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LOT: 038

Sefer HaTashbetz, Amsterdam edition, 1741, very rare.

Questions and Answers from the Rav Shimon bar Tzemach Doran, 4 sections, with the book “Khut HaMeshulash” (the Triple Thread), answers from the Rav Shlomo Tzror and Rav Avraham Even Towa (with two separate cover pages), second edition. (12) 91, (1) 69, (2), 68 (1), (1), 101, (1) page. (Winograd Amsterdam 1549). This edition was printed in the model of the first edition printed in Amsterdam in 1738 but here the book is printed with a new, handsomely illustrated title page with the figures of Aaron, Moses, Solomon, and David, with special, additional drawings. Printed as a model for illustration and handwritten inscriptions, with typographical changes from the first edition. This copy is missing 2 title pages of sections 2 and 3 of the answers of the Tashbetz. Only the first cover page (the special one), and the two title pages of the Khut HaMeshulash are present. A thick tome, rare, all in excellent condition, except for light defects on the two first pages. Bound in new, very handsome leather binding. There are a number of old signatures in Ashkenazi handwriting on the title page and the page before it. Old stamp of “Avraham Baharar Eliezer Hayot” Within the stamp is a special symbol (maybe from the Hayot rabbinical family). It is known that most copies of this book were never damaged by moths, and the Gaon HaRav Yitzhak Plagi wrote in his book “Yafe LaLev” that this is because the author was always very careful with his books and treated them with the utmost respect, so he was blessed that his books would be saved from moths.
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