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Set of 2 important books by the Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Zarka of Tunis, first editions.

1. Psalms, with the exegesis “Menuhat Shalom,” second section, translation of the psalms to Arabic, with exegesis and commentaries in Arabic. Livorno 1875, first edition (because of the book’s rarity and its popularity it was later printed in many more editions). Good condition, original binding and pages are loose. 2. “Rina v’Yeshu’a,” second section, translation of the story of the exodus from Egpyt and the splitting of the Red Sea into Arabic, halachot of Pesach, Pirkei Avot with exegesis, cautions regarding Shavuot, the blessing of the tribes, piyyutim, Shirat Hayam, the Ten Commandments with translation into Arabic. Livorno 1862. First edition. Excellent condition, original binding. Similar sizes, 18cm.
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