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LOT: 019

SeferOr Zarua 2 sections, Zhitomir – 1862

Sefer Or Zarua 2 sections. Contains judicial laws and questions and answered by Isaac ben Moses of Vienna. Zhitomir – 1862. ח״א:2 232:4. 184 words. An additional cover page for the second section. The name of the book is printed in red ink on both covers. The author, among the first of the Great Rabbis, Rabbi of Rabbi Meir of Rotenberg. The manuscript of the book was owned by Rabbi Tzviwho inherited it from Aharon of Amsterdam, who originally inherited it from a fisherman in Paris. According to legend, the fisherman was found on the shore after the ship in which the manuscript was held, sunk in the deep sea. With agreements by the owner of Chidushey Harim and more.. Moth holes. No binding. Condition: Fair.
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