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LOT: 007

Sha’arei Rachamim – printed by Yitzhak Gashzinni. Jerusalem, 1881. First edition.

Shotim on the Arba Turim. By the Gaon Rbbi Rahamim Yosef Franco, Av Beit Din of Hevron. With endorsements by Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, Rabbi Refael Yitzhak the Av Beit Din of Rhodes, Rabbi Refael Meir Panigel. Rabbi Rahamim Yosef Franco (1835-1902) was a student of the Yisrael yeshiva in Rhodes and the son-in-law of his rabbi Refael Yitzhak Yisrael. He served as a dayan for the Yisa Bracha, Rabbi Yaakov Shaul Alisher, Av Beit Din of Hevron before the Shadei Chemed. | Dedication and listings of ownership. [3], 25, 34, 50, 87 page. (page numbering is messed up). 35cm. Generally good condition.
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