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LOT: 493

Recommendation Letter for a Bridegroom, with handwritten signature of the Maggid HaYerushalmi, HaRav Sholom Schwadron, zt”l, with signatures of other Jerusalem rabbis.

Recommendation letter for a groom by the Beit Midrash for Torah and Teaching, for bnei eidut hamizrach, Jerusalem, 1963. In the margins of the letter are the signatures of HaGaon Rabbi Sholom Schwadron, Rabbi Haim Aharon Turchin, Rabbi Moshe Shimon HaCohen Weintraub. Rabbi Sholom Schwadron was nicknamed the Maggid HaYerushalmi (1912-1998). He was the grandson of Rabbi Sholom Mordechai Schwadron, the Maharsham, and the son-in-law of HaRav Yehuda Leib Auerbach, known for his fiery drashot in synagogues and yeshivot, especially in the Great Synagogue of Zichron Moshe. He edited the books “Or Yahel” for his rabbi, HaRav Yehuda Leib Hasman, and “Lev Eliyahu” for Rabbi Eliyahu Lupian. HaRav Haim Aharon Turchin (1917-1971), head of the yeshiva “Yeshiva L’Metzuyanim” in Jerusalem. An associate of the Brisker Rav, and compiler of the books Ma’aseh Hiya on the Shas. Signs of folding, good condition.
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