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Shot HaTashbetz—first edition, Amsterdam, 1738-9, with original binding!

A four-part book, Questions and Answers by Rabbi Shimon Bar Tzemach Duran - First Edition Amsterdam - 1738-1739. Wit the original, rare binding, made by hand, unique in its precision, especially the gilded decorations on the back. According to the tradition of the Amsterdam Jews, the cover was made of fish skin, but some are unconvinced. In his book Yafeh LaLev, Rabbi Rahamim Nissim Yitzchak ben Rabbi Chaim Pelagi wrote: "And I heard about the great rabbi the Rashbetz who was credited with a great book called the Tashbetz in print and fine binding - nothing like it, as he was careful to spread a beautiful and important cloth over the books that were open before him to study in them..” Separate cover for each section, the copy before us is missing one cover for the first section. First section: [11], 91. Second section: [1], 69, [1]. Third section: [1], 68, [1]. Fourth section: [1], 101, [1] page. 31cm. Fourth section has a separate cover for each of the three Turim [see: N. ben-Menachem, in Sod Sefarim, Sinai, Volume 16, 1945, pp. 324-326. And see, D. Yardeni, Seder Hadpasato of the Tashbetz, Alei Sefer, 10, pp. 119-132, with a detailed description of the chronology of printing, two main types with changes in the covers in different copies]. Stefanski Sifrei Yesod 270. Moth holes. Fourth section, pages 3-11 are torn and partially missing, added are 4 pages from a different copy to complete this copy. Stains. Generally good condition. Defects to the binding.
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