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SeferKri’eiMo’ed, the personal copy of the kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Patya, with important kabbalistic glosses. A historic find.

Livorno, 1864. The order of prayers for the seventh night of Pesach, Leil Shavuot, LeilHoshana Raba, and the 7th of Adar, the book personally used by Rabbi Yehuda Patya. In the book, the heavy use by its owner is clearly evident, he signed his name on the cover, on the page before the cover, and he wrote a prayer with holy names ,and on the sides of the book in many places he wrote glosses and made various notes. 102, 204 page. Light tears and stains from use, 2 pages are bound out of place. Generally good condition. Rabbi Yehuda Patya (1859-1942) was a kabbalistic sage of the 20th century, born in Baghdad and a great student of Rabbi Yosef Haim, the Ben Ish Hai, and also Rabbi Abdallah Somekh. He moved to Jerusalem in 1933, where he died and was buried. Known mainly for his greatness in the kabbalah, for exorcising demons and doing tikkunim for the dead, interpreting dreams, and compiling many books of mysticism. 16 glosses in various places in the book. Size: 12x19cm.
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