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LOT: 009

Shulchan Aruch HaRav, 4 sections, Zhitomir, Shapira brothers printing, 1847-8.

Shulchan Aruch by Rav Maladi, first section, Orech Haim, halachot of prayer and brachot. Two covers with wider-than-usual margins, new binding, light moth marks in the margins of the last pages, a light tear without damage to the text. Light moisture stains, generally good condition. Second section, Orech Haim halachot of Shabbat and Eruvin. 1847. 2 covers, moth marks without damage to text, moisture stains, binding not original, generally ok to good condition. Third section Orech Haim, halachot of Pesach and Yom Tov. 1848. 2 covers, binding not original, covers and a number of pages with damage from molding and moisture. Light moth damage on the last pages. Page 1 is torn out and missing. Ok to bad condition. Section 4, Yoreh De’ah, 1847. 2 covers, damaged and missing, underwent unprofessional repairs. Defective and missing until page 44, defect to the 10 last pages, last page unprofessionally repaired. Missing text on the last 3 pages. Bad condition.
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