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LOT: 014

Set of 2 volumes of “Mo’adei HaShem Kriyei Mo’ed”Jerusalem, Bak printing, 1843-1844. Rare.

All of the prayers of the Shalosh Regalim and the order of Kriyei Mo’ed for the seventh night of Pesach and the night of Shavuot. Printed by Moshe and Yehudit (the Minister Moses Montefiore). First section: (5) 4-20, 25-97, 62, 41-68 page. 2 cover pages, one abbreviated, the other detailed. (S. HaLevi 20). 5 last pages have been added from another copy. Everything in good condition. Stains and wear from use. Second section: (2) 5-108, 77 page. (S. HaLevi 19). Stains and wear—ok condition. 2 volumes, new red cloth binding with a spine from leather, with gilded lettering.
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