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LOT: 009

Complete copy of 'Shla nachat' - Shnei Luchot HaBrit—Amsterdam 1698. Segula book.

One of the most important books gracing Jewish bookshelves across the generations. By Rabbi Yeshayahu HaLevi Horwitz of Frankfurt, the Shla. With Vavei HaAmudim, by Rabbi Shabtai Sheptil Horwitz, son of the author, and indices Toldot Adam. At the beginning of the book are two covers (the first was filled in) and an additional cover for Vavei HaAmudim. Printed by Emmanuel ben Yosef Attias. Complete copy of the handsome edition and a known segula. In the letters of the Rayatz of Lubavitch (Letter Bet, 853), he writes about this edition: “discovery of this holy book caused a peaceful spirit above, and in that year was born the Ba’al Shem Tov.” | [4], 422, 44 [12] pages. 30cm. Thick, high-quality paper, handsome cover bearing a wood-carved engraving, professionally restored in the bottom section, with the following: Moshe, Aharon, Yosef, and David, each wearing one of the crowns: Torah, Kehuna, Malkhut, and Shem Tov. A few stains, lone piece of tape on page 311, new binding, lone light defects, page cutting in purple, generally good condition. The title page has a signature that was not investigated thoroughly.
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