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Talmud Bavli, complete set, Munich 1948.

Munich-Heidelberg, published by the “Agudat HaRabbanim Committee of the American section of Ashkenaz.” At the end of World War II, groups of Jewish survivors in the DP camps led to a lack of gemaras and holy texts. Beginning in 1946 the German Rabbinical Association, with the help of the American Army and the Joint Committee, began printing the Shas. At first only individual masechtot were printed. In 1948 the first complete edition was published, which is the edition before us. Each volume has two covers. The first was especially designed to mark the event of the publication on German soil after the Shoah. At the top is an illustration of a Jewish town and the inscription “from loss to redemption, from darkness to light.” 19 volumes, 39cm. With original bindings. Different conditions, generally good.
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