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LOT: 148

Sefer Torah on parchment, nice handwriting, with bent letters and tagged decorations. Germany, 18/19th century.

Old sefer torah, ancient Ashkenazi script, with block letters and tagging, including rare appearances of certain letters. Letters are shaped in the ancient style—including rare, cursive tags. Bent “peys”, “chets,” and special decorations for “lamed,” “nun” and others. The writing is according to the ancient Ashkenazi style regarding missing and added letters, open and closed paragraphs, large and small letters. Rambam mentions this style in Hilchot Sefer Torah Chapter 7, halacha 8. This style slowly disappeared over the years, since it was not uniform among different versions and the Rambam’s tshuva said the sefer torah was still kosher without the blocked tagging and changed letters. The tagging mesorah is still preserved in some Ashkenazi Torahs from later periods, but over the last few generations almost no Torahs are written of this sort. Height of the parchment: 73cm. Height of the text: 61cm. Condition: in relation to the age of the sefer, it is in good condition. Healthy script throughout, all of the parchment pieces are original and complete. Not sold as kosher.
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