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Sefer Hanukat Zion on Chanukkah. First edition, Jerusalem 1914.

A nice, unique work on Channukah and Purim, with a piyyut called “Mi Kamocha” made by the legendary paytan Rabbi Yisrael Najara, with remazim to Purim and nice choruses, some in Judeo-Arabic. Brought to the publisher by Rabbi Yehezkel Melamed ben Matitya Gargi. [The colophon lists “Yerushalayim HaBnuya” which would be ten years earlier (1904), something that’s not possible, so it appears to be an error in the colophon; bibliographic lists assign it 1914]. 57 leaves according to bibliographies, this copy is missing the last leaf. Binding detached, stains, overall good condition. Last page has a handwritten note on rules of the Hebrew calendar.
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