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LOT: 210

Set of Hilchot Rav Alfas, four volumes. Vilna 1880-1886. Copy of the Rabbi of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Yaakov Landau.

By the Rif, Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi, the first of the Rishonim, with Rashi’s commentary, the Ran, Rabbineu Yona, Nimukei Yosef, Shaltei HaGibborim, the Maor HaGadol v’HaKatan, and more. With the Tosefta and Mordechai’s commentary. Four volumes (1. Zra’im and Moed, 2. Nashim, 3. Nezikin, 4. Kedoshim and Taharot). Printed by the Ram widow and brothers. By Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi (1013-1103), one of the greatest poskim of the Rishonim. Great rishonim like the Rambam, the Ra’avad, the Ramban, the Ri ba’al haTosfaot referred to him with great appreciation, and most of halakhic sages refer to him as the foremost authority on psikat halacha. All of the volumes are stamped by Rav Yaakov Landau, Rav of Bnei Brak. The first volume features an inscription in his handwriting “I bought this from the owners in the Holy City.” Rav Yaakov Landau (1893-1986) was rabbi and Av Beit Din of Bnei Brak. A Chassidic sage of Lubavitch. At age 20 he was appointed rabbi of Kornitz, at the edict of the Admor the Rashab of Lubavitch, who really appreciated him and nicknamed him Rav HaHatzer. Listing of ownership. Original bindings. 40cm. Generally very good condition.
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