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LOT: 075

Silver megillah housing, made by hand—Vienna 1821

Delicately handcrafted megillah housing, with hammerwork, enamelling, and welding. Total of 6 pieces that are screwed together to form this wonderful housing the Megillat Esther. At the top is a bouquet of flowers and additional decorations. The body of the housing is characterized by decorations with a classic design of the time. At the bottom is a handle for rolling the megillah. Stamped silver by Lorenz Pfalzer, who was a member of the Jewellers’ Guild of Vienna. With his stamp. This creation is one of the first known items made in Vienna, and is considered especially rare. A similar housing from 1824 forms part of the Bill Gross Family collection, which notes that this design was copied later for additional housings made in the Ottoman Empire because of their unique beauty, which is a testimony to the influence of the Viennese school on other places. Length: 27cm. Diameter: 3.3cm. Weight: 213g. No megillah inside. Generally very good condition.
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