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LOT: 048

Sefer Torah, special and rare handwriting, on red gvil parchment—Algiers, 18th century

Done by a professional sofer, uniform writing throughout, quality ink that shines on red gvil parchment that is thick and soft (done on the outside part of the leather, which caused the special color, brown-red). Some rare and special characteristics in the writing: the words are written almost adjacent to one another, and some letters have changes from the norm—lamed doesn’t bend downwards like it normally does the middle line of shin is reversed, and the leg of the hey almost reaches the top of the letter. Not sold as kosher. | Covered in green velvet with lion-patterned embroidery, tablets, keter torah, and a later dedication. | Size 54cm, the writing is 39cm. 47 lines per column. Generally good condition.
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