah bat Shimshon by Ephraim Gotthold Lessing, translated by Yisrael Frankel. 1887.

Nehemiah Dov Hoffman (1860-1929) was a sage of Birz, authored scientific books, published articles in the day’s newspapers. Immigrated to South Africa in 1889 and published the first Yiddish newspaper, Der Afrikaner Israelite, and more. This work was printed by Yitzhak Goldman. 184 pages, 21cm. The article was printed by the same printer. 48 pages, 19.5cm. HaMachazeh Sarah bat Shimshon—printed by Levinsky. 90 pages, 8cm. Cover page of SipureiHaTeva is missing. Generally good condition.
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