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LOT: 049

Set of the Five Books of Torah “Dat Klula” Mitz 1766. An impressive and magnificent set.

Set of the Five Books of Torah entitled “Dat Klula,” with translation of Onkelos and Yonatan ben Uziel, interpretation of Rashi and Sfatei Hahamim, masra, and summary of Elishich HaKodesh. Five parts in five volumes, with haftarot for each volume in separate titled sections. Volume 1, Genesis: (3) 133, 13, 12 page. 2 title pages, the first is illustrated, very good condition. Volume 2, Exodus: (1) 112, 6, 42 page. A few bits of moth damage, mostly in the margins. Volume 3, Leviticus: (1) 82, 6, 28 page. Defects on the first pages, wear and stains, most of it is in generally good condition. Volume 4, Numbers: (1) 105, 5, 18 page. Listing of ownership with a handwritten illustration at the start of the book, excellent condition. Volume 5, Deuteronomy: (1) 96, 5, 46 pages, excellent condition, pages are a little chopped at the upper margins. In total five sections in five volumes, with black, fancy leather binding. An impressive set.
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