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Set of 3 books of additions of the Ritba to the Shas. 2 first editions with the signature of the Kabbalist HaRav Menahem Natan Auerbach. With additions of the Holy Shala on masechet Eruvin.

1. Additions of the Ritba on masechet Yevamot, Livorno 1787, first edition published by HaRav Yosef Nataf by request of the Gaon HaHida as he states in his introduction to the book. With certificates of approval from the rabbis of Livorno. (5) 204 (1) pages. Excellent condition, new binding. 2. Additions of the Ritba on masechtot Taanit and Mo’ed Katan, Prague 1812, first edition, 54 pages (Friedberg 191). Good condition. 3. Additions of the Ritba on masechet Eruvin, with additions in order of the page by HaRav Yeshaya Sagal ba’al HaShala and his son HaRav Sheftel ba’al Vei Ha’Amudim. Yosefof in letters of Salonika, 1859. On the title page of the book is the signature of the Gaon and Kabbalist HaRav Menahem Natan Auerbach—compiler of the books ‘Orech Ne’eman’ in four sections, on the Shulchan Aruch and more, was the Rabbi of the Ruhama neighborhood in Jerusalem, one of the close friends of HaRav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook, relative by marriage of HaRav Yosef Haim Zonenfeld, rabbi of the Haredi movement in Jerusalem. Good condition.
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