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LOT: 051

Sefer HaLevushim—Venice 1620. Glosses.

Two sections in one volume: Levush HaTechelt and Levush HaChur, on the Shulchan Aruch Orech Hayyim. By Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh the “Ba’al HaLevushim.” Printed by Bragadini at the Yonay Kayon house. Ancient, wonderful edition of the book HaLevushim, printed 8 years after the author’s death. At the front of the book is an introduction by Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh of Modena. On pages 2(1) and 200(2) are glosses in Mizrahi handwriting. The Chafetz Haim writes in his book Nidchei Yisrael (Chapter 23) that Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh nicknamed his book Levushim because of an event that occurred: Rabbi Mordechai was good-looking, and one of the women of the Christian aristocracy was attracted to him. She invited him to her home for business purposes, locked him in her home, and demanded that he accede to her. He refused utterly, and after she refused to release him he escaped via the sewer, and all ten articles of his clothing were completely destroyed. In memory of the event he wrote ten books called “Levushim.” | Quality paper with wide margins, stains, moth marks, new binding, reinforcement with tape. Stamps of ownership. | 201, [6] pages. 35cm. Generally good condition.
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