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. Adam Yashar—kabbalistic work. First edition, Krakow 1885.

“Authored by Rabbeinu Yitzhak Luria (the Ari) Ashkenazi z”l.” Printed from a manuscript found in genizah of his student Rabbi Haim Vittel, organized and edited for publication by the kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach, who had the privilege of reading many letters of Rabbi Haim Vittel’s, as he writes in his introduction to his book “Kol b’Rama”, where he also talks about the greatness of this book. Endorsements from the Divrei Yehezkel of Sinoa and more. First edition—Krakow 1885. New binding, repaired cover somewhat taped to the page after it, various stains, light defects, fragile pages, generally ok condition.
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